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Yellow Journalism, a Culture of Fear and the Information Operations Roadmap

, posted: 17-Oct-2007 10:05

I'm sick of hearing it already. That is; "Terror" in the headlines, there seems to be more terror born from the media than from reality.
Our media aggregates exist to sell newspapers and thus make articles that appeal to our taste for information but, thats not news to anyone.

What might be news to you are the subjects of Information Warfare, Yellow Journalism and the culture (or climate) of fear in society. I think it is relevant to be familiar with these subjects in this day-and-age, especially in the light of recent events.

A Pentagon document entitled the "Information Operations Roadmap" was declassified in Janurary 2006. This document describes how the US military should conduct Information Warfare both overtly and covertly, in the homeland and overseas. The techniques described include psychological operations, (ie, manipulate a Culture of Fear), censorship, hacking and disinformation. FUD? Naw, that's old-fashioned. I wonder if New Zealand policy makers have a similar paper in their agenda.

The Australians are also active engaged in Information Warfare, and it can't be put any more lightly than that. WikiScanner has exposed the Australian DoD editing John Howards article over 5000 times. However, that's nothing compared to the articles on the CIA, Israel and etc. With so much effort going into controlling the information we digest, when do we draw the line and say, I want facts, not lies and propaganda.

The corporate media has played an interesting role in this episode of "terrorism". The media will be going crazy, just like seagulls after throwing away a scoop of chips at the beach, the news of terror sells papers, fast. This is called Yellow Journalism. It is highly unprofessional and prevalent. You may have already guessed that the phenonmenon is exploied by policy such as the Information Operations Roadmap.

I would like to leave it at that and thank you for reading my incoherrent ramblings, it's all IMHO. Certainly, I'm interested to hear what you think about this and the recent events.

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Comment by lugh, on 17-Oct-2007 12:57

Yellow Journalism and breeding the Culture of Fear is rife on Fox News. I always loved the Health Updates or, as I called them, "What's Killing Me Today!"

Author's note by barf, on 17-Oct-2007 15:33

good ol' Fox news always give both sides of the story: the president's and the vice president's

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