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OpenMOKO - free PDA/smart-phone OS

, posted: 15-May-2007 15:00

With backing from FIC (First International Computer, Taiwan) the OpenMOKO project has some serious credibility for being the first ubiquitous smart-phone/handheld computer OS. With the hardware supplied by FIC for development engineering resembling most HTC devices and even Gigabeat / Zune hardware, portability of this OS to other devices is a reality. It builds on the OpenZarus and Familiar Linux distributions' efforts thanks to some well-known (famous even?) Kernel developers writing drivers. But hundreds of other developers around the world, of all skill levels, are contributing towards the usability engineering and design of this OS. A truely exciting time for Linux enthusiasts.


The hardware supplied to developers (and only developers at this stage) by FIC is named the Neo1973.
It is powered by a Samsung SoC S3C2410AL 266MHz ARM9. With 128MB SDRAM and an internal NAND flash.
With a Quad-band GSM radio unit by Texas Instruments connected by an internal serial bus to the SoC.
* 480x640 active-matrix touchscreen
* a WiFi chip is on the horizon, but Bluetooth 2.0 is already there.
* GPS receiver.
* MicroSD socket

and this is just the prototype, the final version / RTM of this product will undoubtably sport more features.

More information

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Comment by freitasm, on 15-May-2007 17:58

I saw this during the CES 2007. Very impressive stuff.

Comment by nathan, on 16-May-2007 16:34

I noticed a striking similarity between this device and the JavaFX Mobile that is intended to run high definition graphics that Sun just announced

Some nice Photoshop skills there

Author's note by barf, on 16-May-2007 17:44

Nathan: That sure is an FIC Neo1973. To hazard a guess, OpenMOKO will likely be the basis for the JavaFX. Yes, Sun have good photoshop skills.

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