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Skweezer integrated into school districtís wireless initiative
Posted on 18-Sep-2003 17:15Tags News, Computing

Greenlight Wireless and the Lake Havasu Unified School District will be using Greenlight Wirelessí Skweezer service in program to evaluate Pocket PC in the classroom. Comments (Comments)

Handango receives nomination from Deloitte & touche for Fast 50 program
Posted on 18-Sep-2003 08:20Tags News, Computing

Handango has been named a Rising Star in Deloitte & Touche's Technology Fast 50 program. Comments (Comments)

AvantGo and the Concierge Service for Nissan 2004 Maxima Campaign
Posted on 16-Sep-2003 22:00Tags News, Computing

Nissan is using the AvantGo mobile Internet service to extend its "Shift_" campaign to mobile and wireless devices. Comments (Comments)

Pumatech to acquire Synchorologic
Posted on 16-Sep-2003 08:00Tags News, Computing

Pumatech continues to enhance its presence in the corporate space. After buying Starfish software it's now set to buy Synchrologic. Comments (Comments)

Multi-Function Super Bundle for all PDA models from Seidio
Posted on 13-Sep-2003 11:48Tags News, Computing

The new bundle provides a secure way to mount a PDA, power and charge it, and improve the sound output for GPS software, MP3s, digital books, Pocket PC films, or hands free operations on your PDA phone (XDA/T-Mobile and Treo) and wireless phone. Comments (Comments)

Hands on review of Nokia N-Gage on
Posted on 13-Sep-2003 00:01Tags News, Computing

The posted a very complete review of Nokia's n-gage, the gaming platform set to be released next month. Comments (Comments)

A strategic analysis of connected and unconnected PDAs
Posted on 11-Sep-2003 18:06Tags News, Computing

A new form of PDA is gaining traction as an ideal converged device. ABI (Allied Business Intelligence) created a report with the trends expected with this catalyst in an industry which has otherwise been a stagnant one. PDA OS trends have also been analyzed in the report. Comments (Comments)

Danger Hiptop to add Java's J2ME (Java 2 Mobile Edition)
Posted on 8-Sep-2003 20:08Tags News, Computing

Sun and Danger signed agreement that enables the delivery of mobile Java games and services to Hiptop. Comments (Comments)

Mobiles 'to replace handheld PCs'
Posted on 5-Sep-2003 21:26Tags News, Computing

BBC UK reports an interview with David Levin, Symbian. Comments (Comments)

Sandisk SD I/O card now available on Amazon
Posted on 5-Sep-2003 19:10Tags News, Computing

Just noticed this, brought to our attention by Pocket PC Thoughts: the Sandisk SD wi-fi card is now available on Amazon. Comments (Comments)

New mobile devices OS promisses integration between multiple platforms
Posted on 5-Sep-2003 08:03Tags News, Computing

Radixs will show a new network distributed OS for mobile phones. But it's not clear what it really is. Comments (Comments)

SD IO GPS for Palm and Pocket PC coming in November
Posted on 3-Sep-2003 17:53Tags News, Computing

The new igolftech product comes complete with golf and mapping solutions. Comments (Comments)

Linux based smartphones coming next
Posted on 3-Sep-2003 08:24Tags News, Computing

Concept smartphones based on Linux are now showing and promisse to create another war front to Symbian and Microsoft. Comments (Comments)

Have Dilbert every day of the year in your hand
Posted on 1-Sep-2003 20:33Tags News, Computing

This year Dataviz is bringing Dilbert and other cartoon characters closer to your hand. Dose-a-Day is a "tear off" calendar for Palm and Pocket PCs. Comments (Comments)

New features on handhelds helps PDA market grow to 11 million units
Posted on 31-Aug-2003 12:47Tags News, Computing

An increase in the variety of product designs, features and prices, which attract new and seasoned users, will help the PDA market reach over 11 million units this year. Comments (Comments)

Location based services: current status and forecast for U.S.
Posted on 27-Aug-2003 19:16Tags News, Computing

While LBS are being deployed in Asia and Europe, American mobile companies are only now working on this technology. The Technology Review (MIT) published an article covering the basic of Location Based Services, and its future. Comments (Comments)

2LD is here!
Posted on 26-Aug-2003 11:11Tags News, Computing

As some of you know, New Zealand is the first country in the world to have 2LD (second level domain) created for geeks: Comments (Comments)

A day in a mobile worker's life
Posted on 25-Aug-2003 17:50Tags Articles, Computing

This article describes what users can expect from a handheld device with integrated internet access in the future - except that this is available now. Comments (Comments)

Potential growth for the unconnected PDA market will shift to smartphone devices.
Posted on 22-Aug-2003 19:43Tags News, Computing

From mobile phones to converged mobile devices, which combine the data capabilities of PDAs with the voice communication capabilities of mobile phones, competing device types will draw buyers away from traditional handheld devices. Comments (Comments)

New decision in handheld patent litigation
Posted on 22-Aug-2003 19:32Tags News, Computing

An American Federal Judge ruled that e-Pass holds a patent that affects all handheld devices. Comments (Comments)

Survey reveals stolen PDAs provide open door to corporate networks
Posted on 21-Aug-2003 20:32Tags News, Computing

Corporates are being warned that all their IT security measures may be worthless. For the second year in a row, a survey has found that their data could be compromised and their reputation damaged, as a third of employees are leaving business information and access details unprotected on their PDAs. Comments (Comments)

Play, share and compete via the N-Gage Arena!
Posted on 21-Aug-2003 17:23Tags News, Computing

Nokia revealed the N-Gage Arena service. Available globally, the N-Gage Arena will be the home for the worldwide virtual community of gamers, to share their experiences and to find other players for mobile gaming with N-gage, Nokia's new device. Comments (Comments)

Toshiba launches trade in program in U.S.
Posted on 21-Aug-2003 08:06Tags News, Computing

The Toshiba trade in program allows you to trade in your current Toshiba or non-Toshiba technology and apply the value of that product towards the purchase of a new Toshiba product. Comments (Comments)

VOIP infrastrucutre to kill mobile carriers?
Posted on 21-Aug-2003 07:51Tags News, Computing

An interesting array of ideas on how to create a mobile VOIP infrastructure based on wireless networking technologies is the featured article "The Death of the Mobile Phone Carrier" at newmobilecomputing. Comments (Comments)

New IDC report report suggests that Microsoft may emerge as a major force in telecom in several yearsí time
Posted on 20-Aug-2003 20:42Tags News, Computing

According to a new report from IDC, a battle is looming for the enterprise desktop between major IT and telecom vendors. Comments (Comments)

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