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An umbrella you can't lose: Blunt + Tile
Posted on 4-Jun-2015 10:00. | Tags Filed under: News.

An umbrella you can't lose: Blunt + Tile
The world’s most innovative umbrella company is excited to announce the addition of the world’s first smart – and arguably ‘unloseable’ - umbrella to its revolutionary product portfolio.

The team at New Zealand’s Bunt Umbrellas teamed up with Silicon Valley's Tile to create the Bunt + Tile umbrella – an umbrella that can be tracked when misplaced. Each Bunt + Tile umbrella contains a ‘Tile’ in a specially designed lining pocket, which can then be tracked using the Tile App for iPhone and Android.

According to Tile umbrellas are among the top five most commonly misplaced possessions. The Bunt + Tile umbrella ensures you’ll never get caught without an umbrella in the rain.

If misplaced within a 15 to 30 metre range, Bunt + Tile Umbrella owners can ask their Tile App to ‘find’ their umbrella. It will then emit a chiptune melody until the owner confirms that it has been located.

Further out of range, owners can use the app to determine their umbrella’s ‘last seen’ location.

This function enables users to determine the last time and place the umbrella was within 15 to 30 metres of themselves or any Tile belonging to another Tile user,
whether attached to their keys, phone or other item. As a result, users can see the approximate location their umbrella was last ‘seen’ thanks to other Tile user’s devices; essentially creating a virtual search party far and wide.

Bunt Umbrellas’ forward-thinking USA distributor Mark Duffin felt the collaboration was a smart brand partnership that could solve one of life’s most frustrating everyday niggles – losing your stuff.

“We’re well known for having revolutionised umbrella design and Tile has become the world’s largest lost and found device, so when Mark came up with the idea it felt like the ideal collaboration”, says Scott Kington, managing director of Bunt Umbrellas NZ.

“The Bunt + Tile umbrella could solve a really annoying problem for millions of people every day”, Scott continues.

Although Bunt’s newest release solves a universal problem, only a handful of lucky New Zealanders will be able to get their hands on one.

Originally destined for the US only, Bunt Umbrellas have managed to secure just 500 Bunt + Tile umbrellas for the New Zealand market, which were publicly released on Thursday 21 May 2015.

Not only is the Bunt + Tile umbrella revolutionary in its clever technological assets, but the team at Bunt have also crafted a stylish limited edition black trim design, available in three different colour accents – charcoal, red and blue.

These are available in XS Metro (RRP $125NZD) and Classic (RRP $145NZD) styles and can be pre-ordered online at or purchased at selected NZ retailers including The Vault Auckland, The Vault Wellington, Bags Of Difference Wellington, Askew Auckland and Design Depot Hamilton.

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