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Ross Patterson: NZ private sector fibre beats Australian publicly funded NBN
Posted on 23-Apr-2015 09:43Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

CommsDay reports on comments by former telecommunications commissioner Ross Patterson: New Zealand’s private sector-led approach to its fast broadband deployment is far more likely to achieve a successful outcome than Australia’s publicly funded NBN model. Patterson, now a partner at legal firm Minter Ellison Rudd Watts told delegates at the CommsDay Summit in Sydney there […] Comments (Comments)

NZ Tech Podcast 225 in London: Apple Watch, Game of Thrones, Huawei P8
Posted on 22-Apr-2015 18:39Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

From London Paul Spain joins Glenn Williams to discuss Apple Watch, Game of Thrones distribution challenges, coming smartphones (Huawei P8, LG G4), CallPlus-Slingshot sale to Australia’s M2 and some interesting UK topics. This NZ Tech Podcast hosted by Paul Spain (@paulspain) with guest Glenn Williams (@radiowammo). Published by NZ’s Podcast specialists – Podcasts NZ. Get the Podcast here: […] Comments (Comments)

NZ SMEs say technology has no business impact
Posted on 22-Apr-2015 18:12Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

“Nearly one third of New Zealand small and medium-sized enterprises say digital technology has had no impact on their business over the past five years and 27 percent don’t expect it to in the next five years.” — 2015 Westpac Grow New Zealand survey From Many NZ SMEs say technology has no impact on their business | […] Comments (Comments)

Open Source Open Society 2016: Sign me up
Posted on 21-Apr-2015 09:07Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

As a journalist I spend a lot of time in conferences. There’s often a sense of déjà vu. The same faces, topics and speakers show up time after time. Even the same food. It’s not unusual to recognise recycled PowerPoint slides or even an entire presentation from a previous event. Powerpoint slides are never old […] Comments (Comments)

Ten lessons from Open Source Open Society 2015
Posted on 20-Apr-2015 10:30Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Few conferences range as wide as the Open Source Open Society 2015 event held in Wellington last week. The material was surprisingly accessible to non-specialists considering this was a two-day event that filled the Michael Fowler Centre with software developers. You can read more in-depth stories about #OSOS2015 sessions elsewhere, here are ten lessons that […] Comments (Comments)

How open source grew up
Posted on 19-Apr-2015 14:52Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

In the late 1990s and early 2000s I worked for Australian Linux Today. At that time open source was a vibrant, yet immature, market. Visiting the Open Source Open Society 2015 conference in Wellington this week was like watching someone else’s child who you knew as a smart but awkward teenager, transformed into a smart, professional […] Comments (Comments)

Where open data meets open government…
Posted on 18-Apr-2015 18:42Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Technology is the easy part of building an open society. Deal with the human side of the problem is much tougher. Social enterprise expert Kate Beecroft moderated a panel at Open Source Open Society looking at how open data can lead to a more open style of government. Laura O’Connell Rapira, campaigns director at ActionStation, […] Comments (Comments)

How to run or join a hackathon
Posted on 17-Apr-2015 17:08Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

A breakout session at Open Source Open Society 2015 lead by GovHackNZ organiser Mike Riversdale gave participants a quick taste of what to expect from a hackathon. Government hackathons are now regular events in New Zealand and Australia. There are plans to hold them this year in Auckland, Wellington, Whangarei and Dunedin. Riversdale says despite the […] Comments (Comments)

When to choose closed or open source
Posted on 17-Apr-2015 09:31Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Open source has many advantages, but it isn’t always the right approach. At the Open Source Open Society 2025 conference in Wellington delgates discussed when projects should be closed and when open source is best. …it all depends on the circumstances GitHub head of open source Brandon Keepers says: “In an ideal world everything would […] Comments (Comments)

Decision makers ignore technology impact
Posted on 16-Apr-2015 15:45Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Most of America’s lawmakers still don’t use email. As Sascha Meinrath, founder of the Open Technology Institute says, that means the people making important decisions about how Americans use technology have no idea what is going on in that world. Meinrath was a keynote speaker at the Open Source Open Society 2015 conference in Wellington. […] Comments (Comments)

Open is about more than transparency
Posted on 16-Apr-2015 11:50Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

“Share and share alike” is the message parents drum into children. But once they grow up and move out into the wider world, the shutters start to come down. We’re trained to be closed. Dave Lane, president of the New Zealand Open Source Society, says that explains the discomfort people find when they first encounter […] Comments (Comments)

Xero on iPad — the first month
Posted on 15-Apr-2015 09:38Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Xero broke the mould when it put accounting software in the cloud. Now, thanks to the iPad app released last month, tablet owners can get the most out of the software. How did Xero break the mould? First, it showed accounting works well in the cloud. It turns out accounting software works better in the […] Comments (Comments)

