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Microsoft's Open XML rejected by ISO!

, posted: 5-Sep-2007 14:44

Hot off the press Google, ISO has rejected Microsoft's Open XML for fast-track to standardisation. The ISO process is thankfully, too robust for commercial interests to corrupt it into adopting a flawed standard. Despite it being technically flawed, lobbyists from Microsoft tried to sway many ISO voters, while not forgetting IBM lobbyists attempted to sway against votes, but Microsoft even lobbied smaller countries into registering an ISO vote for the first time, although Ecuador voted against anyway, and then there was the Swedish coup with a Microsoft-paid voter ratted out.

Microsoft have reported in a press release that 74% of votes were in their favour, clearly this is not the current, official outcome. The wording in that statement is incredible.

Still, I am not without respect for Microsoft. They brought us into this computer savvy millenium. It's the anti-competitive-ness of not adopting ODF into Office, and trying to push their own standard through instead that touches my nerve. Other software vendors have been hard-pressed to incorporate binary .doc format support into their products for long enough, and now ODF is a recognised ISO standard - a good, consice one too. The tables have turned and Microsoft won't get far with a monopolistic attitude as evidenced in this ISO debacle, god forbid Ubuntu be the world's major desktop OS.

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Comment by Mark Smith, on 5-Sep-2007 15:49

These new standards scare me. It's as if it can lead to a control pattern scheme.

Comment by ISO 9000 certification chennai, on 27-Mar-2009 22:50

That is a sad news to hear.


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