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iBIZ to show virtual laser keyboard, Pocket Radio and Xela Case during CES 2004
Posted on 4-Jan-2004 17:03Tags News, Computing

The company will exhibit new products during the Consumer Electronics Show 2004, in Las Vegas. Comments (Comments)

California law bans use of computer displays in front seat
Posted on 3-Jan-2004 11:17Tags News, Computing

The law explicitly bans the use of any visual device, like video monitors or screen or any similar way to visually displaying video. It doesn't say anything about Voice Activated or Text-to-speech though. Comments (Comments)

What's the trend for 2004
Posted on 2-Jan-2004 11:50Tags News, Computing

Jon Fortt wrote for The San Jose Mercury News a list of tech trends for 2004. Most wireless or mobile related. Comments (Comments)

Survey reveals Palm users are more satisfied than Pocket PC users
Posted on 27-Dec-2003 11:12Tags News, Computing

PC World magazine published the results of a survey about the computer products readers use. This year it includes other personal technologies, like PDAs and Digital Cameras. Comments (Comments)

Proliferation of wireless data forms new security market
Posted on 26-Dec-2003 16:01Tags News, Computing

Wireless carriers are expanding their data services, and more consumer and business devices are supporting wireless connectivity. There are a number of security risks associated with wireless data, which has driven the creation of a new wireless security market. Comments (Comments)

MobilePlanet and Audible give US$100 discount for AudibleReady devices
Posted on 25-Dec-2003 10:42Tags News, Computing

Until the end of 2003 Audible and MobilePlanet offer a discount on handheld devices (including Palm OS and Pocket PC) with new subscriptions Comments (Comments)

Pointsec Mobile Technologies signs agreement with Volvo IT
Posted on 24-Dec-2003 17:23Tags News, Computing

Volvo will protect its handhelds with Pointsec for Pocket PC. Comments (Comments)

Philadelphia Police having problems with new mobile data terminals
Posted on 24-Dec-2003 09:23Tags News, Computing

Philadelphia Police have been plagued with pop-up ads for a "viagra-like" pill on the computers in their patrol cars. Comments (Comments)

Personal use of mobile technologies is on the rise among mobile consumers
Posted on 17-Dec-2003 07:30Tags News, Computing

Consumer users embracing more mobile technologies once developed for business. Comments (Comments)

Toshiba's small hard drive for mobile phones
Posted on 16-Dec-2003 22:07Tags News, Computing

Toshiba has developed a hard disk drive about the size of a nickel that can be used to store music and video in mobile phones and other mobile devices. Comments (Comments)

Voice User Interface conference Feb 2004 in Miami
Posted on 16-Dec-2003 07:32Tags News, Computing

The process of creating a telephone strategy is the key focus of a conference in Miami, the sixth annual Telephony Voice User Interface Conference (TVUI 2004). Comments (Comments)

Handango releases information on 3Q 2003 mobile software sales
Posted on 16-Dec-2003 07:13Tags News, Computing

The Handango Yardstick shows statistics on applications for mobile software. Comments (Comments)

NTT Docomo will trial FeliCa IC chip with i–mode phones
Posted on 15-Dec-2003 20:59Tags News, Computing

Five thousand mobile phones will be used for secure banking, game and ticketing. Comments (Comments)

Certicom announces movianVPN for Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC
Posted on 12-Dec-2003 08:06Tags News, Computing

The software was developed to meet the IPSec standard, and now supports the new Windows Mobile connection manager. Comments (Comments)

Juha Christensen joins Action Engine Corporation
Posted on 10-Dec-2003 15:39Tags News, Computing

Microsoft announced last November that Juha Christensen was leaving the company, where he has been working as Microsoft VP for Mobile Devices Marketing Group. He is now joining Action Engine's Board of Directors. Comments (Comments)

Intellisync: goAnywhere provides real-time remote access to from mobile devices
Posted on 9-Dec-2003 19:03Tags News, Computing

The software from Pumatech allows access to Microsoft Outlook data and PC Files from any Web-enabled mobile devices. Comments (Comments)

City of San Jose running a trial of mobile platform
Posted on 4-Dec-2003 21:03Tags News, Computing

The distributed platform uses Pocket PC based clients to distribute workflow. Comments (Comments)

BSQUARE and Vodafone deliver a new handheld device
Posted on 4-Dec-2003 20:31Tags News, Computing

The new data and voice convergent device BSQUARE Power Handheld is now available through Vodafone UK. Comments (Comments)

Warning: don't let hackers or thieves ruin your Christmas
Posted on 4-Dec-2003 19:37Tags News, Computing

Interest reminder from Pointsec: 25% of people have already lost a laptop or PDA, and 40% lost a mobile phone. Comments (Comments)

Geocaching, or How To Get Booty With Your Pocket PC
Posted on 4-Dec-2003 08:21Tags News, Computing

Pocket PC Thoughts has an article about Geocaching and how modern technologies converge to help treasure hunters. Comments (Comments)

Mobile users classified by IDC
Posted on 3-Dec-2003 07:42Tags News, Computing

What kind of mobile user are you? Display maven, Mobile elite, Minimalist or Voice and Text fanatic? Comments (Comments)

Mobility Electronics using Handango Commerce Engine for mobile software delivery
Posted on 3-Dec-2003 07:32Tags News, Computing

Mobility Electronics will take advantage of the Handango Commerce Engine's marketing features, as well as over-the-air delivery capabilities, to sell and deliver its applications for Palm OS and Symbian devices. Comments (Comments)

Bluefire Security addresses handheld device risks
Posted on 3-Dec-2003 07:12Tags News, Computing

The company will present risks, factors and conuntermeasures during two different conferences in December. Comments (Comments)

New ZVUE portable media player available now
Posted on 2-Dec-2003 07:44Tags News, Computing

HandHeld Entertainment announced that its ZVUE! personal video player (PVP) is now available for purchase on-line. This is the first media player capable of playing MP3 music, MPEG and MPEG-4 videos, all in colour, under US$99. Comments (Comments)

Orange to distribute on-line video with PacketVideo technology
Posted on 27-Nov-2003 09:09Tags News, Computing

PacketVideo Network Solutions will provide Orange its pvServer and pvAuthor solutions to provide commercial video and audio services over GPRS, starting in the UK and France in early 2004. Comments (Comments)

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