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, posted: 7-Nov-2008 11:44

I am amazed at how many people have taken the Destiny Church bandwagon to gravy town. I'm talking about the 2007 Child Discipline Act.

Did you know?
  • You can still legally discipline your child, and even with some force, should that be required
  • The Police do not have to prosecute you upon receiving a complaint
  • Brian Tamaki, of Destiny Church (and friends) funded and organised most of the original opposition to the legislation.
  • Brian Tamaki coined the term "Anti-smacking" which is now used colloqually to describe the law
  • Brian Tamaki lied about the implications of the law and that has become the common belief
  • The Police have reported not seeing a significant change in child abuse reports
  • Prior to the law, someone could already 'dob you in' if they saw you hit a child
  • There was legislation from 1961 that allowed a child abuser to veto almost any prosecution (ie; run free, even if guilty)
I diddn't know until I did my own research. So much for trusting the media. Eroding my freedom? Even if it did, I don't think thats more important than punishing child abusers, do you?

Electoral Finance Act
New Zealand is the only 1st world country left, without a law like this. (Canada, USA, Britain, etc)

It prevents lobby groups running a campaign supporting another party's campaign, while masquerading as an independant or 3rd party group. Put simply, it aims to prevent our election system from abuse. And you only need to read a book to see proof that our election system been and is being abused currently by the National party. You won't read that on for God's sake.

I ask you one question.
Should the campaign with the most funding decide the winner of an election, or should everyone play by the same rules?

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Comment by lugh, on 7-Nov-2008 13:16

I like Warren Ellis's comments on his blog about Brian Tamaki:  Even in England, they hear about him.

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