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DHL you make me angry!

, posted: 6-Jun-2008 17:41

I know i am not the only one here to be less than happy with dhl.

Over the last week I have *tried* to have 3 shipments sent to me. Each one has come up against a 'clearance delay’ The first delay I sort of understood as customs flagged the package as they wanted to inspect it. However the last 2 have been held up by DHL’s Auckland customs brokers not being able to clear the package... Every time the package has made it to NZ nice and quick but then spent hours/days waiting for clearance.

It takes less time to get from hong kong to Auckland as it does from Auckland to my house a 10 min drive.

As I write this I have a package waiting ‘clearance’ it cost almost $300 to send 2 x wireless bridges from Brisbane to Auckland. The gear was collected at 3pm yesterday made it to Sydney then onto Auckland. Arrived in Auckland at 4am, however was not cleared. All day. Now apparently they can not find the paper work? I could have got someone to fly the gear to me for less $$ and much quicker.

Does anyone have a solution? Any tips for DHL ‘management’ alternatives???

One very, very unhappy customer....

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Comment by rscole86, on 6-Jun-2008 20:41

Can you not use DHL?

I use walker logistics for all Europe -> NZ and NZ <-> Australia traffic. Very rarely do we have a problem. And if we do they solve it for us quickly.

Comment by mckenndk, on 6-Jun-2008 21:00

Only gripe I have with DHL so far is the cost of sending a A3 enverlope with a photo and a CD in it from Dubai to NZ can't remember the prices now but it was around $100


Author's note by chris021, on 6-Jun-2008 22:00

PS. it make interesting reading if you google 'DHL angry' :-)

Comment by tonyhughes, on 6-Jun-2008 22:35

I have used a courier service before who do anything (legal) in the world in 24 hours anywhere for $100 a kilogram. There are options out there!

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