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ICONZ adds features to VERSA cloud services
Posted on 6-May-2010 17:01. | Tags Filed under: News.

ICONZ adds features to VERSA cloud services
New Zealand-based ICONZ is set to launchg its next generation of cloud services. New features are being added to ICONZ VERSA’s, which has been available since 2008. The company already has more than 500 customers using the VERSA platform.

“Customers like BECA, Terabyte and RedVespa — to name just a few — use the ICONZ VERSA platform for its massive scalability, flexibility and cost effectiveness,” says Sean McDonald, CEO of ICONZ (pictured). “While other providers rush to catch the cloud computing hype train, ICONZ has been there for years, consolidating, investing and continuing to innovate with its customers.”

The company says it has learned that one-size cloud hosting doesn’t deliver the best results to all of its customers. “Ninety percent of web applications live perfectly well in the shared cloud environment,” says McDonald, “but 10 percent need special care, and it’s to this 10 percent we’re paying special attention.”

To this end, ICONZ is now launching two new VERSA services, which have been six months in the planning and testing.

VERSA ENTERPRISE is the next generation of cloud computing from ICONZ. Companies can now specify their own standalone and segmented ‘private clouds’ on customised blade server hardware and dedicated SAN, all within the high-availability VERSA environment.

The benefit of this is that unique and high load application environments can be better served, capital costs kept to an absolute minimum, staff overheads are reduced and software licences can be leveraged. ICONZ manages everything on its customers’ behalf and its all on a pay as you go basis, which is the one of the cornerstones of cloud computing.

“The VERSA ENTERPRISE service will be particularly appealing to IT resellers and integrators who are looking to provide ‘cloud services’ to their customers,” says McDonald. “Creating a physical environment within the VERSA platform and being able to specify the hypervisor and software layer will present unique options for New Zealand IT resellers. In this sense, we’ve spent millions so our clients don’t have to,” says Sean McDonald.

VERSA PROJECT, the second groundbreaking, was born from an internal ICONZ project requiring huge computing capacity for short periods only. “As in many IT projects, we had a need for a number of test and development servers over many months and didn’t want to incur the capital cost of buying hardware for only a short period of use,” says McDonald.

The answer was simple. With its VERSA platform, ICONZ sized and deployed servers as required and provisioning them as needed for the project. During the periods where they were not required, the computing resources were returned to the pool but the server environments themselves were backed up for later use. “It was through this process and discussions with other software developers that we realised we had a world-beating and world-first service of our own.”

VERSA PROJECT allows customers to scale their project computing power as required and only pay for time when their servers are active. In the inactive periods, the servers are backed up for future use and re-provisioned whenever needed. Unlike the base VERSA service, where customers pay for monthly usage, VERSA PROJECT servers are purchased in weekly time blocks. Whenever they are used, the time is deducted from their allocation. Outside of this time, everything is backed up ready for the next usage period. No use, no fees.

ICONZ is also launching its new Partner Program today, focusing on resellers, integrators, developers and Saas providers. The team set about designing a flexible program that made ICONZ managed hosting services and in particular, the VERSA Cloud Computing service, available to partners.

The new VERSA ENTERPRISE and VERSA PROJECT services can now be sold via the ICONZ partner community to their clients, integrated with their own solutions.

The ICONZ partner program enables new and existing businesses, to strengthen their position through referrals and reselling of the ICONZ VERSA Cloud Computing platform and other associated managed hosting services from ICONZ.

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