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Socket Communications adopt new Bluetooth software
Posted on 5-May-2004 08:15Tags News, Bluetooth

The company has moved to IVT's BlueSoleil, as its new desktop/latpop wireless software. Comments (Comments)

Bluetooth products in the mainstream
Posted on 5-May-2004 08:09Tags News, Bluetooth

Research company In-Stat/MDR thinks that although Bluetooth enabled devices havenít quite entered the true mainstream yet, they are poised to take that next step. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft Windows CE Plaftform Builder: Brainboxes Bluetooth
Posted on 4-May-2004 21:15Tags News, Bluetooth

The Brainboxes products have been selected by Microsoft as one of the designated companies to provide Bluetooth products that demonstrate Microsoft's Bluetooth software solution for Windows CE. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone Live! 3G in Europe
Posted on 4-May-2004 19:23Tags News, 3G

The company announced an enhanced version of its lifestyle portal for mobile, with a new mobile phone to support it. Comments (Comments)

Handango names the Ultimate Mobile Software Fanatics
Posted on 4-May-2004 18:45Tags News, Computing

Handango highlights 10 winning stories of deep, maniacal, mobile fanaticism. Comments (Comments)

RIM Blackberry via Vodafone Australia
Posted on 4-May-2004 18:37Tags News, BlackBerry

Australian users now have another alternative for mobilisation. Comments (Comments)

Convergence 2004 Wellington - report
Posted on 4-May-2004 17:53Tags News, Computing

Things I saw in this year's exhibition: Telecom New Zealand Treo 600 CDMA, Vodafone Blackberry, Psion Windows CE .Net, and a mysterious HP iPAQ Windows Mobile device with Bluetooth, wi-fi and GSM/GPRS. Comments (Comments)

Blackberry more secure
Posted on 3-May-2004 23:26Tags News, BlackBerry

Research In Motion (RIM) licenses the Security Crypto Builder and other IP from Certicom. Comments (Comments)

Motorola to distribute video phone
Posted on 3-May-2004 23:20Tags News, Computing

The company announced an agreement with WorldGate Communications for Distribution of Ojo personal video phone. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft and Siemens to cross-license patent holdings
Posted on 3-May-2004 22:34Tags News, Computing

The agreement signifies an expanded collaboration between Siemens and Microsoft, enabling each company to expand offerings to customers. Comments (Comments)

New Windows Media DRM announced
Posted on 3-May-2004 21:37Tags News, Portable Media Center

Microsoft says that America Online, CinemaNow, Creative, Dell, Disney, Motorola, Napster and OD2 embraced the new DRM to enable delivery of subscription or video-on-demand content to portable devices. Comments (Comments)

The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey on Nokia N-Gage
Posted on 3-May-2004 21:32Tags News, Gaming

Shadowkey also features four-player multiplayer via Bluetooth and a number of additional single-player features, such as downloads, rankings, and communities through N-Gage Arena. Comments (Comments)

MSDN webcasts related to Windows Mobile platform for May 2004
Posted on 3-May-2004 18:24Tags News, Development

These MSDN webcasts are of interest to developers working with Windows based mobile devices. Comments (Comments)

MSDN Connection launch in New Zealand
Posted on 3-May-2004 18:11Tags News, Development

New Zealand's version of the developer recognition program called MSDN Connection was launched at the Security Summit 2004 in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. Comments (Comments)

Companies alerting to security risk of new W32.Sasser.B.Worm
Posted on 3-May-2004 07:59Tags News, Computing

Symantec, McAfee and Panda all issued alerts and instructions on how to prevent or fix infections with new worm attacking Windows systems, which can spread without using e-mail as a transport. Comments (Comments)

Navman to launch Pocket PC with integrated GPS
Posted on 2-May-2004 14:24Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

The company is showing the upcoming Navman PiN (Personal Interactive Navigation) in Europe. Comments (Comments)

HP Learning Center: Do more with your Pocket PC
Posted on 2-May-2004 12:53Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Too many people think a PDA is good only for basic synchronizing and carting around contacts and appointments. In fact, a Pocket PC allows business professionals to work effectively from just about anywhere. Users can learn more about this powerful tool by enrolling on a new on-line training program from HP. Comments (Comments)

RJV RegTweaks UI for Windows Mobile Smartphone
Posted on 2-May-2004 12:46Tags News, Software

Airfagev's user-friendly interface for registry tweaks. Comments (Comments)

Your Pocket PC as a touchpad input device for your desktop
Posted on 2-May-2004 12:38Tags News, Software

Vladimir Ralev 's TabletPC 1.0 Advanced Remote Control allows user to have a Pocket PC as an input device for desktop or laptop computers. Comments (Comments)

Abidia launches mobile eBay solution for Pocket PC and RIM BlackBerry
Posted on 2-May-2004 12:30Tags News, BlackBerry

The company is adding to its portfolio of auction mobile solutions, which also includes programs for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone. Comments (Comments)

Piel Frama competition at PDACorps
Posted on 2-May-2004 01:32Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Our friend website, PDACorps is running a competition to win one of three cases of the winner's choice from the Piel Frama range. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft's Windows Mobile and PalmSource's Palm OS tie on OS market
Posted on 30-Apr-2004 23:37Tags News, Computing

Gartner says Q1 2004 results show PalmSource and Microsoft in a virtual tie for No. 1 ranking in worldwide PDA Operating Systems market. Comments (Comments)

Roaming Messenger under test on Samsung i600
Posted on 30-Apr-2004 08:00Tags News, Software

Currently targeted at the Homeland Defense and Emergency Response sectors, future markets include Enterprise automation and mobile commerce. Comments (Comments)

Who wants to pay for content?
Posted on 29-Apr-2004 23:19Tags News, Mobile

Nokia commissions a study to try and find out if consumers are willing to pay for mobile content. No surprise: young people are more willing to pay for content. Comments (Comments)

OQO Video: the ultra personal computer slowly moving to the market
Posted on 29-Apr-2004 19:11Tags News, Computing

The company has now released a promotional video showing some of the characteristics of this pocket sized ultra personal computer running a full OS. Comments (Comments)

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