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Logitech MX Master review
Posted on 26-Aug-2015 14:14 by M Freitas. | Tags Filed under: Reviews.

There isn't a time I can remember that I didn't have a Logitech mouse. From my first mouse (Windows 1.0 and Aldus Pagemaker on an old 286 with 4MB RAM) through now - almost 30 years - to my current one, it was always a Logitech. Sure, the odd desktop came with its own mouse (Lenovo, HP) but I never unboxed those. I've been through corded and corless models, with balls, red laser and blue laser.

Over the years Logitech changed into a computer peripheral company but the mouse is what defined it for me. The latest model to land here is the MX Master wireless mouse, a futuristic looking mouse with modern features.

The first thing I noticed was the lines. As it is the case with their latest designs the MX Master is easy to hold, despite of its angular looks. The next thing is its internal rechargeable battery. The last Logitech mouse I used before the MX Master had an appetite for power and would go through a set of two AA batteries like a camel after a few days in the desert. The good surprise here is that this MX Master seems to use power wisely and the rechargeable battery lasts a long time before the LEDs show the low charge signal.

You can connect the MX Master using the miniscule Logitech Unifying receiver (a small USB adapter that can be used for this mouse and other Logitech products at the same time) or connect via Bluetooth Smart if you have the latest (Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.10 and later). Turn the mouse upside down and you will see the button to start the pairing and most important a button to switch between up to three paired devices.

The Logitech Options configuration program is the easiest one I've seem to configure a mouse. You can change the mouse button actions as well as configure its scroll actions. You have the option to use an adaptive scroll wheel action that will automatically switch from clik-to-click to smooth scrolling when you start moving pages up and down. Or you can just turn this feature off and manually select which option you rather use.

The Darkfield Laser sensor technology supports 400 dpi to 1600 dpi (set in increments of 200 dpi). Interestingly there isn't an option in the default configuration to change the DPI but you can assign a button to this using the Logitech Options application. Another benefit of the Darkfield Laser sensor is the ability to use this on surfaces other mouse devices would struggle - such as glass tablet top for example.

On the left side you have buttons assigned to Back and Forward by default as well as a second scroll wheel, used for horizontal scrolling. And the thumb rests on a button that can be used as a task switcher.

Overall a very comfortable mouse, with an exceptional battery life and easy configuration.

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