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Unpacking the Vodafone vodem
Posted on 5-Oct-2006 09:21Tags Reviews, 3G, by M Freitas

Early this morning I got my Vodafone vodem in the mail. This is the Vodafone 3G HSDPA USB modem, the little device that allows me to connect to Vodafone's new HSDPA. Comments (Comments)

The i-mate Smartflip Review
Posted on 3-Oct-2006 23:21Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

We have a look at this ultra-thin and stylish Windows Mobile Smartphone. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 Review
Posted on 29-Sep-2006 17:29Tags Reviews, Consumer Electronics, by M Freitas

We look at this high resolution webcam that allows one-button blogging and video calls over the Internet. Comments (Comments)

Boxwave Versacharger Pro Hands-on Review
Posted on 29-Sep-2006 14:52Tags Reviews, Consumer Electronics, by Tony Hughes

We have a look at this two in one 12/24v car charger and 100/240v travel charger, in a compact design. Comments (Comments)

Chilibox Review
Posted on 28-Aug-2006 10:10Tags Reviews, Broadband, by M Freitas

We look at this small Internet appliance ready to run when coming out of the box, and what it provides to home users and small offices. Comments (Comments)

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Review
Posted on 16-Aug-2006 22:09Tags Reviews, Tablet PC, by M Freitas

We have a look on this Internet-only device and tell you what to expect from it. Comments (Comments)

Palm Treo 700P – A First Impression
Posted on 25-Jul-2006 22:53Tags Reviews, Palm, by Jack Cook

I have been a Windows Mobile enthusiast for years so for me to “break away” from the OS that I have been used to and have loved for so long is amazing… at least it is to me. But it was time I took a look because I have been so impressed with the folks I have met from Palm. Comments (Comments)

Globalsat BT-328 Bluetooth GPS Receiver Review
Posted on 18-Jul-2006 16:31Tags Reviews, Consumer Electronics, by Peter Torr Smith

The Globalsat BT-328 is aimed at being an entry level Bluetooth GPS receiver for those that either don’t want to pay for its big brother the BT338, or are looking for something a tad smaller. Comments (Comments)

Mogo Bluetooth Mouse Review
Posted on 11-Jul-2006 12:57Tags Reviews, Notebooks, by Jack Cook

A very portable Bluetooth mouse that redefines laptop mobility. Comments (Comments)

Archer Field PC Pocket PC Review
Posted on 30-Jun-2006 17:19Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

You need a rugged Pocket PC, fast and with good looks? It is here. Comments (Comments)

Logitech mm28 Portable Speakers Review
Posted on 26-Jun-2006 13:02Tags Reviews, Consumer Electronics, by Jack Cook

Thin for portability, classic in design, rich in sound. Comments (Comments)

myvu Personal Media Viewer Review
Posted on 26-Jun-2006 12:30Tags Reviews, Consumer Electronics, by Jack Cook

An awesome media viewing experience allowing you to enjoy high-quality video content anytime, anywhere, and anyway you want. Comments (Comments)

Bluetake BT420Rx i-Phono Plus Bluetooth Stereo Headphones + Transmitter
Posted on 16-Jun-2006 14:53Tags Reviews, Bluetooth, by Tony Hughes

The concept is simple – stereo Bluetooth headphones for your iPod or PC, that also auto-switches to your cellphone when a call comes in. But does it work? Comments (Comments)

Steelpad 5L Professional Gaming Mouse Pad
Posted on 15-Jun-2006 17:15Tags Reviews, Gaming, by H Willan

A massive mouse pad, with smooth surface and ideal for gamers. Comments (Comments)

Toshiba M400 Tablet PC Review
Posted on 6-Jun-2006 16:14Tags Reviews, Notebooks, by H Willan

The M400 is a business machine that offers a powerful notebook bundled into a compact form. Comments (Comments)

Credant Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition Review
Posted on 30-May-2006 11:52Tags Reviews, Software, by Darryl Burling

Mobile devices are the perfect candidate for theft or for being left behind. The problem with the loss of devices is not so much that the device itself is lost, but the security of data on the device. Comments (Comments)

PocketBible 3.0 for Pocket PC Review
Posted on 18-May-2006 13:05Tags Reviews, Software, by Darryl Burling

Laridian have a history of delivering a fantastic product for mobile devices. I’ve been using PocketBible for years and while I’ve often looked at or tried competitive products, I’ve normally come back to PocketBible. Comments (Comments)

SkinIt Review (or How to Dress Up a Pocket PC or Mobile Phone)
Posted on 12-May-2006 16:17Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

Telecom New Zealand’s new personalisation service impresses and is easy to use. It covers mobile phones, Pocket PCs and laptops. Comments (Comments)

Toshiba Satellite A100 Review
Posted on 10-May-2006 10:49Tags Reviews, Notebooks, by H Willan

Toshiba NZ recently sent me one of their latest Core Duo notebooks for review, the Satellite A100. Comments (Comments)

Xbox 360 Review
Posted on 8-May-2006 09:44Tags Reviews, Gaming, by H Willan

Here I give you an overall impression of an XBox 360 from the time we had it for. Comments (Comments)

Toshiba Gigabeat P5 (512MB) Flash MP3 Player Review
Posted on 4-Apr-2006 17:55Tags Reviews, Consumer Electronics, by H Willan

The “pez dispenser sized” Toshiba P series MP3 player comes in 512MB and 1GB versions and for the price difference it would be mad not to get the larger one. Comments (Comments)

Toshiba Gigabeat X60 HDD Audio Player review
Posted on 3-Apr-2006 09:06Tags Reviews, Consumer Electronics, by H Willan

If you’re looking for a large capacity media player and you’re not worried about content protection restricting you, then you won’t be disappointed. Comments (Comments)

Telecom New Zealand Sanyo SCP-9000 Review
Posted on 24-Mar-2006 17:41Tags Reviews, Mobile, by Juha Saarinen

A compact phone with fast network access and good performance that is let down by some strange omissions. Comments (Comments)

MP3-313 Media Player Review
Posted on 7-Mar-2006 21:10Tags Reviews, Consumer Electronics, by Darryl Burling

We have a look at a tiny media player with lots of features and potential. Comments (Comments)

Memory-Map Topo PC and Pocket PC Software Review
Posted on 28-Feb-2006 10:39Tags Reviews, Software, by Peter Torr Smith

This is such a cool package for map lovers and gadgeteers alike. It provides mapping and GPS integration capabilities for both PC and Pocket PC, with simple and almost seamless integration between the two. It also provides very powerful 3D explore and fly-through capability for the PC. Comments (Comments)

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