One month with Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac
Posted on 13-Apr-2015 10:20Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Microsoft took five years to update Mac: Office 2011. Mac Office:2011 was almost a generation behind the Windows version of Office at launch. It didn’t just look out-of-date, it was missing functionality[1]. At best Microsoft was paying lip-service to Mac users. It left a vacuum for others to fill. This includes Apple with its iWorks […] Comments (Comments)

What an Australian Netflix tax means for New Zealand
Posted on 12-Apr-2015 16:10Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Australia plans to make Netflix and other overseas-based online sellers of ‘intangible services’ pay GST (Good and Services tax). In Joe Hockey prepares ‘Netflix tax’ BRW reports: The cost of downloading movies, music, books and other media from overseas providers such as Apple and Netflix is set to jump by 10 per cent after federal […] Comments (Comments)

Netflix, Quickflix, Lightbox, Neon: An interim market
Posted on 8-Apr-2015 16:24Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

After years of waiting New Zealanders are now spoilt for choice with streaming TV. Netflix, Quickflix, Lightbox and Neon each offer a decent local catalogues at reasonable prices. There’s a thin line between choice and fragmentation. The most popular shows are scattered among the four services. Customers are left with difficult choices. The good news […] Comments (Comments)

Taxing times at Netflix New Zealand
Posted on 6-Apr-2015 14:29Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Netflix didn’t take long to disrupt New Zealand’s media sector. The disruption started before the world’s largest streaming TV and film service opened in New Zealand last month. Netflix is based overseas. That means it doesn’t have to charge GST. New Zealand companies do. Not charging GST gives Netflix a built-in 15 percent price advantage […] Comments (Comments)

Lenmar ChugPlug MacBook power back-up
Posted on 4-Apr-2015 13:09Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

When Apple updated the MacBook Air in 2013 it went for extended battery life in a big way. At a pinch you can get 12 hours from a single charge. While that’s enough power to get through a long working day, there are always times when you need more. That’s the thinking behind Lenmar’s ChugPlug. […] Comments (Comments)

Global mode action: You Canute be serious
Posted on 3-Apr-2015 09:31Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

There’s a whiff of King Canute and the tide in the Nick Grant and Chris Keall NBR report: “Sky, Spark, TVNZ, MediaWorks take action against CallPlus, other global mode ISPs“: Spark (owner of Lightbox), MediaWorks, Sky TV and TVNZ say they are taking action against internet and technology companies selling and promoting services that enable access to […] Comments (Comments)

Asus Transformer T300 Chi
Posted on 24-Mar-2015 08:34Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

The Transformer T300 Chi is a good looking laptop that doubles as a tablet. The screen connects to the keyboard using a magnet. This allows users to quickly pull the device apart. Hence the Transformer name. Comments (Comments)

Showing BlackBerry Classic on Firstline
Posted on 23-Mar-2015 18:13Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Last week I was on TV3 Firstline talking about a man who used virtual reality to watch his baby being born, the BlackBerry Classic phone and the Asus Transformer T300 Chi. Both products benefit from being shown on TV. I’ll have more on the Asus device soon. The new BlackBerry a classic reborn?Filed under: News Tagged: […] Comments (Comments)

NZ Tech Podcast: HTC One M9, LG curved widescreen, Asus TransformerBook T300 Chi
Posted on 20-Mar-2015 08:13Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Hear me on the NZ Tech Podcast episode 221 talking to Paul Spain (@paulspain) about the HTC One M9 and the Asus Transformer T300 Chi. I’ll post more on the Chi in a day or two. NZ Tech Podcast » NZ Tech Podcast 221: Hands on HTC One M9, LG 34” curved widescreen, Asus TransformerBook T300 […] Comments (Comments)

How big data helps Skinny manage its customer base
Posted on 19-Mar-2015 09:06Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Skinny CEO Ross Parker didn’t have to look far when he needed a better way to spot trends in the mobile company’s sales data, he went to big data consultancy Qrious, another Spark business unit. Parker says despite being simple, the system is already uncovering powerful insights: “We can see straight away if our offers […] Comments (Comments)

Macbook more interesting than Apple Watch
Posted on 14-Mar-2015 19:21Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Apple's newest laptop upstaged the Watch during this week's announcement. It's going to change things more than a wearable device Comments (Comments)

Six months with iPhone 6, 6 Plus
Posted on 9-Mar-2015 10:12Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus landed in New Zealand six months ago. At the time I posted my first impressions. Here’s a more reflective review of what the phones are like to use. Both new iPhones are a success. The Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus dominated worldwide phone sales in late 2014. Comments (Comments)

The power of Twitter
Posted on 6-Mar-2015 15:00Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

From March 3, 2014: Decided I won’t update my Office 365 subscription until Microsoft updates Word:mac 2011 #negotiating-like-a-pro — Bill Bennett (@billbennettnz) March 2, 2015 … March 6, 2014: Experience the new Office 2016 for Mac Preview today – powered by the cloud, optimized for Mac! More at #OfficeforMac — Office (@Office) March 5, 2015 […] Comments (Comments)

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