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Targus Universal Wireless Keyboard review
Posted on 5-Sep-2003 17:26Tags Reviews, Windows Phone

This foldable keyboard works with both Palm and Pocket PCs. Comments (Comments)

Spb Finance for Pocket PC review
Posted on 2-Sep-2003 00:00Tags Reviews, Software

The new product from the Spb Software House frees the user even more from the desktop. This powerful finance application feature list is comparable with desktop products like Money and Quicken. Comments (Comments)

Toshiba E750 Windows Mobile 2003 Bluetooth review
Posted on 29-Aug-2003 17:04Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

The Toshiba E750 with Windows Mobile 2003 sports a sleek elegant design, power and memory - with a choice of wireless: Bluetooth or wi-fi. Comments (Comments)

Belkin SnapNType keyboard review
Posted on 21-Aug-2003 17:58Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

Belkin SnapNType series of thumb keyboards is available for a great variety of PDAs. In this review we check the model available for the iPaq H37xx, H38xx, H39xx and H54xx series. Comments (Comments)

Dana by Alphasmart review
Posted on 19-Aug-2003 19:53Tags Reviews, Palm, by M Freitas

This is not the first Palm OS device with a keyboard - but it's the first one with a natural size keyboard and a widescreen LCD. Comments (Comments)

Bluetake BT300 Bluetooth LAN Access Point review
Posted on 12-Aug-2003 20:40Tags Reviews, Bluetooth, by M Freitas

This Bluetooth LAN Access Point enables wireless networking at home without fuss. Comments (Comments)

Browsing proxy services
Posted on 31-Jul-2003 19:31Tags Reviews, Software, by M Freitas

One of the hardest things for wireless users is to find a website that is actually handheld friendly. The small form factor and reduced screen real estate available on handheld devices puts lots of constrains on how a website is to be presented to the user. Some proxy services can help translating the big sites into the small world. Comments (Comments)

Experiencing the mobile travel
Posted on 25-Jul-2003 16:40Tags Reviews, GPRS

I've spent almost a week in Australia on holiday. Although contacts were made before my departure from New Zealand, the mobile companies were a no-show on this trip - this includes 3, Optus and Vodafone Australia. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003 sneak peek
Posted on 15-Jul-2003 18:39Tags Reviews, Windows Phone

I had the chance to chat about the new Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003 with a person who could tell me something - and also to see the new software in action. Comments (Comments)

Jabra BT200 (Freespeak) Bluetooth headset review
Posted on 12-Jul-2003 18:52Tags Reviews, Bluetooth, by M Freitas

The Jabra BT200 (Freespeak) Bluetooth headset is a winner in sound quality and comfort. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone NZ GPRS Optimiser is on
Posted on 10-Jul-2003 20:51Tags Reviews, Mobile, by M Freitas

I'm using the latest software Vodafone NZ released on their network: the GPRS Optimiser, based on ByteMobile Macara proxy services. Comments (Comments)

Bluetake BT200 Bluetooth printer adapter review
Posted on 6-Jul-2003 13:53Tags Reviews, Bluetooth

Geekzone reviews the Bluetake BT200 cable replacement adapter for parallel printers. Comments (Comments)

Audiovox Thera Pocket PC review
Posted on 4-Jul-2003 18:37Tags Reviews, Windows Phone

Geekzone tested an Audiovox Thera Pocket PC Phone Edition connected to the Telecom New Zealand CDMA network. Comments (Comments)

Sony Ericsson HBH-35 Bluetooth headset review
Posted on 23-Jun-2003 18:13Tags Reviews, Bluetooth

The Sony Ericsson HBH-35 is coming to New Zealand end of July, but we had it here to test. Comments (Comments)

Siemens S55 Bluetooth mobile phone review
Posted on 21-Jun-2003 12:58Tags Reviews, Mobile

If you're looking for a mobile phone full of features, but small and light, the Siemens S55 may be for you. It includes Bluetooth, PIM and other features available in bigger mobile phones. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft Bluetooth mouse and keyboard review
Posted on 17-Jun-2003 08:43Tags Reviews, Bluetooth

Just received a Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard for review. Great Bluetooth product (good news too: I have them working with a non-Microsoft Bluetooth adapter). Comments (Comments)

Palm Tungsten W (GSM/GPRS) review
Posted on 14-Jun-2003 17:48Tags Reviews, Palm

Renaissance NZ arranged a Palm Tungsten W so we could test it on the Vodafone network. Comments (Comments)

Bluetake BT007SV and BT009S Bluetooth adapters review
Posted on 14-Jun-2003 17:29Tags Reviews, Bluetooth

Geekzone reviews two Bluetooth adapters by Bluetake: BT007SV (Class 1 100m) and BT009S (Class 2 10m). Comments (Comments)

Bluetake BT400 GII headset review
Posted on 14-Jun-2003 15:26Tags Reviews, Bluetooth, by M Freitas

Geekzone reviews the Bluetake BT400 GII headset. Comments (Comments)

Nokia 3650 review
Posted on 9-Jun-2003 19:17Tags Reviews, Symbian

Geekzone reviews the Nokia 3650 Symbian OS smartphone. This triband GSM/GPRS is all and more! Comments (Comments)

DriveBlue Bluetooth handsfree car kit review
Posted on 27-May-2003 23:34Tags Reviews, Bluetooth

At last a Bluetooth handsfree car kit with no need for installation, easy to use, and with incredible functionality. And I was probably driving the first Bluetooth enabled PT Cruiser in New Zealand. Comments (Comments)

Socket Bluetooth GPS Receiver review
Posted on 11-May-2003 21:15Tags Reviews, Bluetooth, by M Freitas

Geekzone reviews the Socket Bluetooth GPS Receiver and Livingstone Guide maps for Pocket PC. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone live! on Sharp GX10 Review
Posted on 19-Apr-2003 11:27Tags Reviews, Mobile, by M Freitas

The GSM World association thinks the Sharp GX10 is the best mobile phone of 2003 (Winner of 2003 GSM Association Awards). And Vodafone decided to make it the flagship mobile for its new Vodafone live! services. Find here why it's so cool. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone Mobile Connect card Review
Posted on 18-Apr-2003 10:02Tags Reviews, Mobile, by M Freitas

Are you on the road with your notebook and want access to your office via VPN? Or need to grab the latest e-mails and news? This PCMCIA GSM/GPRS card is for you then (and for some non-Vodafone customers too). Comments (Comments)

Dynalink USB GPRS Mobile Modem Review
Posted on 7-Apr-2003 21:25Tags Reviews, Computing, by M Freitas

Dynalink released a USB GPRS modem, great tool for the road warrior. And we had it here to try and report back to you. Comments (Comments)

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