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Microsoft Virtualisation Monopoly

, posted: 5-Mar-2007 11:51

VMware and other Virtualisation systems are being hit by changes to Microsoft's licencing on Windows operating systems. These licence changes attempt to make using a VM made for Microsof't VPC in another Virtual Machine illegal. Further than that, the Windows OS can detect it is running in a virtualisation environment and can de-activate itself if it discovers it is not running in Microsoft's Virtual PC.

A list of the impacts can be found here. I think this move by Microsoft will have nothing short of a deleterious PR fallout and have angered and confused sysadmins everywhere.

Microsoft's Virtual PC isn't even that great anyway. VMware have the market's best offer: ESX server. It runs on a Linux skeleton which makes it very fast so it's easy to guess why Microsoft are upset, knowing their own Virtual PC runs like an elephant on roller skates, even when compared to the free VMware Player and OpenVZ.

What do you think about this?

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Comment by bradstewart, on 5-Mar-2007 12:31

I tried running a WinXP Virtual PC VM in ESX Server and it bluescreened on startup.

Had quite a few issues like that so can't say it's a bad thing. As for VPC 2007 and VMware Player:

VPC has less of an impact on the host OS but the guest OS runs slightly slower.
VMware Player renders the host OS almost inoperable but the guest OS seems to run faster than the VPC one. So it's a tradeoff

Author's note by barf, on 5-Mar-2007 12:53

Thanks for your comment brad.

I use VMware player on Ubuntu (to run XP) and I can play movies, 3d games etc with VMware/XP running, quite a big difference to what you are experiencing.

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