video & audio streaming on a smartphone SP5

, posted: 27-Jul-2007 09:24

Well I worked out a way to stream audio & video files from my PC to my smartphone SP5.
something I've been trying to work out for ages.

I installed IIS & shared my files as "HTTP browsable" on my wifi network
The SP5 can only browse HTTP not SMB/CIFS

On my SP5 installed TCPMP with plugins
and a text editor vieka-wordpad both free of course

I created m3u playlists of everything I wanted to listen to/watch
quite easy under WMP

I changed the playlist so it was looking at the web shares...


#EXTINF:0,01 The Movies.mpg\share1\video\tv\The Goodies\season 5\01 The Movies.mpg

#EXTINF:0,02 Clown Virus.avi\share1\video\tv\The Goodies\season 5\02 Clown Virus.avi

#EXTINF:0,03 Chubby Chumps.avi\share1\video\tv\The Goodies\season 5\03 Chubby Chumps.avi

#EXTINF:0,04 Wacky Wales.avi\share1\video\tv\The Goodies\season 5\04 Wacky Wales.avi

I then downloaded the m3u to my smartphone and can play it anywhere in the house.

TCPMP is great because you can slow it down to 90% to overcome any buffering issues

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