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Asterisk VFX Howto

, posted: 15-Nov-2007 10:10

Now that WxC have 'SoftLaunched' their VFX service to asterisk i though it might be nice to post some of my config that made it work (for me)!

This is my first Blog post so bear/beer with me!

I am running asterisk 1.4.11 or something similar.

VFX is different to most connections you will have configued with Asterisk as they require 3 things:

- username
- password
- authid

Most providers only require 2.

ok now down to business


register => 995035xx:<THIS IS THE PASS>:<THIS IS THE AUTHID>

fromuser=995035xx ; this is your VFX Number

You MUST have 'fromuser=' in there or else the system will not let you make calls. Also this must be your number don't bother trying to spoof your callerid. It doesn't work!

Also you should have canreinvite=no set or else you will be sending an extra invite the WxC doesn't like... it may still work, but WxC won't be happy (thanks Josh)

The other trap that i found was that the host is not a valid DNS entry. This may have been corrected, however if it hasn't you will need to create an entry like this:

in /etc/hosts add the follwing line:

As per normal you can add all the usual codec deny and allow stuff i use ulaw and works fine, i have also used G729 with VFX and found to be very good, but im fussy so im sticking to ulaw.

I think that pretty much sums it up... feel free to ask me any questions if you get stuck!



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Comment by maverick, on 15-Nov-2007 10:42

Argh the old DNS issue - this is not a resolvable address from Public IP's, so this entry is needed for devices that do not support OBP.
(Out Bound Proxy - This is a Session Border Controller Element that helps protect the network) 

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