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Flexible batteries
Posted on 28-May-2003 18:37Tags News, Computing

VoltaFlex is developing rechargeable lithium and lithium-ion batteries that are flat and very thin, resembling a piece of paper. These flexible batteries will be much thinner, lighter, safer, less expensive and have an energy density that is 2x to 4x compared to current lithium batteries. Comments (Comments)

Need Flash? Access Netfront browser will provide it
Posted on 25-May-2003 10:57Tags News, Computing

Access will incorporate Macromedia Flash in its Netfront browser. Comments (Comments)

New Ericsson Telecom Report videos available
Posted on 25-May-2003 09:43Tags News, Computing

The Ericsson Telecom Report site is now listing a new streaming video with 7:20 about video distribution on wireless. Interviews with Leonardo Chiariglione - "The father of MPEG4". Comments (Comments)

Want some information to your mobile?
Posted on 24-May-2003 14:26Tags News, Computing

If you can send e-mails from your mobile phone (either via an SMS gateway or from a html or wml browser), then you can get some free services from mgopher. Comments (Comments)

Handango Champion Awards - finalists list
Posted on 23-May-2003 14:23Tags News, Computing

The Handango Champion Awards were created to recognize outstanding mobile software applications and developers. Over several weeks, hundreds of software developers and enthusiasts voted to determine the finalists. Comments (Comments)

Mobile Admin Pack
Posted on 23-May-2003 08:30Tags News, Computing

Microsoft and Sonic Mobility launched an iniative to allow Admins remote access to Windows 2003 servers. A package containing a Dell Axim, wi-fi AP, and the SonicAdmin software will cost US$ 962 (or US$ 159 if you qualify). Not sure if this will be available in New Zealand... Comments (Comments)

Motorola launches IMFree
Posted on 22-May-2003 22:45Tags News, Computing

Motorola introduces the IMfree, a cordless phone-like device for instant messaging. At US$ 99.99, it frees your computer, while kids go away IMing. Comments (Comments)

Movistar (Telefonica of Spain) offers video download on GPRS now
Posted on 20-May-2003 07:54Tags News, Computing

Telefonica's MoviStar e-moción is now able to offer video to its mobile users in Spain. All it's needed is a Java capable mobile phone and access to their network. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone Finding J Smith: the incredible race, survivor...
Posted on 20-May-2003 07:47Tags News, Computing

Vodafone will sponsor a TV show in New Zealand, where teams will send receive information, directions, using the Vodafone live! service to complete their tasks. They'll try to find one "real" J Smith in about 3000. On TV2, 19:30. Comments (Comments)

Emblaze to offer download and streaming video to 350 O2 pilot users
Posted on 19-May-2003 21:10Tags News, Computing

Last month we published about the O2 video streaming trial in UK. Now we have the confirmation of what technology is being used and how the trial is conducted. Comments (Comments)

Nokia Digital Pen
Posted on 19-May-2003 08:00Tags News, Computing

The Nokia Digital Pen (SU-1B) works with a special digital paper and uses Bluetooth to transfer the scribbles to your mobile, or via USB to your computer. Comments (Comments)

First Motorola 3G Video phone to be available in Australia soon
Posted on 16-May-2003 07:35Tags News, Computing

3 Australia, part of the Hutchison group has now prices and images of the new Motorola A920, soon to be released to the market. Comments (Comments)

MS Portrait 2.1 released
Posted on 15-May-2003 21:17Tags News, Computing

Microsoft Portrait is a research prototype for mobile video communication. It supports .NET Messenger Service, Session Initiation Protocol and Internet Locator Service on PCs, Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs and Smartphone. Version 2.1 has been released, and Microsoft Portrait now supports Smartphone. Video codec API are provided in this new version. Comments (Comments)

Kyocera goes for Opera in mobile product range
Posted on 13-May-2003 20:50Tags News, Computing

Interesting press release from Opera and Kyocera. Since Kyocera smartphones (7135) are based on Palm OS, does it mean that there will be an Opera browser for other flavours Palm OS? Comments (Comments)

Are you a TabletPC developer?
Posted on 8-May-2003 23:24Tags News, Computing

The official site for TabletPC developers is now up and running. They're also running a competition to find the best Power Toy, source code and component developed for this platform. Comments (Comments)

Intel Personal Server
Posted on 5-May-2003 11:13Tags News, Computing

Found on /. about the Intel Personal Server, a project to bring ubiqitous computing to the masses. A new class of mobile device that utilizes advances in processing, storage, and communication technologies to provide access to personal information and applications through the existing fixed infrastructure. Comments (Comments)

Worldwide handset shipments in the first quarter increased more than 16% over 2002
Posted on 2-May-2003 20:15Tags News, Computing

The numbers are incredible: total shipments of mobile handsets in the 1Q03 is 107,586,494 units. Nokia is still the #1, with 38,150,400 units (35.5%). (IDC). Comments (Comments)

Couldn't agree more: mobile internet is fun, but for a time...
Posted on 2-May-2003 09:19Tags Articles, Computing

The article written by New Zealand Herald's Chris Barton is a good description of how services offered by mobile carriers are of limited interest to a certain market segment. Comments (Comments)

The Feature: Will Vodafone Live! shake up the mobile world beyond carrier portals?
Posted on 1-May-2003 22:32Tags News, Computing

This is another very interesting article on The Feature. The author explore Vodafone live! and concludes it's nothing more than a portal. But, for that matter, one that works. Comments (Comments)

O2 launch xmail, a mobile e-mail and office service.
Posted on 1-May-2003 07:49Tags News, Computing

By the description in their website, the xmail is another desktop redirector: load a program in your computer, leave it on and access from anywhere. Comments (Comments)

Dell and Good Technology working together
Posted on 1-May-2003 07:24Tags News, Computing

Lots of rumors during the weekend, and not it's confirmed: Dell will launch as part of its line of PDA the G100, made by Good Technology. Comments (Comments)

New Zealand Data Wireless Forum: Convergence 2003
Posted on 29-Apr-2003 11:17Tags News, Computing

It's a full day of wireless goodies here in Wellington, New Zealand. The NZ Wireless Data Forum is promoting a day long conference and products show. And the opportunity to play with the latest models, like the new Palm T|C and Zire 71. Comments (Comments)

Another IDC report: number of handheld devices shipment
Posted on 26-Apr-2003 10:39Tags News, Computing

IDC reports that the worldwide market for handheld devices declined in the first quarter of 2003 due to sluggish demand from businesses and consumers alike. According to IDC’s Worldwide Handheld QView, worldwide handheld device shipments fell by 21.3% year-on-year in 1Q03 and dropped sequentially by 26.5% to 2.45 million units. Palm maintained its top position in the market while Hewlett-Packard regained the number 2 position from Sony.
Comments (Comments)

Siemens new GPRS CF card
Posted on 25-Apr-2003 20:12Tags News, Computing

Siemens showed a GSM/GPRS CF card, with possible PocketPC and Palm versions coming by Q4 2003. Comments (Comments)

Symbian and America Online to provide mobile media, messaging and entertainment for Symbian OS smartphones
Posted on 25-Apr-2003 20:00Tags News, Computing

Symbian and America Online announced that America Online has joined Symbian’s Platinum Program. As a Symbian Platinum partner, America Online is able to develop its wireless instant messaging services (AOL® Instant Messenger™ and ICQ®) for Symbian OS™ mobile phones. In addition, America Online will have the ability to develop content-based services and applications for Symbian OS.
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