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PalmOne is the new name for Palm, makers of Palm OS based devices
Posted on 18-Aug-2003 18:43Tags News, Palm

Palm announced the new name it will adopt following the proposed spin-off this fall of PalmSource, Inc., makers of Palm OS platform software. The name "palmOne, Inc." will reflect the company's handheld computer hardware and software solutions business and encompass the sub brands Zire(tm) and Tungsten(tm), as well as Treo, upon the completion of the planned acquisition of Handspring, Inc., also expected this fall. Comments (Comments)

Jeyo Remote lets you control your Windows PC from a mobile phone
Posted on 18-Aug-2003 17:05Tags News, Bluetooth

Similar to other softwares already available for the Mac world, Jeyo Remote allows control of a Windows PC from a Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Comments (Comments)

Sony Clie UX-50 review on Wall Street Journal
Posted on 18-Aug-2003 07:42Tags News, Palm

The new Sony Clie UX50 looks like a laptop, and is priced accordingly. Walter Mossber from The Wall Street Journal reviewed this new Palm OS based device. Comments (Comments)

Linux Bluetooth stacks
Posted on 17-Aug-2003 14:58Tags News, Bluetooth

It came to my attention while approving submitted links the existence of two Linux Bluetooth stacks. Comments (Comments)

Blackberry 7230 review on eWeek
Posted on 17-Aug-2003 13:05Tags News, BlackBerry

The Blackberry 7230 was launched in U.S and Australia. It gives the user a colour screen, always on e-mail and internet browser. eWeek published a review of this device connected to the T-Mobile network. Comments (Comments)

T-Mobile MDA Pocket PC Phone Edition making the news
Posted on 16-Aug-2003 13:50Tags News, Phone Edition

New Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition MDA (Mobile Digital Assistant) from German T-Mobile set to the end of this year. Comments (Comments)

Mobipay providing mobile payment for taxis in Spain
Posted on 16-Aug-2003 10:46Tags News, Mobile

Solution for mobile payment now includes taxi, in addition to other merchants. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft releases Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003 SDK
Posted on 15-Aug-2003 22:53Tags News, Development

Free SDK allows developers to target Microsoft's smartphone platform. Comments (Comments)

iPAQ H5450 wi-fi update available from HP
Posted on 15-Aug-2003 19:43Tags News, Software

HP released an update to fix a problem pointing where the iPaq H5450 is not capable of connecting to a WLAN AP that supports both 802.11b and 802.11g. Comments (Comments)

'Bring it on. We welcome competition': Telecom New Zealand
Posted on 14-Aug-2003 20:17Tags News, Mobile

Following the announcement from Vodafone New Zealand of its planned investment in 3G technology, Telecom New Zealand issued a press release where it claims "We have been providing fast data services in New Zealand for the past year at up to 3G rates". Not so fast. Comments (Comments)

The best mobile smartphone yet?
Posted on 14-Aug-2003 19:34Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Jeff Kirvin, from writes about the Windows Mobile powered Smartphone. Comments (Comments)

Telstra introduces BlackBerry 7230 in Australia
Posted on 14-Aug-2003 17:41Tags News, BlackBerry

Telstra announced the availability of RIM's Blackberry 7230 in Australia. The new version brings colour screen and many improvements to e-mail and browsing. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone New Zealand to start building a 3G network
Posted on 14-Aug-2003 09:36Tags News, Mobile

The New Zealand operator announced its plans to build a 3G network. Comments (Comments)

New MTV video service from Vodafone Germany
Posted on 14-Aug-2003 07:51Tags News, Mobile

Vodafone Germany started a new service where MTV video clips are sent to mobile phones as MMS. Comments (Comments)

Wardriving next step: Bluetooth
Posted on 13-Aug-2003 22:36Tags News, Bluetooth

During the DefCon 11, a hackers conference, the shmoo group showed the BlueSniff. Comments (Comments)

Handango releases mobile software data for the second quarter of 2003
Posted on 13-Aug-2003 21:05Tags News, Computing

Handango released the Handango Yardstick for the second quarter of 2003. The Handango Yardstick is a quarterly report on the state of the mobile software economy. This quarter, the Handango Yardstick focuses on global software sales, highlighting the sales of non-English mobile software applications and bestsellers by language. Comments (Comments)

Video: How mobile phones affect aircrafts
Posted on 13-Aug-2003 20:47Tags News, Mobile

Gareth Mitchell (BBC UK's Go Digital programme) shows us how mobile phones can affect aircraft according to the British Civil Aviation Authority. Comments (Comments)

McDonald's big wi-fi roll out in U.S.
Posted on 13-Aug-2003 20:17Tags News, Wi-Fi

McDonald's announced the launch of high-speed wireless Internet access for customers in an anticipated 100 restaurants throughout the Chicagoland and Milwaukee areas, with more than 60 of those restaurants offering wireless services immediately. Comments (Comments)

Mitac Mio 8380 to arrive in Europe - September
Posted on 13-Aug-2003 20:08Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

According to Mitac's website the Mio 8380, launched a couple of months ago in Hong Kong is set to be launched in Europe. Comments (Comments)

Comparison of Windows CE .NET 4.2, Pocket PC 2002, and Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PCs
Posted on 13-Aug-2003 13:54Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Microsoft released a document comparing some of the main features of Windows CE.NET 4.2, Pocket PC 2002, and Windows Mobile™ 2003 software for Pocket PC. It is designed to provide customers with a better understanding of the commonalities and differences between the platforms and explain the roles each play in Microsoft’s ongoing mobile and embedded device strategies. Comments (Comments)

T-Mobile brings Blackberry 7230 to U.S.
Posted on 13-Aug-2003 00:01Tags News, BlackBerry

The American T-Mobile started selling the Blackberry 7230, with colour screen. Comments (Comments)

Shakers on mobile and wireless
Posted on 12-Aug-2003 23:48Tags News, Computing

CBR (Computer Business Review) published their selection of 10 most influential companies in the mobile and wireless business. Comments (Comments)

Still don't know what connected PDA to get?
Posted on 12-Aug-2003 23:37Tags News, Computing

An article on this month's PCWorld brings a list of PDA and smartphones and compares them in a big round up. Comments (Comments)

Pocket PC controlled robot
Posted on 11-Aug-2003 21:29Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

A H3630 running the Familiar Linux distribution is the "brain" controlling this radiocontrolled car. Comments (Comments)

Palm releases Bluetooth software for Tungsten W
Posted on 11-Aug-2003 20:44Tags News, Software

Until now users of Palm Tungsten W (GSM/GPRS) had no Bluetooth functionality. Palm has released an updated driver to enable the use its Palm Bluetooth SD Card with this model. Comments (Comments)

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