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Sony Clie TH55 review
Posted on 1-Jun-2004 17:30Tags Reviews, Palm, by James Shiell

In this review, James tells us what is behind the Wi-Fi enabled Palm OS based Clie TH55, a PDA with great media support and nice profile. Comments (Comments)

GoToMyPC for Pocket PC review
Posted on 28-May-2004 21:43Tags Reviews, Software, by M Freitas

This software allows users to access home or office computer while on the road. With PocketView users of Windows Mobile Pocket PC can tap the desktop's power to work smarter. Comments (Comments)

Sony Ericsson Z1010 review
Posted on 23-May-2004 17:05Tags Reviews, Mobile, by M Freitas

We have tested the first Sony Ericsson 3G mobile phone. Why have it in New Zealand? Roaming is the answer. Comments (Comments)

Spb Time review
Posted on 19-May-2004 05:30Tags Reviews, Software, by Darryl Burling

Spb Time is a nifty little application that is comprehensive in its simplicity. It's simply a clock and timer with a number of nice features that are really well thought out and well implemented. These features add to the overall Pocket PC experience and increase the usefulness of your device. Comments (Comments)

PalmOne Zire 72 review
Posted on 17-May-2004 23:25Tags Reviews, Palm, by James Shiell

If you haven't heard about PalmOne's Zire 72 by now, you're probably dead. It's taken us a wee while to get hold of one, but we have. Was it worth the wait? Comments (Comments)

Spb Pocket Plus 2.0 review
Posted on 12-May-2004 06:00Tags Reviews, Software, by Darryl Burling

Read our review of Spb Software House's Pocket Plus 2.0 for Pocket PC, a software that packs launcher, task switcher and more. Comments (Comments)

DataViz SmartList To Go 3 review
Posted on 9-May-2004 12:34Tags Reviews, Software, by James Shiell

DataViz, best known for their Documents To Go software suite, recently released version 3 of SmartList To Go, and our Palm expert reviews the new version. Comments (Comments)

Re5ult mini review
Posted on 26-Apr-2004 21:03Tags Reviews, Computing, by M Freitas

This service promisses to answer your question - any question - via SMS or e-mail. Comments (Comments)

Ilium Software suite for Smartphone review
Posted on 26-Apr-2004 18:16Tags Reviews, Software, by M Freitas

When my first Windows Mobile Smartphone arrived I had to install some software to have the same functionality I was used to on my Pocket PC. Ilium Software's eWallet, Dockware Pro, Keep Track and ListPro were my first choice. Comments (Comments)

BuZZone Pro for Pocket PC review
Posted on 20-Apr-2004 16:52Tags Reviews, Software, by M Freitas

This Bluetooth chat tool for Windows Mobile Pocket PC has got the right formula. Comments (Comments)

The aangel service review
Posted on 16-Apr-2004 20:28Tags Reviews, Software, by M Freitas

This is an interesting concept, bringing mobile devices and desktop computing together via cellular. Comments (Comments)

i-mate Smartphone2 review
Posted on 15-Apr-2004 20:42Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

Our experience with the first Windows Mobile Smartphone distributed by Vodafone. Comments (Comments)

Chapura PocketMirror Professional XT for Palm TE and T3 review
Posted on 13-Apr-2004 00:04Tags Reviews, Software, by James Shiell

Chapura have long been linking Palm users to Outlook. With this new special version made to fit PalmOne's Tungsten T3 and E, Chapura provided a more powerful software for Outlook users. Comments (Comments)

Surveylab's ike Pocket PC review
Posted on 23-Mar-2004 20:34Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

ike stands for Ike Knows Everything. It might be true. Find out more about this unique Pocket PC on this review. Comments (Comments)

Freetop range of Bluetooth car handsfree kits review
Posted on 14-Mar-2004 16:24Tags Reviews, Bluetooth, by M Freitas

The French company makes a range of Bluetooth handsfree devices for use in-car. Read our review covering three of their products. Comments (Comments)

Club i-mate hosted Exchange Server ActiveSync review
Posted on 6-Mar-2004 19:49Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

Want to know how the new Club i-mate hosted Exchange and ActiveSync service works? This article started as a review of a new hosted ActiveSync service, but it turned out to be a guide on how to use it. Comments (Comments)

CabBackup 1.2 for Pocket PC review
Posted on 4-Mar-2004 20:22Tags Reviews, Software, by M Freitas

This software offers a different approach for backup and memory management on Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices. We have a look into how it performs on this review. Comments (Comments)

i-mate Pocket PC Phone Edition review
Posted on 26-Feb-2004 22:24Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

In this review we find out what is good - and not - about the i-mate Pocket PC. Comments (Comments)

Bluetake BT009M Bluetooth USB 2.0 Pen Drive review
Posted on 23-Feb-2004 17:48Tags Reviews, Bluetooth, by M Freitas

The BT009M is a flash memory device with high speed connectivity plus a Bluetooth adapter all in one. Comments (Comments)

GN Netcom GN 6110 dual-use Bluetooth headset review
Posted on 18-Feb-2004 21:08Tags Reviews, Bluetooth, by M Freitas

We look at the first Bluetooth headset that can be paired with a mobile phone and a landline simultaneously. Comments (Comments)

Listpro 4.0 review
Posted on 8-Feb-2004 18:04Tags Reviews, Software, by James Shiell

This is another dual review - we look at both the Palm and Pocket PC versions of this list management program from Ilium Software. Comments (Comments)

Access Netfront 3.1 web browser for Pocket PC review
Posted on 31-Jan-2004 12:55Tags Reviews, Software, by M Freitas

One year after our first view on web browsers available for the Pocket PC platform we revisit Netfront, testing its new version. Comments (Comments)

Martin Fields Overlay Plus review
Posted on 28-Jan-2004 18:49Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

Most users of mobile devices such as Pocket PC, Palm and Symbian Smartphones don't give any thought to protecting one of the most important parts of the device: the touch screen. Comments (Comments)

Toshiba e800 review
Posted on 22-Jan-2004 19:34Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

The Toshiba e800 is the first Pocket PC to offer VGA resolution. Do you need it? (Warning: lots of images) Comments (Comments)

HP iPAQ h4350 review
Posted on 17-Jan-2004 11:42Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

In all specs similar to the h4150, but with a thumb keyboard, the h4350 seem to be aimed to corporate professionals. Comments (Comments)

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