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BOnTime 1.6.3 released
Posted on 5-Nov-2003 23:22Tags News, Software

Bsystems updated their BOnTime software based on user's input, including usability features and new packaging. Comments (Comments)

2K introduces Windows Mobile 2003 support on connect2 line of products.
Posted on 5-Nov-2003 19:26Tags News, Software

2K development's bestseller, the connect2-product line, with products like connect2internet and connect2phone, now supports Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC OS. Comments (Comments)

Bitstream releases ThunderHawk 1.09
Posted on 5-Nov-2003 18:43Tags News, Software

This release makes it possible to render downloaded pages twice as fast as in previous releases, enhances the online installation process to allow for storage on a storage card, and adds support for the new Toshiba e750 and e755 Pocket PCs. Comments (Comments)

BenQ Includes Opera on Upcoming P30 Smartphone
Posted on 5-Nov-2003 18:13Tags News, Software

BenQ decided to include Opera Smartphone Edition on their Symbian-based P30 smartphone. Comments (Comments)

M3 Design contributed in the delivery of the AMD Alchemy Mobile Handheld Reference Design Kit
Posted on 4-Nov-2003 19:29Tags News, Computing

AMD showed a Handheld Reference Design Kit using its Alchemy Au1100 MIPS based processor. M3 Design helpd creating the design for this handheld; the company is known for the design of products like Dell speakers and Dell Inspiron line of laptops. Comments (Comments)

MIDP 2.0 for Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Posted on 4-Nov-2003 08:11Tags News, Software

Kada Systems has released a MIDP 2.0 KVM on the Windows 2000, Pocket PC Windows Mobile 2003 and Pocket PC 2002 platforms. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone launches services with Blackberry
Posted on 4-Nov-2003 07:53Tags News, BlackBerry

The Blackberry 7230 will incorporate a Vodafone Live! style of menus too. Comments (Comments)

T-Mobile offers free upgrade to Windows Mobile 2003
Posted on 4-Nov-2003 00:21Tags News, Phone Edition

The company announced plans to offer the Pocket PC 2003 Phone Edition upgrade at no cost. Comments (Comments)

Sandisk SDIO wi-fi cards not compatible with Toshiba Pocket PC
Posted on 4-Nov-2003 00:01Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Users can not use the Sandisk SDIO wi-fi card with Toshiba devices. Comments (Comments)

PointSec now available for Sony Ericsson P800 / P900
Posted on 3-Nov-2003 23:37Tags News, Software

The security company released a new version of the software. Versions for Palm OS, Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Symbian UIQ devices are now available. Comments (Comments)

Webcast on Bluetooth development for Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Posted on 3-Nov-2003 23:22Tags News, Development

Bluetooth is now available on Pocket PC platforms both built in to devices and through add on cards. This MSDN webcast focus on how to write Pocket PC applications that transfer data via Bluetooth and more. Comments (Comments)

Motorola A760 running Trolltech Qt/Embedded framework
Posted on 3-Nov-2003 23:19Tags News, Linux

The Motorola A760 combines features of a mobile phone with the capabilities of a digital camera, video player, MP3 player, speakerphone, advanced messaging, instant Internet access and Bluetooth wireless technology. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft releases Voice Command and launches product's official web site
Posted on 3-Nov-2003 23:12Tags News, Software

The official site contains informations, tips and more. Product was developed by Microsoft's Automotive Business Unit to address consumers' need to be safely connected while on the go. Comments (Comments)

SMS sent in UK during September 2003 reached a record high number
Posted on 2-Nov-2003 22:42Tags News, Mobile

The Mobile Data Association (MDA) announced that the total number of chargeable person-to-person text messages sent across the four UK GSM networks reached 1.73 billion during September 2003. Comments (Comments)

MSNBC article on three new mobile phones available in the North American market
Posted on 2-Nov-2003 22:05Tags News, Computing

One of the mobile phones on MSNBC's article is the new Motorola MPx200 Windows Mobile Smartphone. Comments (Comments)

Mergic releases its VPN 1.1 for Palm OS 5
Posted on 2-Nov-2003 19:01Tags News, Palm

The new version provides general support of Palm OS 5 devices including support for the palmOne's Tungsten T series handhelds, Treo 600 smartphones, and Sony CLIE handhelds with their respective WiFi (802.11b), Bluetooth, IR, cable and built-in mobile phone connections. Comments (Comments)

Another mobile phone controlled car
Posted on 1-Nov-2003 21:08Tags News, Gaming

Do you have a Nokia mobile phone and like the idea of mobile phone controlled mini car, like the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Car-100? The Phone Racer is not Bluetooth but can be controlled from a Nokia mobile phone. Comments (Comments)

Dual screen PDA research underway
Posted on 1-Nov-2003 10:11Tags News, Computing

IBM is researching ways to improve PDA displays. Comments (Comments)

Nokia 610 car kit phone simplifies automotive communications
Posted on 1-Nov-2003 10:05Tags News, Bluetooth

Nokia launched the first car kit with dashboard display to use Bluetooth SAP (SIM Access Profile). Comments (Comments)

iPod Bluetooth transmitter to be in the market by 2004
Posted on 1-Nov-2003 00:14Tags News, iPod

Bluetooth hi-fi stereo technology from Infinite Range will power an iPod add-on device that promisses to stream music over Bluetooth. The technology can be used for other stereo devices too, including Pocket PCs and other PDAs. Comments (Comments)

Japanese NTT DoCoMo releases 3G CF cards for Windows CE 3.0 and CE .Net
Posted on 31-Oct-2003 21:26Tags News, 3G

NTT DoCoMo developed its first FOMA compact flash card, P2402, which will enable 3G videophone and other wireless data communication via PCs and PDAs. Comments (Comments)

i-mate Pocket PC Phone Edition review on Pocket PC Dubai
Posted on 31-Oct-2003 19:12Tags News, Phone Edition

Carrier Devices is the distributor of i-mate Pocket PC Phone Edition (HTC Himalaya) and i-mate Smartphone (QTEK 8080) for the Middle East and Australasia. Dubai is the first market to have the new version launched, and the Pocket PC Dubai website posted a detailed review. Comments (Comments)

More than 40 million users of i-Mode in Japan
Posted on 31-Oct-2003 07:50Tags News, Mobile

NTT DoCoMo reported that latest user stats on their i-mode service. Comments (Comments)

Sending SMS to landline on Vodafone Sweden
Posted on 31-Oct-2003 07:43Tags News, Mobile

Vodafone Sweden introduced a service where mobile phone users can send SMS to fixed line numbers. Comments (Comments)

Bluetooth Basic Imaging Profile (BIP) adopted
Posted on 30-Oct-2003 21:44Tags News, Bluetooth

The Bluetooth SIG has adopted the BIP specification. The foundation of the Basic Imaging Profile is a series of constructs that enable Bluetooth devices to negotiate the size and encoding of imaging data to be exchanged. Comments (Comments)

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