, posted: 25-Jul-2007 11:02

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Comment by freitasm, on 25-Jul-2007 11:15

It works... But are you leaving it empty?


Author's note by bok007, on 25-Jul-2007 11:18

I'll have a rant soon

Comment by freitasm, on 25-Jul-2007 11:33

Oh... Blogs are not for ranting only, you know? Better to use the forums for this...

Comment by inane, on 25-Jul-2007 11:57


Comment by chiefie, on 25-Jul-2007 12:01

test failed.

Comment by Aloha, on 25-Jul-2007 19:23

This is the best blog EVER!

Comment by taniwha, on 26-Jul-2007 06:16

You're a test!

and so is your face.

Author's note by bok007, on 26-Jul-2007 08:42

test -debug

Comment by TheBartender, on 26-Jul-2007 12:18

Can I particapate in this test?

What stage is it in?

Alpha, Beta?

Author's note by bok007, on 26-Jul-2007 12:22

still under UAT - awaiting signoff
will go into production once I think of something witty to say

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