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Mac writing apps November 2014
Posted on 30-Oct-2014 16:57Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Professional writer compares the current crop of writing apps for the OS X. Includes Pages 5, Word:mac2011, Byword, Google Docs, iA Writer, Comments (Comments)

How Microsoft can win cloud computing
Posted on 28-Oct-2014 09:44Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Microsoft opened Azure data centres in Sydney and Melbourne this week. In theory Australia’s East Coast is just a 14ms ping from Auckland. Realistically most traffic will take longer. It isn’t like having a server in the next room, but close enough. Australian Azure data centres come at a price. Lifehacker reports many Australian services […] Comments (Comments)

What I want from my blogging tools
Posted on 25-Oct-2014 18:06Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

A look at how to get more from blogging with WordPress on a MacBook Air and using Byword Comments (Comments)

NZ Tech Podcast: China phishes, Apple refreshes, Intergen sells, UFB 200/200
Posted on 24-Oct-2014 15:19Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

This week the NZ Tech Podcast discusses Apple’s product refresh across iPad, iMac, iOS and OS X, hear about a massive phishing attack in China, Intergen’s sale, Microsoft’s Azure data centre launch in Sydney, Spark’s Socialiser and the $US179 tablet-laptop hybrid. This NZ Tech Podcast hosted by Paul Spain (@paulspain) with guest Bill Bennett (@billbennettnz). Supported by Vector […] Comments (Comments)

Why Gigatown is not a waste of money
Posted on 24-Oct-2014 13:10Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

On Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report critics describe Gigatown as a waste of money. Gigatown is a year-long competition run by Chorus. It promotes the company’s UFB fibre network being rolled out to urban New Zealand. The prize will see the nation’s switched-on town get 1Gbps broadband connections ahead of the rest of the country. […] Comments (Comments)

IBM stumbles on path to cloud
Posted on 21-Oct-2014 11:28Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

IBM needs to reinvent itself to deal with cloud computing. Although the job was never going to be easy, IBM has an enviable track record on major change. It is the organisation that defined the original computer business. IBM built a monopoly and lead the mainframe era. Although it was late into the PC game, […] Comments (Comments)

Personal cloud storage plans – October 2014
Posted on 20-Oct-2014 10:17Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

If you're looking for cloud storage there are plenty of options. Most cloud storage providers offer a basic service for free. You may get by using these offerings alone. Comments (Comments)

Why people won’t try Windows Phone
Posted on 19-Oct-2014 09:24Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

My time with the Nokia Lumia 930 is up. Microsoft called on Friday asking me to return the review smartphone. I’ll miss it. Like all recent high-end Microsoft smartphones, the Lumia 930 is big, beautiful and powerful. I hesitate to describe a phone as intuitive. Still, anyone who has spent time with modern technology will […] Comments (Comments)

Plain English is radical
Posted on 15-Oct-2014 09:21Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Originally posted on Fundamentally Useless:
Despite all the ups and downs of the past few months, there has been one constant in left wing politics: jargon. Regardless of whether Nicky Hager, Judith Collins, or Eminem led the news, the Left was ready to respond with a slew of long and fancy words. Left wing politics… Comments (Comments)

Samsung launches new phone, needs a new business model
Posted on 14-Oct-2014 14:21Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Yesterday Samsung launched the $1150 Galaxy Note 4 smartphone in New Zealand. While the Note 4 is interesting, it is not interesting enough to generate much local media coverage. This underlines Samsung’s challenge. It isn’t that Samsung smartphones aren’t state-of-the-art devices. They are. But so are the cheaper smartphones coming from Chinese and Indian factories. […] Comments (Comments)

The Dark Net
Posted on 14-Oct-2014 09:17Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Originally posted on Rowan Simpson:
NZVIF have released their latest Young Company Finance report. The report includes a list of all of the companies that raised new capital so far in 2014. It is an appallingly incomplete list. These are the companies that I know of they have missed: Vend, NBR, March 26 Timely, NBR,… Comments (Comments)

Dark days at Hewlett-Packard
Posted on 14-Oct-2014 08:41Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Here’s what I discovered when researching background material to write about Hewlett-Packard’s impending break-up. You can draw your own conclusion. Filed under: Blog Tagged: HP Comments (Comments)

Chorus warns Australia on structural separation
Posted on 13-Oct-2014 11:01Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Chorus manager of marketing strategy and insight Rosalie Nelson warned Australia’s telecommunications industry on the risks of New Zealand-style full structural separation. She was speaking at the CommsDay Melbourne Congress. Nelson’s comments come as Optus chairman Paul O’Sullivan calls for Telstra to split along similar lines to Telecom NZ (now Spark) and Chorus. When Chorus […] Comments (Comments)

NZ Tech Podcast: Windows 10, HP splits, MyRepublic
Posted on 13-Oct-2014 08:33Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

