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Cingular Wireless is offering a device that helps route mobile calls to landlines
Posted on 11-Sep-2003 07:37Tags News, Mobile

Some don't know but in US the mobile user receiving a call pays too. Cingular Wireless is now offering a product that acts as a redirector. Put the mobile on the cradle, and the call is forwarded to another number. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone Australia launches the Red SIM campaign
Posted on 11-Sep-2003 07:29Tags News, Mobile

Vodafone Australia started a promotional campaign where the user can choose between different including free SMS, Vodafone Buddies and more. Comments (Comments)

Bluetooth Serial Adapter used in medical application
Posted on 10-Sep-2003 22:43Tags News, Bluetooth

ConnectBlue's Serial Port Adapter, supplied by Code Blue Communications, has been integrated as a key wireless component of the first Bluetooth medical application to be granted market approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Comments (Comments)

PalmSource ships Palm OS 5 Simplified Chinese Edition
Posted on 10-Sep-2003 22:07Tags News, Palm

The new Palm OS version opens the Chinese market to PalmSource, allowing the launch of more targeted PDA and smartphone devices. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone launches postcard services in new market
Posted on 10-Sep-2003 19:44Tags News, Mobile

The MMS to snail mail services is now available in Portugal. Comments (Comments)

Intel readies Manitoba for EDGE
Posted on 10-Sep-2003 07:57Tags News, EDGE

The Intel PXA800EF was launched as a sequel of the PXA800F launched last February, and is a serious competitor to power EDGE mobile phones, coming in 2004. Comments (Comments)

GSM celebrates 200 country milestone
Posted on 10-Sep-2003 07:51Tags News, Mobile

The GSM community celebrated another milestone in August as membership of the GSM Association (GSMA) broke through the 200-country barrier. The Association the global trade organisation for GSM operators now numbers some 592 operator members in 203 countries with more than 909 million customers worldwide. Comments (Comments)

Web access to microsoft.public newsgroups on BostonPocketPC
Posted on 9-Sep-2003 19:10Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Sometimes users want or need to access newsgroups (NNTP) but a company firewall blocks this access. The BostonPocketPC website now gives web access to some of the groups related to Windows Mobile. Comments (Comments)

Software allows Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and PDA to print to a non-Bluetooth printer
Posted on 9-Sep-2003 19:07Tags News, Bluetooth

The Print Bridge allows users to print from a mobile phone or PDA to a printer connected to a Bluetooth enabled Windows XP or Mac OS X computer. Comments (Comments)

Palm software update for Tungsten W brings always on capability - even when off
Posted on 9-Sep-2003 07:57Tags News, Palm

The software update also includes updated version of the web browser and e-maill software built in on the Palm Tungsten W. Comments (Comments)

Fastmobile going into Europe - retail
Posted on 9-Sep-2003 07:48Tags News, Mobile

fastmobile partners in Europe's first retail launch of Push-to-Talk mobile services. Comments (Comments)

Nokia redefines automotive communications
Posted on 9-Sep-2003 07:34Tags News, Mobile

Even before the formal announcement of Bluetooth SAP (SIM Access Profile) Nokia starts planning uses for the feature. Comments (Comments)

If going to this court, leave the mobile phone at home
Posted on 8-Sep-2003 21:31Tags News, Mobile

An Indian courts plans to sentence a man for contempt of court for allowing a cellphone to ring during a court case were disrupted, when a policeman's own cell phone also rang during sentencing. Comments (Comments)

Danger Hiptop to add Java's J2ME (Java 2 Mobile Edition)
Posted on 8-Sep-2003 20:08Tags News, Computing

Sun and Danger signed agreement that enables the delivery of mobile Java games and services to Hiptop. Comments (Comments)

Windows Mobile 2003 upgrade for H3970 shipping in New Zealand
Posted on 8-Sep-2003 19:38Tags News, Software

Confirmed by HP, and ordered my copy from a retailer in the Wellington area. Update: received by next day delivery. Comments (Comments)

PlanMaker for Pocket PC to be released soon
Posted on 8-Sep-2003 07:22Tags News, Software

SoftMaker, the developer company of TextMaker is readying a beta version of their new project: PlanMaker a spreadsheet program for Pocket PC, Windows and Linux. Comments (Comments)

PDACorps interviews another developer: James Bryant
Posted on 8-Sep-2003 00:19Tags News, Games

PDACorps updated their semi-regular Developer Interviews feature again. This time PDACorps speak to James Bryant of Isotope244, developer of Atomic Cannon. What inspired him to start playing with weapons of mass destruction in the first place? Comments (Comments)

New Windows Mobile Smarphone to Orange
Posted on 7-Sep-2003 17:12Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Reuters says that Microsoft and Motorola confirmed talks about development of a new Windows Mobile Smartphone to be launched by Orange. Oragen is also working on an alternative Palm based smartphone for business customers. Comments (Comments)

Motorola 3G mobile phone comes with Opera browser
Posted on 7-Sep-2003 17:06Tags News, Mobile

New Motorola A920 running Symbian OS includes Opera. Comments (Comments)

BargainPDA 30 minutes review on Handspring Treo 600
Posted on 7-Sep-2003 16:57Tags News, Palm

BargainPDA had the upcoming Treo600 for a 30 minutes spin, and posted a review on this new smartphone with Palm OS. Comments (Comments)

How does the Motorola A920 compare to the Sony Ericsson P800?
Posted on 6-Sep-2003 10:46Tags News, Mobile

All About Symbian posted a review and comparison between these two smartphones. Apart from the fact that the A920 is targeted to 3G networks, I still think the P800 is a winner. Comments (Comments)

Mobiles 'to replace handheld PCs'
Posted on 5-Sep-2003 21:26Tags News, Computing

BBC UK reports an interview with David Levin, Symbian. Comments (Comments)

Sandisk SD I/O card now available on Amazon
Posted on 5-Sep-2003 19:10Tags News, Computing

Just noticed this, brought to our attention by Pocket PC Thoughts: the Sandisk SD wi-fi card is now available on Amazon. Comments (Comments)

Pocket PC Magazine site update
Posted on 5-Sep-2003 08:25Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Many of our users sure know the Pocket PC Magazine and its website. It's now even better, with a new and fresh face. Comments (Comments)

More than 500 million mobile phones in 2004
Posted on 5-Sep-2003 08:09Tags News, Mobile

Research company IDC predicts a first-time milestone of 500 million mobile phones sales in 2004, thanks to 2.5G and 3G devices. Smartphone devices (Symbian, Microsoft) will sell 30 million devices. Comments (Comments)

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