Broadband situation - my take on things (as of today)

, posted: 7-Aug-2007 13:57

There are too many marketing people in TCNZ - not enough technical people:-)

examples; go-large fiasco, "unleashed"

You could think they are trying to ruin the LL before unbundling ;-) More effort should be put into getting a proper broadband speed

(2Mbps download) to as many NZrs as possible (90%)

It should be viewed as a service (like POTS)You only hear people complaining when they pay for broadband but get dial-up speeds. Imagine if we applied the broadband schema to the phone system?If you lived next to an exchange you could talk to everyone in crystal clear quality.If you lived 5 km away, there would be so much static you couldn't understand what anyone is saying. ADSL has not been the answer for NZADSL2+ will not be much better

VDSL2 could do it  (well done Orcon J)


Triple-play (voice/internet/video) seems a long way away…

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Comment by nzbnw, on 7-Aug-2007 21:33

I think it is not entirely fair to ping Telecom with the whole ‘Unleashed’ fiasco. After all Telecom and its Network Partner Alcatel explained that some customers would experience a degrading of speed if this was to happen. Telecom’s hand was how ever forced by a few Wholesale customers who thought they knew better and went to the com com. The rest is history, Telecom where instructed to offer unconstrained speeds, and while it may have been a ruling intended on the two wholesale customers, it would put others at a completive disadvantage, including Telecom-Xtra not to offer these unconstrained speeds to their customer, who risk losing customers head over fist to a competitor who can. On Go Large, I agree that could have been handled better. Like ADSL and ADSL2+ VDSL2+ will be at it’s optimal close to the exchange, those customers 1-2-3k’s or more out form the exchange are unlikely to benefit as much, and if it was a good technology for a large customer base, don’t you think Telecom would have adopted it over the chosen ADSL2+? nzbnw

Author's note by bok007, on 8-Aug-2007 09:14

yep - agree entirely
Thanks for your comment

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