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Belkin releases Bluetooth GPS Receiver
Posted on 5-Dec-2003 18:46Tags News, Bluetooth

Designed to connect quickly to a PDA or laptop, the Belkin Receiver displays the user's position in real time. It shows your progress as you travel, illustrating your current location in relation to your destination. Comments (Comments)

City of San Jose running a trial of mobile platform
Posted on 4-Dec-2003 21:03Tags News, Computing

The distributed platform uses Pocket PC based clients to distribute workflow. Comments (Comments)

BSQUARE and Vodafone deliver a new handheld device
Posted on 4-Dec-2003 20:31Tags News, Computing

The new data and voice convergent device BSQUARE Power Handheld is now available through Vodafone UK. Comments (Comments)

CC&C to launch a two-in-one Bluetooth printer adapter
Posted on 4-Dec-2003 20:08Tags News, Bluetooth

The company developed a multi-type adapter to Bluetooth-enable printers (parallel and USB). Comments (Comments)

Warning: don't let hackers or thieves ruin your Christmas
Posted on 4-Dec-2003 19:37Tags News, Computing

Interest reminder from Pointsec: 25% of people have already lost a laptop or PDA, and 40% lost a mobile phone. Comments (Comments)

Toshiba e800 and e400 Pocket PC available in New Zealand
Posted on 4-Dec-2003 18:30Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Toshiba released the latest two Pocket PC models in New Zealand, including the e800 with 4" screen and 480 x 640 resolution. Comments (Comments)

Aspiro's community game at Vodafone live! in three European countries
Posted on 4-Dec-2003 08:27Tags News, Mobile

Lifestylers is a mobile role-play game that allows users to create their own characters that compete and interact with each other. Comments (Comments)

Geocaching, or How To Get Booty With Your Pocket PC
Posted on 4-Dec-2003 08:21Tags News, Computing

Pocket PC Thoughts has an article about Geocaching and how modern technologies converge to help treasure hunters. Comments (Comments)

SingTel users now able to use wi-fi while roaming overseas
Posted on 4-Dec-2003 08:16Tags News, Wi-Fi

More than one million SingTel customers can benefit of a new agreement between the mobile operator and GRIC. Comments (Comments)

The sound of silence
Posted on 3-Dec-2003 22:42Tags News, Mobile

Not much to say about this news... Just keep quiet. Comments (Comments)

Sprint introduces Video Mail and new PTT mobile phone
Posted on 3-Dec-2003 19:47Tags News, Mobile

The new service starts with two new mobile phones capable of sending and receiving video mails: the Sanyo VM4500 and the Toshiba VM4050. Comments (Comments)

Treo 600 Smartphone from palmOne now in Australia
Posted on 3-Dec-2003 16:47Tags News, Palm

The Palm OS based smartphone will be available through Telstra GSM/GPRS connections. Comments (Comments)

3G Mobile operator 3 to offer Bluetooth update
Posted on 3-Dec-2003 08:46Tags News, 3G

A mobile phone with Bluetooth hardware but no Bluetooth support? Or what about a mobile phone with infrared hardware but no infrared support? "3" will fix it. Comments (Comments)

Mobile users classified by IDC
Posted on 3-Dec-2003 07:42Tags News, Computing

What kind of mobile user are you? Display maven, Mobile elite, Minimalist or Voice and Text fanatic? Comments (Comments)

Mobility Electronics using Handango Commerce Engine for mobile software delivery
Posted on 3-Dec-2003 07:32Tags News, Computing

Mobility Electronics will take advantage of the Handango Commerce Engine's marketing features, as well as over-the-air delivery capabilities, to sell and deliver its applications for Palm OS and Symbian devices. Comments (Comments)

Bluefire Security addresses handheld device risks
Posted on 3-Dec-2003 07:12Tags News, Computing

The company will present risks, factors and conuntermeasures during two different conferences in December. Comments (Comments)

Handmark Official Trivial Pursuit for Palm OS and Windows Mobile
Posted on 3-Dec-2003 07:03Tags News, Games

Game includes multiplay over Infrared or Bluetooth, and versions for PDA and Smartphones. Comments (Comments)

IOGEAR is looking for America's most cable cluttered Home
Posted on 2-Dec-2003 07:55Tags News, Wi-Fi

IOGEAR is running a contest to find three houses and replace the cables with some wireless gear. Comments (Comments)

New ZVUE portable media player available now
Posted on 2-Dec-2003 07:44Tags News, Computing

HandHeld Entertainment announced that its ZVUE! personal video player (PVP) is now available for purchase on-line. This is the first media player capable of playing MP3 music, MPEG and MPEG-4 videos, all in colour, under US$99. Comments (Comments)

MSDN webcasts related to Windows Mobile platform for December 2003
Posted on 1-Dec-2003 23:29Tags News, Development

These MSDN webcasts are of interest to developers working with Windows based mobile devices. Comments (Comments)

Pocket Informant preparing WebIS Mail 2.0 beta and Pocket Information 5
Posted on 1-Dec-2003 22:19Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Latest news from Pocket Informat let us know about updates in their software and web site. Comments (Comments)

New N-Gage titles coming soon
Posted on 1-Dec-2003 21:51Tags News, Gaming

Nokia announced new game titles for the N-Gage mobile game deck, including previously unannounced Nokia published games. Some include multiplay over Bluetooth. Comments (Comments)

M1 showcases 3G services in Singapore
Posted on 1-Dec-2003 17:20Tags News, 3G

During the new couple of weeks mobile users in Singapore will haver the opportunity to preview some of the 3G services to be offered by M1. Comments (Comments)

We are in Middle Earth
Posted on 1-Dec-2003 11:12Tags News, Mobile

For J.R.R. Tolkien and Lord of the Rings fans, a little thing from Vodafone New Zealand. Comments (Comments)

Update on Treasure Hunt wi-fi style in Auckland
Posted on 30-Nov-2003 17:01Tags News, Wi-Fi

The folks from NZWireless are working hard to make this an event to remember. Now they have a short clip (DiVx) on-line as a teaser for the promotion happening on 7 December 2003 in Auckland, New Zealand. Comments (Comments)

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