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RFID: IBM offering services now
Posted on 17-Sep-2003 21:40Tags News, RFID

IBM joined the RFID game with a selection of services aiming this new market. Comments (Comments)

Orange confirms the Handspring Treo 600 as part of their line of smartphones
Posted on 17-Sep-2003 20:50Tags News, Palm

Orange just released the official annoucement of this addition to their line of smartphones in Europe. The Treo 600 is a Palm OS based smartphone. Comments (Comments)

Market for smartphones and camera phones getting hot
Posted on 17-Sep-2003 07:38Tags News, Mobile

In recent quarters, shipments of smartphones and camera phones have been heating up, according to In-Stat/MDR. Comments (Comments)

New line of accessories for Palm handhelds includes SD camera with 1.3 megapixels
Posted on 16-Sep-2003 22:25Tags News, Palm

Palm announced a new line of accessories to be available from 1st October. The new line of accessories includes a wireless infrared keyboard, a multifunction stylus; six different handheld cases, a plug-and-play 1.3 megapixel camera card, handheld protection products and complete accessory kits. Comments (Comments)

Apple introduces Bluetooth mouse and keyboard
Posted on 16-Sep-2003 22:07Tags News, Bluetooth

New multimedia enabled keyboard and cordless mouse are now available. Comments (Comments)

AvantGo and the Concierge Service for Nissan 2004 Maxima Campaign
Posted on 16-Sep-2003 22:00Tags News, Computing

Nissan is using the AvantGo mobile Internet service to extend its "Shift_" campaign to mobile and wireless devices. Comments (Comments)

BT broadcast to provide mobile streaming with Vemotion
Posted on 16-Sep-2003 08:18Tags News, GPRS

BT Broadcast Services, the broadcast and media solutions arm of BT (British Telecom) announced that it has inked a deal with wireless streaming technology company, Vemotion to offer end-to-end solutions to content providers. Comments (Comments)

Pumatech to acquire Synchorologic
Posted on 16-Sep-2003 08:00Tags News, Computing

Pumatech continues to enhance its presence in the corporate space. After buying Starfish software it's now set to buy Synchrologic. Comments (Comments)

Orange SPV C200 in catalogs
Posted on 16-Sep-2003 07:47Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

According to Coolsmartphone the new SPV C200 is already in some Orange Autumn catalogs. Comments (Comments)

Mobile video one of the main reason subscribers will upgrade to 3G
Posted on 15-Sep-2003 19:42Tags News, 3G

Datacomm research released a report with a study on the effects of mobile video on the path to 3G, citing this as one of the main reasons users will move to this new technology. Comments (Comments)

O2 Germany to switch UMTS on for soft launch
Posted on 15-Sep-2003 19:32Tags News, 3G

The German mobile carrier O2 is set to turn on its 3G network on 17th November. First quarter 2004 is the earliest for a soft launch, with 1,000 test users. Comments (Comments)

Orange will have the Motorola MPx200 with Microsoft Windows Mobile
Posted on 15-Sep-2003 18:50Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Orange confirmed the carrier will launch the just announced Motorola MPx200 as part of the "Orange Signature" handset range. Comments (Comments)

AT&T Wireless, Microsoft and Motorola bring first GSM/GPRS Windows Mobile powered smartphone to North America
Posted on 15-Sep-2003 18:19Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Yes, it's official now. The first Windows Mobile powered smartphone to be available in U.S. is made available throught the AT&T network, operating on GSM/GPRS. Comments (Comments)

Sony Clie UX50 available on Amazon now
Posted on 15-Sep-2003 18:01Tags News, Palm

Amazon is now carrying the new Sony Clie PEG UX50, the latest Palm based laptop style PDA. Comments (Comments)

Oplayo announces agreement to develop mobile phone video player using Windows Media 9 Series
Posted on 13-Sep-2003 23:15Tags News, GPRS

Oplayo announced that they will develop a mobile phone video player using Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series. For the first time, video clips using Windows Media 9 Series will be able to be watched on the latest mass market phones. Comments (Comments)

Gameboy can be changed into a video mobile phone
Posted on 13-Sep-2003 13:36Tags News, Mobile

While Nokia's n-gage is coming to try and get a piece of the gaming market with a mobile phone that doubles as a portalbe game console, a Japanese company is set to launch a device that doubles the Gameboy video game console as a video phone. Comments (Comments)

Two-way SMS to be available in flight soon
Posted on 13-Sep-2003 13:23Tags News, Mobile

If you get irritated while watching a movie and someone's mobile beeps (or play a horrible tone) when a SMS comes in, wait until you're trying to sleep on a plane over the ocean, and a few mobile phones start beeping. Comments (Comments)

Multi-Function Super Bundle for all PDA models from Seidio
Posted on 13-Sep-2003 11:48Tags News, Computing

The new bundle provides a secure way to mount a PDA, power and charge it, and improve the sound output for GPS software, MP3s, digital books, Pocket PC films, or hands free operations on your PDA phone (XDA/T-Mobile and Treo) and wireless phone. Comments (Comments)

Safe-haven enables a camera-free zone
Posted on 13-Sep-2003 00:13Tags News, Mobile

Future camera mobile phones could have incorporated technology to disable camera functions in "safe" spots. Comments (Comments)

Hands on review of Nokia N-Gage on
Posted on 13-Sep-2003 00:01Tags News, Computing

The posted a very complete review of Nokia's n-gage, the gaming platform set to be released next month. Comments (Comments)

Free CA Antivirus for Pocket PC for a limited time only
Posted on 12-Sep-2003 07:47Tags News, Software

Computer Associates (CA) is now offering their handheld Antivirus solution free, but for a limited time. Registration required on their site. Comments (Comments)

A strategic analysis of connected and unconnected PDAs
Posted on 11-Sep-2003 18:06Tags News, Computing

A new form of PDA is gaining traction as an ideal converged device. ABI (Allied Business Intelligence) created a report with the trends expected with this catalyst in an industry which has otherwise been a stagnant one. PDA OS trends have also been analyzed in the report. Comments (Comments)

Treo 600 smartphone in Europe soon
Posted on 11-Sep-2003 07:45Tags News, Palm

The Register reports Orange may launch the new Treo 600 Palm OS based smartphone as soon as next week (15 September). Comments (Comments)

Nokia opens the Series 60 Asia Challenge
Posted on 11-Sep-2003 07:41Tags News, Mobile

If you develop applications for Symbian devices, Nokia is now running a challenge with companies in Taiwan, Philipines, Singapore and Hong Kong. Comments (Comments)

Cingular Wireless is offering a device that helps route mobile calls to landlines
Posted on 11-Sep-2003 07:37Tags News, Mobile

Some don't know but in US the mobile user receiving a call pays too. Cingular Wireless is now offering a product that acts as a redirector. Put the mobile on the cradle, and the call is forwarded to another number. Comments (Comments)

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