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Phitek Blackbox M14 Noise Cancellation headphones review
Posted on 26-Mar-2007 11:18Tags Reviews, Consumer Electronics

The company is incorporating their experience in sound systems and avionics into a consumer product aiming to reach those frequent flyers and music lovers. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone v1210 Windows Mobile Smartphone review
Posted on 22-Mar-2007 12:04Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

The first Vodafone-branded Windows Mobile Smartphone arrives in New Zealand. Comments (Comments)

Cowon iAudio F2 MP3 Player review
Posted on 16-Feb-2007 17:42Tags Reviews, Entertainment, by Bradley Stewart

We review one mighty little media player. Comments (Comments)

Dualphone 3088 for Skype review
Posted on 16-Feb-2007 17:02Tags Reviews, VoIP, by M Freitas

A Skype phone that doesn't require a PC to work and can reside anywhere in the house is a great idea. Comments (Comments)

LG’s Hot New Chocolate
Posted on 23-Jan-2007 14:05Tags Reviews, 3G, by Juha

LG's new fashion-fone reviewed Comments (Comments)

Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger Review
Posted on 4-Jan-2007 14:59Tags Reviews, Consumer Electronics, by M Freitas

In a hurry, outside the office and need to charge your mobile devices? Proporta comes with a light solution. Comments (Comments)

Telecom New Zealand EV-DO Rev A preview
Posted on 11-Dec-2006 13:08Tags Reviews, 3G, by juha

Rev A offers DSL like performance, but coverage is very limited to start with. Comments (Comments)

Antec Nine Hundred Advanced Gaming Case Review
Posted on 4-Dec-2006 10:10Tags Reviews, Consumer Electronics, by Hadley Willan

A look into a serious case for high temperature PCs. Comments (Comments)

Logitech Harmony 800 Review
Posted on 16-Nov-2006 23:39Tags Reviews, Consumer Electronics, by Kelvin Yong

One remote control to rule all electronic devices equipped with infrared sensor, one remote control to supersede all other remote controls. Comments (Comments)

Docupen R800 Portable Scanner Review
Posted on 10-Nov-2006 13:05Tags Reviews, Consumer Electronics, by M Freitas

Take a scanner with you to create a portable mobile office. Comments (Comments)

Philips VOIP433 Windows Live Messenger and Philips VOIP321 Skype Phones Review
Posted on 6-Nov-2006 10:26Tags Reviews, VoIP, by M Freitas

We look at two options that integrate your Instant Messaging on-line communications with your landline. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone Treo 750v Review
Posted on 1-Nov-2006 07:00Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

Our comments and pictures on Vodafone and Palm new Windows Mobile device. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone Treo 750v Cases Review
Posted on 30-Oct-2006 19:33Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

Protecting a very nice Pocket PC requires a very nice case. I used two during our tests and you can see how they come along. Comments (Comments)

iTech BlueBAND-R Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Review
Posted on 30-Oct-2006 13:03Tags Reviews, Bluetooth, by Tony Hughes

The iTech BlueBAND-R Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are designed to let you connect to a stereo Bluetooth source such as a PDA, mobile phone, or with the addition of a stereo Bluetooth dongle, an iPod, or other music player. Comments (Comments)

Toshiba Gigabeat X30 Review
Posted on 30-Oct-2006 12:01Tags Reviews, Portable Media Center, by M Freitas

The Toshiba Gigabeat X30 is a 30GB (gigabytes) media player device, but if this is not enought you can go a bit further with a larger 60GB vesion, the Gigabeat X60. Comments (Comments)

Using a Tablet With Windows Vista
Posted on 27-Oct-2006 17:52Tags Reviews, Windows, by M Freitas

A look around on the new Windows Vista Pen Interface with a Wacom tablet. Comments (Comments)

Vaja Case for HTC Apache Review
Posted on 23-Oct-2006 10:33Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by Tony Hughes

The stunning black leather case with a blue stiched-in leather stripe came beautifully presented in a glossy, fold-open display box, which is worthy of the price tag attached to these genuine Argentinian leather masterpieces. Comments (Comments)

Unpacking the Vodafone vodem
Posted on 5-Oct-2006 09:21Tags Reviews, 3G, by M Freitas

Early this morning I got my Vodafone vodem in the mail. This is the Vodafone 3G HSDPA USB modem, the little device that allows me to connect to Vodafone's new HSDPA. Comments (Comments)

The i-mate Smartflip Review
Posted on 3-Oct-2006 23:21Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

We have a look at this ultra-thin and stylish Windows Mobile Smartphone. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 Review
Posted on 29-Sep-2006 17:29Tags Reviews, Consumer Electronics, by M Freitas

We look at this high resolution webcam that allows one-button blogging and video calls over the Internet. Comments (Comments)

Boxwave Versacharger Pro Hands-on Review
Posted on 29-Sep-2006 14:52Tags Reviews, Consumer Electronics, by Tony Hughes

We have a look at this two in one 12/24v car charger and 100/240v travel charger, in a compact design. Comments (Comments)

Chilibox Review
Posted on 28-Aug-2006 10:10Tags Reviews, Broadband, by M Freitas

We look at this small Internet appliance ready to run when coming out of the box, and what it provides to home users and small offices. Comments (Comments)

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Review
Posted on 16-Aug-2006 22:09Tags Reviews, Tablet PC, by M Freitas

We have a look on this Internet-only device and tell you what to expect from it. Comments (Comments)

Palm Treo 700P – A First Impression
Posted on 25-Jul-2006 22:53Tags Reviews, Palm, by Jack Cook

I have been a Windows Mobile enthusiast for years so for me to “break away” from the OS that I have been used to and have loved for so long is amazing… at least it is to me. But it was time I took a look because I have been so impressed with the folks I have met from Palm. Comments (Comments)

Globalsat BT-328 Bluetooth GPS Receiver Review
Posted on 18-Jul-2006 16:31Tags Reviews, Consumer Electronics, by Peter Torr Smith

The Globalsat BT-328 is aimed at being an entry level Bluetooth GPS receiver for those that either don’t want to pay for its big brother the BT338, or are looking for something a tad smaller. Comments (Comments)

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