This week – a focus on Windows 10 and new low-cost Windows tablets, Dubai police to get Google Glass, MyRepublic gears up for NZ launch, Hewlett-Packard decides to break up, Marriott Hotels fined for Wi-Fi block and new .NZ domain names launch. This NZ Tech Podcast hosted by Paul Spain (@paulspain) with guest Nathan Mercer (Microsoft NZ) and supported […] Comments (Comments)

Taking stolen emails at face value
Posted on 12-Oct-2014 11:46Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

For a few weeks stories involving stolen emails dominated New Zealand news reports. It was no accident this was in the run up to the 2014 election. Nicky Hager based his book Dirty Politics on messages to and from WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater. Then Kim Dotcom revealed an email he claims proved Prime Minister John […] Comments (Comments)

New Zealand iPhone 6 plans compared
Posted on 11-Oct-2014 14:33Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

New Zealand prices for Apple’s iPhone 6 start at $1000 for the 16GB model. Well, $999 but we’re not fooled. That’s $50 cheaper than the cost of the lowest price iPhone 5S when it first launched here a year ago. A 64GB iPhone 6 costs $1150 and the 128GB model is $1300. Not everybody wants to, […] Comments (Comments)

New Zealand iPhone 6 Plus plans compared
Posted on 11-Oct-2014 14:32Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Buy an Apple iPhone 6 Plus  outright and you’ll pay $1150 for the 16GB model. Move up to the 64GB iPhone 6 Plus and the price rises to $1300.  The 128GB model is $1450. I recommend buying at least 64GB, you’ll soon bump against the limits of 16GB if you store any media on your phone. You don’t have […] Comments (Comments)

Fibre-only MyRepublic aims to lead UFB push
Posted on 10-Oct-2014 12:11Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

MyRepublic, New Zealand’s newest ISP, sells nothing but full speed fibre-based broadband without data caps. Significantly are none of the pointless 30Mbps up, 10Mbps down entry-level fibre plans offering copper-like performance. Instead consumers can choose between two 100Mbps plans: one for gamers, the other for everyone else. MyRepublic’s $99 a month Pure plan includes installation […] Comments (Comments)

Samsung profits fall as iPhone trumps Galaxy
Posted on 7-Oct-2014 17:57Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Samsung makes beautiful hardware and sells more smartphones than any other company. All it needs to do now is to figure out how to make the business profitable. The company has just posted its biggest drop in quarterly profit since at least 2009. According to Bloomberg, that happened despite selling more smartphones because the average […] Comments (Comments)

HP split will change NZ PC market
Posted on 7-Oct-2014 17:33Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Hewlett-Packard says it will split in two. One part will offer high-end computer equipment and services to large companies. The other will make and sell PCs, printers and other devices. The move is overdue. HP has struggled to make money in recent years. Putting Apple to one side, the PC business is now a commodity […] Comments (Comments)

Will smart phones bury PDAs?
Posted on 7-Oct-2014 15:42Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

This story originally appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Icon section on 2 April 2002. Infofile The potential smart-phone market is huge. Gartner’s Robin Simpson estimates there are between 200,000 and 500,000 hand-held computers in Australia. He says the range is wide because many people own more than one device. This compares with Phonechoice’s estimate of […] Comments (Comments)

iPhone 6, 6 Plus: 20mm and miles apart
Posted on 6-Oct-2014 13:55Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Apple’s iPhone 6 sports a 4.7 inch screen. The display on the iPhone 6 Plus is 5.5 inches across the diagonal. That’s just 20mm more and yet, in use, the difference between the iPhones is huge. It’s almost as if you are looking at two separate device classes. While the iPhone 6 feels like a […] Comments (Comments)

Getting off the technology upgrade hamster wheel
Posted on 4-Oct-2014 15:23Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Apple’s first iPhone appeared in 2007. Since then there have been nine product cycles. Microsoft recently took the wraps off its third Surface Pro tablet in 18 months. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is the fifth model since the Galaxy S i9000 appeared in 2010. Technology giants like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft update their products at least once […] Comments (Comments)

Survey: Mobile Technology Spurring New Definition of Productivity
Posted on 3-Oct-2014 11:41Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Originally posted on Inside BlackBerry:
It was only a few years ago when mobile devices were seen as a hindrance and distraction that would lead to decreased productivity. Times have clearly changed and we’ve got the numbers to prove it. Today, BlackBerry launched the initial results of a global study on productivity. The study, produced… Comments (Comments)

Editors who don’t use Twitter undercut their pleas to innovate
Posted on 3-Oct-2014 11:17Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Originally posted on The Buttry Diary:
Editors who aren’t active on Twitter tell their newsrooms that we don’t all have to change. Journalists who aren’t active on Twitter choose to remain or fall behind. I’m late to this round of a?discussion that’s been going on intermittently since at least when I started advocating Twitter’s use… Comments (Comments)

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