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Free software from HP for Pocket PC printing
Posted on 13-Oct-2003 13:28Tags News, Software

HP Mobile Printing for Pocket PC allows printing to a wide array of Bluetooth, infrared and network printers. Comments (Comments)

HP and Ericsson in partnership to expand adoption of Bluetooth
Posted on 13-Oct-2003 13:18Tags News, Bluetooth

HP and Ericsson expanded their partnership to drive mass market adoption of Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices - HP is first IT company to have full access to Ericsson’s Bluetooth design solutions. Comments (Comments)

Vienna: using mobile phone to pay parking
Posted on 13-Oct-2003 11:57Tags News, Mobile

The new application is called m-parking, and it's a success in Austria, Australia and Singapore. Comments (Comments)

Ridiculously bad implementation of bluetooth
Posted on 13-Oct-2003 11:32Tags News, Bluetooth

When a Microsoft employee rants about the Microsoft Bluetooth adapter. Comments (Comments)

HP announces h4150 and h4350 both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled
Posted on 13-Oct-2003 08:49Tags News, Computing

HP announced a range of new products during the ITU Telecom World conference, including new Windows Mobile based Pocket PCs, Bluetooth printers, Bluetooth GPS and more. Comments (Comments)

A WAP reader for RSS feeds
Posted on 13-Oct-2003 08:27Tags News, Mobile

Blog2Mobile is a service where users can define a list RSS feeds and then access these feeds using a mobile phone or smatphone while connected. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft announces Wireless Provisioning Services
Posted on 12-Oct-2003 20:56Tags News, Wi-Fi

New technology for public hot spots provides automatic provisioning and sign-up capabilities to improve user experience and enhance security for mobile Windows users. Comments (Comments)

The Japanese mobile phone culture in blogs
Posted on 12-Oct-2003 11:44Tags News, Mobile

Kentai is a word to describe the Japanese mobile phone culture. Quite a few blogs on the internet show this side of modern Japanese society. Comments (Comments)

Orange announces the SPV E200
Posted on 11-Oct-2003 23:43Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Orange UK announced its next generation Windows Mobile Smartphone the SPV E200, with Bluetooth and builtin digital camera. Comments (Comments)

Panasonic launches X70, mobile phone with camera and Bluetooth
Posted on 11-Oct-2003 23:40Tags News, Mobile

A new GSM mobile phone equipped with digital camera, 65k colour LCD and Bluetooth. Comments (Comments)

SMS decline in Japan, as Photo Messaging gains terrain
Posted on 11-Oct-2003 14:05Tags News, Mobile

Japan is a pioneer in the use of mobile messaging, and is closely watched by the rest of the world to discover emerging wireless trends. One trend is the declining use of SMS in favor of newer formats such as MMS, whose emergence has been driven by the high adoption of camera phones. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft ActiveSync 3.71 available
Posted on 11-Oct-2003 13:39Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Users of Microsoft Windows Mobile devices (Pocket PC and Smartphones) can now download the new version of ActiveSync. Comments (Comments)

Get ready for another Motorola 3G video mobile
Posted on 10-Oct-2003 22:50Tags News, 3G

Motorola announced yet another 3G mobile phone, the A835 with video calls. Comments (Comments)

Have you bought your N-Gage yet?
Posted on 10-Oct-2003 19:25Tags News, Gaming

The guys at Penny Arcade have a very funny look at all the hype created around the new mobile gaming device... Comments (Comments)

Another Pocket PC Phone Edition approved by the FCC in US
Posted on 10-Oct-2003 18:12Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

The approval for the Himalaya doesn't mean it'll be marketed in US, but there's a great chance of this happening, since T-Mobile will market it in Europe as the MDAII. Comments (Comments)

Bluetooth security discussed: war-nibbling
Posted on 10-Oct-2003 17:28Tags News, Bluetooth

@Stake published a paper (in two parts) on Bluetooth security, introducing the war-nibbling concept. Comments (Comments)

HTC Falcon CDMA phone showing around the world
Posted on 10-Oct-2003 08:32Tags News, Phone Edition

A Pocket PC Phone Edition for CDMA networks, running Windows Mobile 2003 Comments (Comments)

Nokia releases the 3660 imaging phone
Posted on 10-Oct-2003 08:06Tags News, Mobile

Based on the Symbian Series 60 and with the same form factor as the Nokia 3650, the 3660 (and 3620 for US market) will be Comments (Comments)

Telecom operator traffic goes through the roof using Opera
Posted on 9-Oct-2003 18:46Tags News, GPRS

Since the release of its own branded version of Opera browser for Nokia 3650, the Portuguese operator Optimus had an increase in web usage on its mobile network. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft Windows Media Audio 9 in consumer electronics
Posted on 9-Oct-2003 17:54Tags News, News

More than 400 devices support the Windows Media standard, including the latest Pioneer AV Multichannel Amplifier. Comments (Comments)

With the launch of mobile gaming devices like N-Gage, what is the industry status?
Posted on 9-Oct-2003 08:08Tags News, Mobile

The MGAIN Consortium, funded by the European Commission has released a new report on mobile entertainment in Europe. It's a free download. Comments (Comments)

Apple iSync update released
Posted on 9-Oct-2003 08:03Tags News, iPod

Apple released iSync 1.2.1 including Symbian smartphone support. Comments (Comments)

Sony Ericsson P900 review at
Posted on 9-Oct-2003 07:59Tags News, Symbian

While we don't have a Sony Ericsson P900 available for review on Geekzone (yet), some websites already have had the chance to use the new Symbian based smartphone. Comments (Comments)

A Pocket PC cluster?
Posted on 9-Oct-2003 07:53Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Ever imagined creating a cluster of Pocket PCs to have a supercomputer processing power? Comments (Comments)

Mystery player revealed: Sierra Wireless to release Windows Mobile based smartphone
Posted on 9-Oct-2003 07:36Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

The new brand by Sierra Wireless Voq professional is aimed at business users. Comments (Comments)

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