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Spb Finance beta testers needed
Posted on 25-Nov-2003 18:26Tags News, Software

Spb Software House announced the public beta of Spb Finance Quicken Edition, the latest member of the Spb Finance Family. Comments (Comments)

Telstra deploying new SMSC to cope with SMS demand
Posted on 25-Nov-2003 18:20Tags News, Mobile

Telstra customers sent approximately 1.4 billion mobile originating SMS message during the 2002/2003 year. Comments (Comments)

Hutchison to offer broadband telephony in Hong Kong
Posted on 25-Nov-2003 08:24Tags News, Mobile

The phone itself is not the news, but the revolutionary idea is a landline operator offering VoIP services. Comments (Comments)

Treo 600 receives PC Magazine 'Technical Excellence' award
Posted on 25-Nov-2003 08:09Tags News, Palm

Calling the Treo 600 smartphone a "tour de force," the magazine praised the device for breaking new ground and raising the bar in the smartphone category of products. Comments (Comments)

AT&T Wireless now offering palmOne Treo 600
Posted on 25-Nov-2003 08:07Tags News, Palm

AT&T Wireless joins Cingular and Sprint PCS in offering the Treo 600. Comments (Comments)

Samsung SCH-i600 incorporates voice dialing technology
Posted on 25-Nov-2003 08:02Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Voice Signal Technologies ships on new Samsung SCH-i600 Smartphone. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone live! coming to Belgium via Proximus
Posted on 25-Nov-2003 07:55Tags News, GPRS

The Belgium operator will offer services to Vodafone users roaming in Belgium and live! from 2004. Comments (Comments)

Italian TIM prepares for 3G attack with a 1MB SIM card
Posted on 24-Nov-2003 21:22Tags News, 3G

The new SIM card was created to store multimedia information and create the possibilities of advanced services. Comments (Comments)

O2 launches its mobile music download service
Posted on 24-Nov-2003 20:59Tags News, GPRS

Users can download music directly to O2 DMP (Digital Music Player) using a mobile phone. Comments (Comments)

NS Basic/Palm 4.0 released
Posted on 23-Nov-2003 14:43Tags News, Development

Major new features include improved shared library/API function support and much closer ties to POSE and the Palm OS Simulator. There is also support for Pocket Purchase, an e-commerce plug in, and enhancements for OS 5 devices, such as PalmOne's Tungsten T3. Comments (Comments)

ZigBee future analysis
Posted on 23-Nov-2003 14:15Tags News, Wireless

According to In-Stat/MDR the future looks promising for the up and coming low-rate Wireless PAN (WPAN) technology, 802.15.4, and ZigBee. Comments (Comments)

PDACorps is giving away eight iPAQ cases in their weekly competition
Posted on 23-Nov-2003 14:01Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

The web site is running a competition with prizes covering all models of iPAQ Pocket PC. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone creates a Live! mini site for Robbie Williams fans
Posted on 23-Nov-2003 11:12Tags News, GPRS

Do things you never thought possible with Robbie Williams….. Let Vodafone live! entertain you with exclusive Robbie Williams content. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft and AT&T Wireless to give access to MSN through mMode
Posted on 23-Nov-2003 11:06Tags News, Computing

The two companies entered a partnership to allow users of AT&T's mMode network access to MSN content and services on their mobile phones. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft shows SPOT services during fashion show
Posted on 23-Nov-2003 11:00Tags News, MSN Direct (SPOT)

A show combining functionality and fashion during the COMDEX Las Vegas 2003. Microsoft showed SPOT watches from Fossil and Suntoo on stage. Comments (Comments)

British Telecom launches two SMS capable landline phones
Posted on 23-Nov-2003 10:47Tags News, Mobile

BT launched two telephone models (corded and cordless) capable of sending and receiving SMS over landlines. Comments (Comments)

HP iPAQ Pocket PC H5500 series firmware update available now
Posted on 23-Nov-2003 10:36Tags News, Software

The new update fixes security and Bluetooth problems, while enhancing some wireless network capabilities. Comments (Comments)

Telecom New Zealand launches integrated Outlook and SMS tool
Posted on 22-Nov-2003 11:34Tags News, Mobile

The new eTXT service allows businesses to send and receive SMS directly to a Microsoft Outlook inbox. Comments (Comments)

Sony Ericsson announces first EDGE PC Card
Posted on 22-Nov-2003 11:24Tags News, EDGE

Sony Ericsson and AT&T worked together to release the first EDGE card. Comments (Comments)

Sony Ericsson GC79 is wi-fi and GPRS all-in-one card
Posted on 22-Nov-2003 11:19Tags News, Computing

Sony Ericsson frees office workers with launch of world's first combined tri-band GPRS and Wi-Fi PC Card Comments (Comments)

Sendo confirms date for official release of Sendo X Smartphone
Posted on 22-Nov-2003 10:57Tags News, Mobile

Official launch of the new multimedia Symbian based smartphone by Sendo is now set to 26 November 2003. Comments (Comments)

Zeevo ships its one millionth unit
Posted on 21-Nov-2003 23:23Tags News, Wireless

Zeevo announced that it has shipped one million units to date. Zeevo Bluetooth chips are used on HP iPAQ H1940 and H2215. Comments (Comments)

NTT DoCoMo publishes subscriber information
Posted on 21-Nov-2003 23:15Tags News, Mobile

iMode subscriber base is now more than 40 million users in Japan. Comments (Comments)

New Zealand Labour Party using SMS to chat with youth
Posted on 21-Nov-2003 08:07Tags News, Mobile

A new website launched by the New Zealand Labour Party promotes chats with MPs, including SMS options. Comments (Comments)

RealNetworks launches multimedia services as part of AT&T mMode revamping
Posted on 21-Nov-2003 07:46Tags News, Entertainment

The new service is called RealOne for mMode and contains consumer content specifically organized for viewing and listening on mMode mobile devices, like the Nokia 3650 and Nokia N-Gage. Comments (Comments)

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