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Business: Redefining Microsoft
Posted on 29-Jul-2003 17:51Tags News, Computing

Microsoft latest's earnings report was certainly comforting news to shareholders who have watched other tech firms tank. Annual revenue of $32 billion, up 13 percent year to year. Not to mention a handy $10 billion profit and $49 billion in petty cash. But hidden beneath the heady numbers lurks a nagging question: Are there limits to Microsoft's success? Comments (Comments)

Current state of mobile and wireless industry Q2 2003
Posted on 25-Jul-2003 19:33Tags News, Computing

Canalys research released the latest numbers of mobile and wireless performance in EMEA (Europe, Middle Eastern, Africa). Handheld sales up 51%, Nokia leads the smartphone segment and Palm leads data devices. Comments (Comments)

Nokia N-Gage Tour Announced
Posted on 23-Jul-2003 13:54Tags News, Computing

Wireless mobile gaming goes on the road around Europe Comments (Comments)

Microsoft launches Speech Partner Program
Posted on 10-Jul-2003 22:09Tags News, Computing

Received today an e-mail for Microsoft Partners, with information about their new Microsoft Speech Partner Program. Interesting to note the vision of having mobile devices being voice activated. Comments (Comments)

EDS launches mobile information protection service
Posted on 8-Jul-2003 19:50Tags News, Computing

EDS announced a service aimed to protect information stored and moved around in laptops and handheld devices. Comments (Comments)

ICQ lands in Germany, and spread through Europe - via O2
Posted on 4-Jul-2003 08:04Tags News, Computing

O2 in Germany launched a mobile ICQ service. Comments (Comments)

Innovation in mobility - eletricity reading and registering via GPRS
Posted on 1-Jul-2003 20:37Tags News, Computing

How a power company in Auckland is saving costs - with WAP and GPRS connections. Comments (Comments)

T-Mobile updates Danger's Hiptop over the air - and removes functionality
Posted on 1-Jul-2003 20:06Tags News, Computing

It's not clear if the latest update to Danger's Hiptop devices remove programs to make space for new functionality - or T-Mobile is just managing "their" devices. Comments (Comments)

Frontier: Ericsson NZ and NZ Herald competition to find the best mobile application
Posted on 24-Jun-2003 08:17Tags News, Computing

Frontier invites pioneering developers to submit innovative applications that utilise the benefits of next generation technologies, such as broadband and 3G telephony, to enhance lifestyle or create tangible business benefits. Comments (Comments)

Symbian to outpaces Microsoft in mobile phone market, says report
Posted on 23-Jun-2003 08:15Tags News, Computing

Symbian PLC will outpace Microsoft Corp. in the market for cellular phone operating systems, reaching double the market share in 2007, a research firm said Friday. Comments (Comments)

A portal for New Zealand businesses
Posted on 19-Jun-2003 18:35Tags News, Computing

Did you know that: 27% of e-mail requires immediate action, 40% of the workforce is mobile and 60% of senior management time is spent away from the desk? I knew about this site for some time, but only now I had time to visit it again and write about it. Comments (Comments)

Consumer Reports on PDA: which ones are selected?
Posted on 19-Jun-2003 07:49Tags News, Computing

Consumer reports' article lists a glossary, what to look for in a PDA/Handheld and their choices. Comments (Comments)

Seamless mobility: The Marriage of 3G and Wi-Fi
Posted on 19-Jun-2003 07:39Tags News, Computing

The International Engineering Consortium published a report about the holy graal of seamless mobility, 3G and wi-fi. Comments (Comments)

Socket Communications announces SDIO 802.11b WLAN card for Pocket PC
Posted on 18-Jun-2003 07:41Tags News, Computing

Socket announced its new SDIO 802.11b WLAN card for Pocket PC will b avaialable in August 2003. Comments (Comments)

All you wanted to know about PDAs and Pocket computers
Posted on 12-Jun-2003 12:31Tags News, Computing

Toms Hardware website has an extensive list of features, comparisons, tables and pictures with the major PDA and Pocket PC models currently on the market. Comments (Comments)

T-Mobile offer unlimited mobile access to the internet for US$ 29.99
Posted on 12-Jun-2003 07:29Tags News, Computing

That's it. A big carrier, unlimited access, relatively low prices. Now wireless access to the internet can have a big push. I wonder if this will come to New Zealand. Comments (Comments)

Telecom NZ reports on the number of users during the free mobile internet weekend
Posted on 11-Jun-2003 23:03Tags News, Computing

During the Queen's Birthday users of Telecom 027 (CDMA network) had the opportunity to use the Xtra Mobile service free of access charges. Some numbers and my comment. Comments (Comments)

T-Mobile launches instant e-mail service
Posted on 11-Jun-2003 00:25Tags News, Computing

T-Mobile UK will launch an instant "push" e-mail service, based on Infowave's technology. Comments (Comments)

Sybase invests US$25 million in enterprise wi-fi initiative
Posted on 6-Jun-2003 07:54Tags News, Computing

Sybase (also owner of Avantgo) will commit $25 million to accelerate Wi-Fi enterprise application development. Comments (Comments)

wi-fi SD Cards from SanDisk to be released in July
Posted on 3-Jun-2003 21:36Tags News, Computing

This is great! SD Cards with wi-fi for Pocket PC and Palm. Comments (Comments)

News and films on your PDA, from Mazingo
Posted on 2-Jun-2003 22:28Tags News, Computing

Just got the newsletter from Mazingo and Pocket TV about the new service: video Comments (Comments)

Singapore's MobileOne to launch video streaming over 2.5G (GPRS)
Posted on 2-Jun-2003 11:21Tags News, Computing

Users of Nokia 3650 will be able to watch streaming content, at $0.01 per kilobyte... This is only $ 100 (US$ 58) for a 10MB movie. Comments (Comments)

Flexible batteries
Posted on 28-May-2003 18:37Tags News, Computing

VoltaFlex is developing rechargeable lithium and lithium-ion batteries that are flat and very thin, resembling a piece of paper. These flexible batteries will be much thinner, lighter, safer, less expensive and have an energy density that is 2x to 4x compared to current lithium batteries. Comments (Comments)

Need Flash? Access Netfront browser will provide it
Posted on 25-May-2003 10:57Tags News, Computing

Access will incorporate Macromedia Flash in its Netfront browser. Comments (Comments)

New Ericsson Telecom Report videos available
Posted on 25-May-2003 09:43Tags News, Computing

The Ericsson Telecom Report site is now listing a new streaming video with 7:20 about video distribution on wireless. Interviews with Leonardo Chiariglione - "The father of MPEG4". Comments (Comments)

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