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Hotspot is hot
Posted on 28-Jul-2003 19:00Tags News, Wi-Fi

A story on Digitimes about how 47 American companies are eager to take ownership of "Hotspot" as a trademark. Comments (Comments)

PDACorps series of interviews with Pocket PC developers
Posted on 27-Jul-2003 10:15Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

The PDACorps website is now posting a series of interviews with Pocket PC software developers. Comments (Comments)

Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!
Posted on 26-Jul-2003 18:40Tags News, General

Yes, it's the last Friday of July, and it's been celebrated for centuries (last three years really) as the System Administrator Appreciation Day. Comments (Comments)

HP delays release of Windows Mobile 2003 upgrades for users of existing handhelds
Posted on 25-Jul-2003 20:27Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Just visited HP's website and noticed all scheduled dates for release of upgrades to Windows Mobile 2003 OS now moved to August (the earliest one). Comments (Comments)

Do you believe in radio interference in airplanes?
Posted on 25-Jul-2003 19:46Tags News, Bluetooth

No need for words (joke ahead) Comments (Comments)

Current state of mobile and wireless industry Q2 2003
Posted on 25-Jul-2003 19:33Tags News, Computing

Canalys research released the latest numbers of mobile and wireless performance in EMEA (Europe, Middle Eastern, Africa). Handheld sales up 51%, Nokia leads the smartphone segment and Palm leads data devices. Comments (Comments)

MMS for Handspring Treo 600 coming from Electric Pocket
Posted on 25-Jul-2003 17:06Tags News, Software

Electric Pocket designs MMS architecture for Handspring Treo 600, based upon Electric Pocket's Pixer MMS. Comments (Comments)

Winner in our Bluetake competition contacted
Posted on 25-Jul-2003 12:10Tags News, Promotions

Our reader alvingm, from Seattle (U.S.) is the winner in the Bluetake competition. The prize, a Bluetake Bluetooth adapter will be soon heading to a new home! Comments (Comments)

O2 invites users to name its upcoming Windows Mobile Smartphone
Posted on 25-Jul-2003 11:42Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

O2 launched a promotion to choose a name for its upcoming mobile device based on Windows Mobile Smartphone OS. You can be in to win one of these mobile phones. Comments (Comments)

Palm promotion for buyers of new Tungsten T2
Posted on 25-Jul-2003 11:12Tags News, Palm

I was informed by Palm that customers buying the new Palm Tungsten T2 in New Zealand and Australia will get a free package with Palm products. Comments (Comments)

Palm Tungsten T2 released
Posted on 25-Jul-2003 11:06Tags News, Palm

Palm release an updated version of its Tungsten line, the Tungsten T2. Comments (Comments)

Modaco celebrates 10,000 users with 10 free Windows Mobile Smarpthone giveawaySPV
Posted on 24-Jul-2003 13:38Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Modaco, one of the best sites about Windows Smartphones is celebrating their 10,000th user, and with Orange they'll give ten SPV units. Comments (Comments)

Nokia N-Gage Tour Announced
Posted on 23-Jul-2003 13:54Tags News, Computing

Wireless mobile gaming goes on the road around Europe Comments (Comments)

O2 Asia will not release Windows Mobile 2003 for XDA
Posted on 22-Jul-2003 20:52Tags News, Software

O2 Asia will not be deploying the Pocket PC 2003 upgrade. The Pocket PC 2003 upgrade is subject to the original design of the hardware and the level of integration of the device, particularly between the phone and pda functions. Comments (Comments)

Ericsson signs license agreement with Parrot to bring more in-car Bluetooth devices to the market
Posted on 22-Jul-2003 20:49Tags News, Bluetooth

Ericsson Technology Licensing has signed a licensing agreement with Parrot, a provider of Bluetooth products for the automotive market. The license covers Ericsson's new Bluetooth baseband core, which holds the complete range of mandatory Bluetooth version 1.2 features. Comments (Comments)

Update frequency changed on Geekzone
Posted on 19-Jul-2003 21:31Tags News, Site related

During this week I'm in Australia, and updates will not be as frequent as usual. Comments (Comments)

Palm Tungsten T3?
Posted on 19-Jul-2003 21:27Tags News, Palm

The rumours about the T2 are not settled yet, but talks about a new Tungsten 3 are already in the open. Comments (Comments)

Russian mobile operator Megafon opens new office and offers MMS services with Penthouse models
Posted on 19-Jul-2003 00:03Tags News, Mobile

Megafon's new service centre opens in Moscow. With an erotic art exhibition. But that's not all. (semi-nude in links warning). Comments (Comments)

Wi-fi no competition for 2.5G or 3G
Posted on 18-Jul-2003 23:46Tags News, Wi-Fi

I agree with this Computerworld article about wi-fi and mobile competition: they're for different markets. Comments (Comments)

SingTel, StarHub and Mobile One testing the waters with Windows Mobile Smartphone
Posted on 18-Jul-2003 23:36Tags News, Mobile

Three mobile operators in Singapore working on release of Microsoft based smartphones. Biggest problem is lack of applications. Comments (Comments)

New Zealand TelstraClear on the way to implement a 3G network - with a catch
Posted on 18-Jul-2003 08:31Tags News, Mobile

Reports of TelstraClear preparing a third network in New Zealand are more consistent now. And the idea of implementing 3G in here is closer. But some report that it may only be available in Auckland. Comments (Comments)

Sony to introduce one of the most revolutionary designs for Palm devices
Posted on 18-Jul-2003 08:13Tags News, Palm

The new PEG-UX50, to be announced today combines a clamshell design, magnesium alloy and landscape 480x320 pixels screen. Comments (Comments)

Handspring Blazer 3.0 to use Access Netfront technology
Posted on 18-Jul-2003 08:05Tags News, Palm

Handspring Blazer 2.0 is an excellent browser. Now it gets better, with Access Netfront technology used in the latest update. Comments (Comments)

Is O2 mobile data strategy going to work?
Posted on 17-Jul-2003 21:59Tags News, Mobile

Eden Zoller, Research Director at Ovum wrote an article about O2 and its mobile data strategy, and a brief comparison with Vodafone Live! Comments (Comments)

Vodafone Live! to add a few thousands customers in one go
Posted on 17-Jul-2003 21:21Tags News, Mobile

From October Japanese J-Phone will rebrand its operations to be Vodafone. As part of this exercise it will also change its J-SKY service to be Vodafone Live! Comments (Comments)

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