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What does Vodafone know about Ultrafast Broadband anyway?
Posted on 8-Mar-2014 16:37Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Last week Vodafone New Zealand chief executive Russell Stanners caused a stir when he called on the government to scrap the roll-out of fibre-based ultrafast broadband in much of Wellington and Christchurch. Comments (Comments)

Samsung sees Knox as key to Android in the enterprise
Posted on 6-Mar-2014 08:19Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Jae Shin, vice-president of Samsung’s Knox business group, is candid about enterprise customers being wary of letting employees use Android devices on company networks. Comments (Comments)

Datacom buys Origen, takes Ozone to Australia
Posted on 5-Mar-2014 20:03Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Earlier today I wrote Datacom buys Origen, takes Ozone to Australia for the IITP TechBlog. Buying Origen is an interesting move on Datacom’s part. On the surface it’s a  simply a consolidation play. Comments (Comments)

Datacom shows entrepreneurial DNA
Posted on 5-Mar-2014 10:57Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

New Zealand tech companies don’t come much bigger than Datacom. The company is also old by industry standards. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft New Zealand technology bazaar
Posted on 4-Mar-2014 16:28Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

One of my more enjoyable writing jobs is working on the The New Zealand Herald’s annual Innovation report.  It’s a subject that’s close to my heart and it means I get to talk to interesting people about fascinating ideas. Comments (Comments)

Apple users loyal but bigger screens tempt
Posted on 4-Mar-2014 14:58Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Kantar Worldpanel reports: There are signs that Apple isn’t attracting and retaining as many early adopters as it once did, with larger screens seeming to drag a number of users away from the brand. Comments (Comments)

Commerce Commission UCLL pricing and referees
Posted on 4-Mar-2014 11:15Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Yesterday InternetNZ, Tuanz and Consumer called on the Commerce Commission to take care setting the price of the unbundled copper local loop as it heads into the Final Pricing Principal process. Comments (Comments)

ChromeBooks: Where dumb, limiting and simple are good things
Posted on 3-Mar-2014 09:30Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Two years ago Google showed off the first Chromebooks. It’s taken that long for New Zealand to get a reasonable supply of the devices from a range of computer makers. Comments (Comments)

HP Chromebook 14: Good hardware, great value
Posted on 1-Mar-2014 15:34Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Given its price, the HP Chromebook 14 is surprisingly good-looking. Most low-cost laptops look, well, like low-cost laptops. Comments (Comments)

When should we rip out the copper network?
Posted on 26-Feb-2014 08:46Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Does it make sense to pull the plug on New Zealand’s copper telephone network as fibre goes in? The New Zealand government put the question to one side when it planned the UFB network. Suddenly, it’s on the agenda. Comments (Comments)

Review: Snugg leather iPad cover and flip stand
Posted on 24-Feb-2014 09:00Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Smell rarely rates a mention in tech product reviews. At least not in a good way. Yet that was the first thing I noticed when opening the Snugg Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand in Black Leather. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft gets aggressive on low-end Windows licences
Posted on 23-Feb-2014 14:50Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Mary Jo Foley reports for ZDNet: Microsoft is cutting the price it charges PC makers for each copy of Windows 8 they sell from US$50 to US$15, but only on low-end devices. Comments (Comments)

A good first quarter, but HP not out of the woods
Posted on 22-Feb-2014 19:06Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Hewlett-Packard surprised analysts on Friday when it turned in a better than expected first quarter result. Comments (Comments)

Is the enterprise hardware business doomed?
Posted on 21-Feb-2014 09:59Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Enterprise hardware has never been a tougher sell. Recent financial reports from the giant companies that once dominated enterprise computing, IBM, Oracle, HP among others, do not make for pretty reading. Comments (Comments)

Telecom NZ rebrands as Spark
Posted on 21-Feb-2014 08:54Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Telecom NZ said today it will change its name to Spark later this year. A media statement from CEO Simon Moutter says the new new name “better reflects the company’s new direction”. Comments (Comments)

How does New Zealand UFB compare with Google fibre?
Posted on 20-Feb-2014 17:32Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Search giant Google operates a fibre network in Kansas City. Yesterday the company said it plans to roll out fibre in an additional 34 US cities. Comments (Comments)

Chorus: A tempting proposal, some merit, some flaws
Posted on 18-Feb-2014 08:54Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

How much would it cost to build and run a copper telecommunications network if you were starting from scratch today? That’s the question at the heart of the Commerce Commission’s mission to regulate the price service providers pay Chorus to provide customers with copper-based broadband. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft Office on an iPad, why so slow?
Posted on 17-Feb-2014 11:08Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Apple’s iPad had its fourth birthday last month. The device changed the face of personal computing. It triggered a decline in PC sales that looks far from over. It’s popular with corporations and consumers. The iPad is everywhere. Comments (Comments)

Cloud is booming, spending up 20%
Posted on 17-Feb-2014 10:02Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

At GigaOm Barb Darrow reports Cloud boom is on for real, researcher says. The story quotes researcher IHS Technology which says spending on cloud infrastructure and services will climb 20 percent in 2014 to US$174 billion. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone wins TrueNet 3G shootout
Posted on 14-Feb-2014 10:50Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Mobile broadband downloads and uploads are now faster on Vodafone’s 3 network than on Telecom or 2degrees. That’s the verdict of the latest testing by Truenet which compared speeds at a series of locations in central Auckland and Wellington. Comments (Comments)

Apple, Samsung monopolise smartphone profits
Posted on 13-Feb-2014 08:54Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

People, understandably, get hung up on Android’s huge share of the total smartphone market. On raw unit numbers alone it often looks as if Google’s phone software is eating Apple’s lunch. Comments (Comments)

Government fibre uptake builds as project reaches 25% milestone
Posted on 12-Feb-2014 18:24Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Communications and Information Technology Minister Amy Adams says the government’s Ultra-Fast Broadband project has passed the 25 percent milestone with more than 363,000 users able to connect to the network. Comments (Comments)

HP abandons New Zealand media
Posted on 12-Feb-2014 10:38Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Earlier this week I contacted Hewlett-Packard’s New Zealand PR company. Make that HP’s erstwhile PR company. HP no longer has a New Zealand PR company. Comments (Comments)

Nokia set to debut basic Android phone
Posted on 12-Feb-2014 08:21Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

The Wall Street Journal reports Nokia plans to show a low-end Android phone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month. Apparently the phone was in development before Microsoft purchased Nokia’s handset business. Comments (Comments)

Dimension Data sells Express Data distribution business
Posted on 12-Feb-2014 08:04Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Dimension Data plans to sell its Express Data distribution business to Dicker Data, an ASX-listed hardware distributor. This includes Express Data and the Express Online operation. Comments (Comments)

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