wifi speed tests

, posted: 27-Jul-2007 09:43

I tried some throughput speedtests on my wifi network at home

These tests are from a DLINK 604t to a dell laptop D620 (intel WLAN)
from about 5m away n the same room
b ONLY = 48% OF 11Mbps = 5.28Mbps b+       = 48% OF 11Mbps = 5.28Mbps mixed  = 29% of  36Mbps = 10.44Mbps g only  = 40% of  36Mbps = 14.4Mbps g+       = 34% of  54Mbps = 18.36Mbps

Its interesting to see that 802.11b doesn't change no matter what mode you are in,
but 802.11g you get significant throughput increase moving from mixed to g & g+

mmm maybe I should start a forum thread ?


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