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Arbor networks presents largest study of global Internet traffic
Posted on 20-Oct-2009 15:58. | Tags Filed under: News.

Arbor Networks – in collaboration with University of Michigan and Merit Network – is presenting the largest study of global Internet traffic since the start of the commercial Internet at NANOG47.

The Internet Observatory research includes analysis of Internet traffic across 110 large and geographically diverse cable operators, international transit backbones, regional networks and content providers. The results were culled based on an analysis of 2,949 peering routers across 9 Tier-1, 48 Tier-2, and 33 consumer and content providers in the Americas, Asia and Europe. At its peak, the study monitored more than 12 terabits-per-second of offered load and a total of more than 256 exabytes of Internet traffic over the two-year life of the study (April 2007-April 2009).

For the purposes of this report, researchers defined “Internet Traffic” using the generally accepted definition of Internet as a collection of inter-connected networks. Specifically, they measured inter-domain Internet traffic as it crosses the boundaries between providers.

Results show that over the last five years, Internet traffic has migrated away from the traditional Internet core of ten to twelve tier1 international transit providers and now flows directly between large content providers, data-centre / CDNs and consumer networks.

Five years ago, Internet traffic was proportionally distributed across tens of thousands of enterprise managed web sites and servers around the world. Today, most content has increasingly migrating to a small number of very large hosting, cloud and content providers.

The majority of Internet application traffic has migrated to an increasingly small number of protocols with P2P declining dramatically in the last two years.

Out of 35K ASNs, 100 contribute 60% of the traffic, with Google being responsible for 6% of all Internet traffic globally. HTTP video may be 25-40% of all HTTP traffic and the top three gaming protocols comprise a half percentage of all Internet traffic in June 2009 (Xbox is most popular followed by World of Warcraft and Steam Valve).

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