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The mysterious UBCT9

, posted: 15-Nov-2007 22:17

For those interested in scanning, Uniden have EOL'd the UBCT8 and will have its replacement out in the very near future the UBCT9.

This is some what unusual as normally Uniden simply rebrand a USA model, however ther has been no sign of a BCT9. Some have rumoured that it will be something similar to a BCT-15 however it would be weird for such a significant update to be so similarly labelled.

Guess we shall have to see....

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Comment by rachael, on 28-Apr-2008 17:36

the ubct9 looks the same as a ubct8, looks nothing like the bct-15.they are the same to program as a ubct8, nothing is different. the above web site is where you can purchase 1 from or even view details.

Comment by ShopCity, on 25-Mar-2009 10:49

It's a good thing, a nice scanner. You can get them here...

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