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The war on "Terror"

, posted: 13-Aug-2006 19:27

I live near the outer marker of the ILS approach at Christchurch airport, and I had a strange new emotion today. I was happy to see a plane fly overhead.

I don't understand this feeling entirely. Was I happy to know the world hasn't gone to shit? Or maybe I know it has?

If we all die tomorrow, I would feel no sorrow. Smile at my memories, and pray for our enemies.
Sing along everyone. Last Song by Looptroop

So if I die rich and famous in the hall of fame
or a prison nameless with a ball and chain
it would make no difference 'cos we're all the same
and if I got a new life nothing at all I'd change.

Ohwell this isn't Livejournal.. Thanks for reading.

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Comment by chiefie, on 13-Aug-2006 19:48

Mmm Barf, I know how you feel, seeing planes flying across my head in the sky always fascinate me too. And sense of freedom, and the dream of man to stay afloat in sky like birds for the sky.

Comment by mprov13, on 15-Aug-2006 14:16

freedom/life comes in so many colors. i've been thinking lately: where can i go where people are still sane? certainly not here in the us. not even the SF bay area-bastion of american liberalism. i google news'd "has the world turned to shit" and this was the first link. so, i'm happy to see in your neighborhood, it hasn't.


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