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What teens want this season? Mobile phones
Posted on 19-Dec-2003 09:27Tags News, Mobile

Santa, forget the CDís. DVDís? Old news. This year, young people are asking for wireless phones and service plans as their number one electronic gadget for the holidays. Comments (Comments)

Ericsson Mobile Platforms and RealNetworks signs license agreement
Posted on 19-Dec-2003 08:45Tags News, Entertainment

Ericsson will optimize RealNetworks' technology for high quality digital media playback on mobile devices using the Ericsson reference design. Comments (Comments)

Beiks BDicty for Pocket PC review on Bityard
Posted on 19-Dec-2003 08:42Tags News, Software

How many times have you wished you had dictionary on hand? Comments (Comments)

Apple Quicktime expands support for 3GPP
Posted on 19-Dec-2003 08:30Tags News, Apple

Apple's new QuickTime 6.5 is the industry's first mainstream media architecture for the creation and playback of rich multimedia content for both CDMA 2000 and GSM wireless networks. Comments (Comments)

PDACorps website reviews Scrabble for Pocket PC
Posted on 19-Dec-2003 08:23Tags News, Games

Playing multiuser Scrabble on a Pocket PC is a blast. Comments (Comments)

PalmSource and RIM to develop BlackBerry connectivity support for Palm OS
Posted on 19-Dec-2003 08:15Tags News, Palm

PalmSource and Research In Motion have formalised their development relationship and have begun efforts to jointly develop a software client that enables BlackBerry connectivity to Palm OS. Comments (Comments)

Wi-fi based videophone from DLINK
Posted on 19-Dec-2003 08:12Tags News, Wi-Fi

The new DLINK wireless i2eye can turn a TV into a broadband videophone. Comments (Comments)

HP discontinues the iPAQ line in India
Posted on 18-Dec-2003 22:07Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

HP India has decided to go dormant on its once-popular iPaq range of handhelds, citing reasons of high-duty structure being detrimental to iPaq's growth. Comments (Comments)

SMS flirting competition reveals catch messages
Posted on 18-Dec-2003 20:36Tags News, Mobile

LG Mobile Phones ran a competition that revealed the Top Phone Flirts of 2003. Comments (Comments)

NTT DoCoMo unveils 3G i-mode FOMA 900i with Macromedia Flash browser
Posted on 18-Dec-2003 20:17Tags News, 3G

NTT DoCoMo unveiled the FOMA 900i series featuring a Macromedia Flash-equipped browser, HTML e-mail and avatar-capable videophone. Options include a 2 Megapixel camera. Comments (Comments)

Verizon Wireless offering Instant Messaging for wireless
Posted on 18-Dec-2003 07:49Tags News, Mobile

The new service allows users to connect to multiple IM services from a mobile phone. Comments (Comments)

Metrowerks suite of software analysis tools For Symbian OS
Posted on 18-Dec-2003 07:44Tags News, Software

Developers of software for Symbian OS based devices now have a Software Analysis Tools to help reduce development costs and improve application quality by offering code visibility and precise application analysis. Comments (Comments)

Drivers allow IR keyboards to be used with Symbian smartphones
Posted on 17-Dec-2003 22:07Tags News, Symbian

The software is compatible with Palm Wireless Keyboards made by Think Outside. Comments (Comments)

Ashen for N-Gage coming in 2004
Posted on 17-Dec-2003 21:52Tags News, Gaming

Ashen is the third self-published title for the N-Gage mobile game deck. The game is a 3D gothic horror themed, first person shooter that pits mobile gamers against a host of horrors. Comments (Comments)

Mobile payment for buses and trains
Posted on 17-Dec-2003 21:47Tags News, Mobile

Siemens Business Services turns mobile phones into ticket machines for the Vogtland Public Transit Association. Comments (Comments)

Siemens to include push-to-talk features in all mobile phones
Posted on 17-Dec-2003 21:43Tags News, Mobile

Siemens announced that will offer push-to-talk solutions from end-to-end, including PTT features in all mobile phone line-up. This move follows Nokia's similar annoucement. Comments (Comments)

AT&T giving free EDGE for customers trading in competitor's cards
Posted on 17-Dec-2003 20:51Tags News, EDGE

Business customers can receive a free Sony Ericsson EDGE PC Card from AT&T Wireless when trading-in a US mobile competitors' Wireless PC Card. Comments (Comments)

MCI and Boingo Wireless together in hotspots
Posted on 17-Dec-2003 20:07Tags News, Wi-Fi

MCI increases customer mobility with addition of wireless internet and PDA access on five Continents via Boingo Wireless. Comments (Comments)

Telecom New Zealand to launch CDMA MMS
Posted on 17-Dec-2003 19:59Tags News, CDMA

The operator is now entering the MMS arena with its first picture phone capable of sending multimedia messages. Comments (Comments)

Walt Disney Internet Group launches
Posted on 17-Dec-2003 07:48Tags News, Mobile

The new website is the first comprehensive consumer Internet site devoted to wireless content offerings of Disney content. Sprint PCS Vision users will have direct access to content. Comments (Comments)

Personal use of mobile technologies is on the rise among mobile consumers
Posted on 17-Dec-2003 07:30Tags News, Computing

Consumer users embracing more mobile technologies once developed for business. Comments (Comments)

Toshiba's small hard drive for mobile phones
Posted on 16-Dec-2003 22:07Tags News, Computing

Toshiba has developed a hard disk drive about the size of a nickel that can be used to store music and video in mobile phones and other mobile devices. Comments (Comments)

Sony Ericsson P900 SDK released including Bluetooth car remote control application
Posted on 16-Dec-2003 21:48Tags News, Bluetooth

A new Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Sony Ericsson P900 has been published. One of the two demo applications in this SDK is a remote control for the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Car. Comments (Comments)

What to expect from Microsoft in 2004?
Posted on 16-Dec-2003 19:46Tags News, Portable Media Center

The company has released a document with a review of Microsoft technology for 2003 and a preview for 2004. Comments (Comments)

Voice User Interface conference Feb 2004 in Miami
Posted on 16-Dec-2003 07:32Tags News, Computing

The process of creating a telephone strategy is the key focus of a conference in Miami, the sixth annual Telephony Voice User Interface Conference (TVUI 2004). Comments (Comments)

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