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printer phoning home

, posted: 26-Feb-2007 16:27

this Konica-Minolta IP-424 printer is trying to connect to port 110/POP3 every 10 minutes.

so I sniffed the connection to see what it was up to. it sends a unique code as the username and password Konica01 then checks for new messages and downloads an email, deleting it afterwards.

some of the headers in the downloaded email were
Subject: KRDS send mail test
Content-Description: Remote Management System

I emailed Konida-Minolta asking why it does this but still havn't received a reply. I suspect this is just an upgrade/updating mechanism but it is not documented.

Does anyone else get this vigilant when devices on your network phone-home? Do you monitor for this type of thing?

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Comment by JAMMAN2110, on 26-Feb-2007 17:16

I would set a block rule for it in my firewall(s). If I don't know what it does then it wont be tolerated.

Comment by juha, on 26-Feb-2007 17:26

The reverse pointer for that IP address is or the KM domain I think:

Registrant Contact:
Konica Minolta Business Solutions
Tony Day (
Fax: +1.093566000
Corner, Nugent St and Khyber Pass
Auckland, 00000

Yeah, that kind of stuff is not on if it's not documented. Especially in corporate environments.

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