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palmOne demonstrating handheld and smartphone functionality at COMDEX
Posted on 18-Nov-2003 08:14Tags News, Computing

From Bluetooth, to wi-fi, to GPRS (but not all in one). Comments (Comments)

Advent calendars in your mobile
Posted on 18-Nov-2003 08:09Tags News, Computing

A British company is distributing Advent Calendars over wireless. Comments (Comments)

NEC Personal Robot PaPeRo
Posted on 17-Nov-2003 22:35Tags News, Computing

Personal robots are designed to interact with people and be programmed for human-like interactions and tasks. Sometimes called electronic helpers, these robots can navigate around objects and speak in simple phrases. Comments (Comments)

The future of CRM is mobile, wireless and Web-based
Posted on 17-Nov-2003 20:33Tags News, Computing

IBM has published an article by Rod Adkins, General Manager, Pervasive Computing about how CRM is evolving and how mobile computing Comments (Comments)

Shell HomeGenie, an integrated home management solution
Posted on 16-Nov-2003 14:35Tags News, Computing

The service provides web based remote access of household systems and devices through a home-computer broadband connection to the Internet, through most personal computers or mobile phones with Internet access. Comments (Comments)

More on the BT Bluephone
Posted on 15-Nov-2003 10:45Tags News, Computing

As reported a few months ago, BT plans to release the Bluephone concept product. Some reports on the internet say it would be in time for Xmas 2003, but a BT magazine says April 2004. Comments (Comments)

NVIDIA to show next generation mobile technology at Comdex
Posted on 15-Nov-2003 10:15Tags News, Computing

NVIDIA will be hosting a media event during the Comdex 2003, on Monday 17th November 9:00am at the Four Seasons, adjacent to the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Comments (Comments)

Japan Airlines sign up to Connexion to provide in-flight internet access
Posted on 14-Nov-2003 20:16Tags News, Computing

Following Singapore Airlines and other companies Japan Airlines will also bring high-speed internet access for travellers. Comments (Comments)

Visto delivers wireless email to KPN in Europe, including support for Palm Tungsten W
Posted on 14-Nov-2003 20:13Tags News, Computing

KPN's OfficeMode is Visto's first wireless email service on the i-mode platform. Comments (Comments)

Sprint PCS to offer TV programs streaming
Posted on 14-Nov-2003 19:37Tags News, Computing

MobiTV and Sprint bring real-time news, sports and music TV channels to PCS Vision subscribers in the United States. Comments (Comments)

IBM offers better mobile support on DB2 v8
Posted on 13-Nov-2003 21:09Tags News, Computing

New version includes .Net Framework and .Net Compact Framework, Palm OS and Java support. Comments (Comments)

VoiceXML: Changing the landscape of voice services
Posted on 13-Nov-2003 19:35Tags News, Computing

This webcast session from HP will cover the technical aspects of Voice XML, how this technology enables developers to build advanced voice interactive services, the main concepts of the language. Comments (Comments)

Toshiba revamps channel model in New Zealand and Australia
Posted on 13-Nov-2003 11:09Tags News, Computing

Updated strategy reflects customer demand for specialised service. Comments (Comments)

While PDA market declines a little, HP reaches 98% increase in shipments
Posted on 13-Nov-2003 07:56Tags News, Computing

Gartner says worldwide PDA shipments show slight decline while revenue increased in third quarter of 2003. Comments (Comments)

Users want smartphones, but want help too
Posted on 12-Nov-2003 23:13Tags News, Computing

A survey conducted in the UK showed that smartphone users want to have more from their mobile phones, but are not receiving support from operators. Comments (Comments)

SoftMaker TextMaker for USD11.11 or EUR11.11 during German carnival
Posted on 9-Nov-2003 10:03Tags News, Computing

The German company started the party early this year and will make the TextMaker software available (1,111 copies) for the reduced price during 24hours only, starting at 11/11/2003 at 11:11am (German time). Comments (Comments)

Palm and Windows Mobile face-off
Posted on 9-Nov-2003 00:57Tags News, Computing

I try to be agnostic when it comes to giving an opinion on the eternal Palm versus Windows Mobile dilemma. Let's see someone's else opinion then. Comments (Comments)

Gartner warns that Symbian may lose the smartphone battle
Posted on 8-Nov-2003 10:37Tags News, Computing

During the Gartner ITExpo Nick Jones, vice president and research fellow at Gartner, said that, while Microsoft did not have a good corporate smartphone today, he believed it would do by the end of 2004. Comments (Comments)

British police using Pocket PC Phone Edition to receive CCTV information
Posted on 6-Nov-2003 20:43Tags News, Computing

According to BBC, police is conducting a trial using Pocket PC Phone Edition connected to the mobile network to receive images. Comments (Comments)

Seidio SlimLine Universal Mount Kit
Posted on 6-Nov-2003 19:51Tags News, Computing

The company released new mount kits for use in cars and offices. Most PDAs in the market fit this kit. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft creates rewards program to find virus-writers
Posted on 6-Nov-2003 07:37Tags News, Computing

Microsoft creates a US$5 million reward fund as a part of broader security initiative. Comments (Comments)

M3 Design contributed in the delivery of the AMD Alchemy Mobile Handheld Reference Design Kit
Posted on 4-Nov-2003 19:29Tags News, Computing

AMD showed a Handheld Reference Design Kit using its Alchemy Au1100 MIPS based processor. M3 Design helpd creating the design for this handheld; the company is known for the design of products like Dell speakers and Dell Inspiron line of laptops. Comments (Comments)

AppForge MobileVB
Posted on 3-Nov-2003 23:28Tags Software, Computing

MobileVB developers can now cross-platform applications for mobile and wireless devices including Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Symbian UIQ, Series 60, and Series 80 PDAs and Smartphones. Comments (Comments)

MSNBC article on three new mobile phones available in the North American market
Posted on 2-Nov-2003 22:05Tags News, Computing

One of the mobile phones on MSNBC's article is the new Motorola MPx200 Windows Mobile Smartphone. Comments (Comments)

Dual screen PDA research underway
Posted on 1-Nov-2003 10:11Tags News, Computing

IBM is researching ways to improve PDA displays. Comments (Comments)

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