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Hacker "Kingpin" caught. apparently.

, posted: 30-Nov-2007 13:27

This is in regard to the stuff article
Why did the media announce that the FBI were in the country *BEFORE* they had arrested this person?

I'm no spook but it's quite obvious that this is not standard procedure for catching criminals. If you *PUBLICALLY* announce the fact you're in the country to investigate something and essentially tip-off the suspect through the mass media then what the hell is really going on?

I really really really REALLY hate touching the conspiracy theory vibe but this is the type of event that conincides with policy dictated by the Information Operations Roadmap. Thank you Team America World Police we are safer now... NOT.

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Comment by signz, on 1-Dec-2007 19:00

However, this guy in Whitianga is now stuffed ... damned if he did and damned if he didn't.  He has not been charged or arrested (let alone proven guilty) yet he name is everywhere.

The "power" of the news media.


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