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National's broadband plan

, posted: 19-Dec-2008 13:16

If farmers, businesses, hospitals and schools couldn't connect to the net, then we would need National's plan. In reality, nothing but talk has emerged so far but, they have managed to pass laws increasing sentances and fines, endowing less responsibility to RMA applicants, revoking worker's rights and let's not go near the Kyoto debate and the millions of dollars of foreign investment withdrawn after the election.

The plan doesn't help the country. I am a geek and I want faster pron, lower pings and more frags. Health and education is more important though. $3 prescriptions will be gone next year. Private schools will now receive public funding. Why did we lose our ability to concede that these things are more important than faster pipes?

It's because the novelty of computers has worn off on many. This makes us complacent, technology is now nature, the entertainment and information we want is available to us, now. We want the electronic equivalent of a drive-through Italian restaurant.

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