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Wearable mobile coming before Christmas
Posted on 2-Aug-2003 17:59Tags News, Mobile

Orange Imageenering conducts researchs in different areas of mobility, including wearable and smart clothing, personal area networks, presence. The first product to hit the market is a mobile shoulder bag. Just in time for Christmas. Comments (Comments)

Mobile Comedy
Posted on 2-Aug-2003 10:32Tags News, Mobile

British users of Nokia 3650/7650 and P800 mobile phones now have access to Mobile Comedy, a service created by the company behind "The Graham Norton Show" and "Johnny Vaughan Tonight. Comments (Comments)

Possible bump ahead for wi-fi technology: slow speed devices
Posted on 2-Aug-2003 10:01Tags News, Wi-Fi

A research group in France says that slow devices, when connected to a wireless hotspot, can cause other connected devices to slowdown too. Comments (Comments)

Verizon Wireless and Vodafone co-operate on laptop internet access via GPRS
Posted on 2-Aug-2003 09:52Tags News, Mobile

Verizon Wireless, a partnership between Vodafone and Verizon, announced they'll market the Vodafone Mobile Connect GPRS PC Card in the United States. Comments (Comments)

Phone scam e-mail alert is bogus - well the urban legend is still alive
Posted on 1-Aug-2003 16:29Tags News, Mobile

Telecom New Zealand released an annoucement about the 90# scam - as I said a month ago, Urban Legends live forever! Comments (Comments)

Walker Wireless and Vodafone New Zealand seal partnership
Posted on 1-Aug-2003 08:17Tags News, Computing

Walker Wireless Ltd and Vodafone New Zealand Ltd have formalised their strategic relationship with the signing of agreements under which Vodafone will become a key marketing and distribution channel for the Walker Wireless broadband service. Comments (Comments)

Patent for no cell phone logo granted in U.S.
Posted on 1-Aug-2003 08:09Tags News, Mobile

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has approved a new trademarked logo designed to denote areas where use of cellular telephones is restricted. One thing to note is that the website of the trademark holder has no mobile phone ringing, but a very loud song... Comments (Comments)

TenGo, by Xrgomics is a new text entry solution for Pocket PC
Posted on 31-Jul-2003 22:16Tags News, Mobile

TenGO is a soft keyboard that uses only 6 large alphabet keys to type. Fewer keys makes it easier to type, while larger keys allows you to type fast, and for much longer, without missing or hitting the wrong keys. Using the same letter positioning as the conventional keyboard makes searching for letters easier without any re-learning. Comments (Comments)

Improved version of Skweezer now released
Posted on 31-Jul-2003 17:44Tags News, Computing

Skweezer is a proxy service that formats web pages to be displayed in the best format for the small form factor of handhelds and mobile phones. The new version includes increased page load speed and better controls. Comments (Comments)

Second-level domain approved and soon to be available in New Zealand
Posted on 31-Jul-2003 14:20Tags News, General

From 11am 26th August 2003 (NZ Time), geeks and other computer users will be able to apply for the new 2LD (second-level domain). Comments (Comments)

Plantronics launches Bluetooth headset with extended talk time
Posted on 30-Jul-2003 20:52Tags News, Bluetooth

The new Plantronics M3000 gives the user eight hours with a full battery charge Comments (Comments)

McDonald's and AT&T offer free wi-fi access during August
Posted on 30-Jul-2003 20:03Tags News, Wi-Fi

McDonald's announced that 75 of its restaurants throughout the New York Tri-State area will provide high-speed wireless Internet access. Comments (Comments)

Treo 600 ready to hit the market anytime: FCC approved
Posted on 30-Jul-2003 19:40Tags News, Palm

The Handspring Treo 600 was approved by the FCC in two version: GSM and CDMA. Comments (Comments)

Nokia 3300 available in the U.S. through Cingular
Posted on 30-Jul-2003 19:32Tags News, Mobile

North Americans can now enjoy their music everywhere without having to carry another gadget: the Nokia 3300 is available from Cingular and incorporates an mp3 player. Comments (Comments)

Tapwave release more details on Palm OS based gaming device
Posted on 30-Jul-2003 08:17Tags News, Palm

The device was announced a few months ago, and only a little detail was unveiled each month. The full figure comes out now. Comments (Comments)

Amazon taking pre orders for new JVC Pocket PC
Posted on 29-Jul-2003 21:06Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Not available before September, but orders can be placed now. Comments (Comments)

Maps in the palm of your hand
Posted on 29-Jul-2003 20:45Tags News, GPRS

M-Spatial partners with Vodafone UK to offer maps on Vodafone Live! More than 20 million buildings indexed. Comments (Comments)

France Telecom service uses mobile phones to create travel album websites via SMS
Posted on 29-Jul-2003 20:07Tags News, Mobile

A mix of blog and tourist information centre, “Memoire de Voyage®” allows visitors to specific tourist places to use SMS to attach information to a "trip log" available on the web. Comments (Comments)

Thirty-one awards given by a panel of industry experts at the Handango Partner Summit
Posted on 29-Jul-2003 19:57Tags News, Computing

Handango announced the winners of the Handango Champion Awards at the Handango Partner Summit last week. The Handango Champion Awards were judged by members of the media and other industry experts. Each winner received a generous awards package including promotional opportunities and a US$5,000 marketing stipend. Comments (Comments)

Business: Redefining Microsoft
Posted on 29-Jul-2003 17:51Tags News, Computing

Microsoft latest's earnings report was certainly comforting news to shareholders who have watched other tech firms tank. Annual revenue of $32 billion, up 13 percent year to year. Not to mention a handy $10 billion profit and $49 billion in petty cash. But hidden beneath the heady numbers lurks a nagging question: Are there limits to Microsoft's success? Comments (Comments)

British Telecom to come back into mobile arena: wi-fi
Posted on 29-Jul-2003 08:01Tags News, Mobile

BT spun off mmO2 in 2001. But it never really gave up mobile. Comments (Comments)

Apple founder, Steve Wozniak, starts again
Posted on 28-Jul-2003 19:43Tags News, Wireless

Steve Wozniak’s new venture adds Wireless, Handheld, Software. Comments (Comments)

Garmin shipping the iQue 3600 GPS based on Palm OS
Posted on 28-Jul-2003 19:37Tags News, Palm

Garmin announced that the company’s highly anticipated iQue 3600 — the first personal digital assistant (PDA) with integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) technology — began shipping this week within the United States at a suggested retail price of US$589. Comments (Comments)

Start exercising for the Phone Throwing World Championships
Posted on 28-Jul-2003 19:19Tags News, Mobile

Fennolingua is organising the Fourth Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships, happening Saturday 23 August in Savonlinna, Finland. Comments (Comments)

Hotspot is hot
Posted on 28-Jul-2003 19:00Tags News, Wi-Fi

A story on Digitimes about how 47 American companies are eager to take ownership of "Hotspot" as a trademark. Comments (Comments)

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