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Microsoft sues creator of software supporting fair use.

, posted: 29-Sep-2006 20:30

Well Microsoft have sued again. This time they are suing the creator of software that enables people to use their right to fair use of copyrighted works. It is a shame this software even needs to exist but thanks to DRM aka Digital Rights Management the rights of consumers is being eroded in an effort to secure more and more profits for corporations holding copyrights.

Im not afraid to say it. Microsoft are taking one up the shaft from the RIAA/MPAA/NAZIS. Grow some balls are serve your customers - not the interests of megalomaniacal institutions like the RIAA and friends.

Look for this file if you're interested.

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Comment by freitasm, on 29-Sep-2006 21:46

Barf, I agree DRM is a technology that serves the interests of the recording association more than anyone else's. I don't distribute music, don't download music but I really think that forcing me to go around with a CD player is dumb.

Instead of breaking some arcane laws, we should have lawmakers understand that copyright bills should be urgently updated to deal with advances in technology.

If the recording industry can't cope with technology, well it's not our fault.

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