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OpenVZ 2.6.22 released: ~0% overhead Virtualisation!

, posted: 12-Sep-2007 14:15

The OpenVZ kernel based on 2.6.22 was released yesterday! Woohoo! Call me a geek if you have to but I'm excited. OpenVZ offers near-zero overhead OS-level virtualisation. This is a different paradigm to Xen and VMware.

Running Linux VMs - it outperforms Microsoft Virtual Server (but thats not hard), more credibly it outdoes Xen and VMware. It has better resource limit controls than VMware Server and Xen too. Unfortunately, or not; depending on your level of zealotry, it doesn't run Windows, it's not designed to :^)

OpenVZ is supported on Redhat and CentOS distributions but works equally as well on Debian. Some hacking is required to fit it into Slackware or SuSE, etc. But essentially you can add virtualisation to any modern GNU/Linux server - if you're not afraid of compiling a kernel, that helps :-) but if you are a kernel newbie there are pre-compiled kernel rpm and deb packages available.

And of course, it's absolutely free, released under the GNU General Public Licence.

Very cool. Anyone else using OpenVZ already?

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Comment by chiefie, on 12-Sep-2007 15:02

I welcome any advancement to Virtualisation, shame it doesn't support Windows, oh well..

What I do like to see though is the GPL/Open Source version of Microsoft SoftGrid (application virtualisation). Ideal for rolling out softwares on any (Windows) system without mucking with installation or filesystem/user level permission

Author's note by barf, on 12-Sep-2007 15:15

SoftGrid looks cool

X Windows has done this since the UNIX mainframe days, I've even helped deploy a thin-client network using this type of application server.

for example:
barf@some-remote-host:~$ export DISPLAY=barfsbox:0
barf@some-remote-host:~$ firefox

brings firefox to my desktop over the network. basic stuff in Linux!

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