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The Sony Ericsson P900 lives
Posted on 21-Oct-2003 09:20Tags News, Mobile

The Sony Ericsson website is now showing the new P900 Symbian smartphone. Also a new update service from Sony Ericsson will allow users to udpate the phone directly from the internet without having to go to a service centre. Comments (Comments)

Motorola MPx200 now available on Amazon
Posted on 21-Oct-2003 07:49Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

The Motorola MPx200 Windows Mobile Smartphone is now available on Amazon with a contract with AT&T Comments (Comments)

Logitech DiNovo Bluetooth mouse, keyboard and multimedia pad combo
Posted on 20-Oct-2003 19:20Tags News, Bluetooth

Logitech expand its line of Bluetooth devices with an interesting combo which includes a multimedia pad. Comments (Comments)

Toshiba E800 first appearances
Posted on 19-Oct-2003 17:10Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

A Taiwanese website presented a series of pages with photographs of the new Toshiba E800. Images include a higher than normal screen resolution for Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PCs. Comments (Comments)

PalmOne releases update for Tungsten T3 browser
Posted on 19-Oct-2003 10:12Tags News, Software

Web Pro 3.0.1 is available as an update for Tungsten T3 users. Comments (Comments)

Samsung i600 information sheet
Posted on 18-Oct-2003 16:23Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Verizon Wireless prepares to launch the Samsung i600 Windows Mobile smartphone for their CDMA network. Smarthphonethoughts published some of the information sheets for this new model. Comments (Comments)

Cingular launches MMS - flat fee until end of the year
Posted on 18-Oct-2003 11:47Tags News, Mobile

American users connected to the Cingular mobile network can now send and receive MMS, with a Comments (Comments)

Network Associates and NTT DoCoMo to develop compact Anti-Virus engine for mobile phones
Posted on 18-Oct-2003 11:25Tags News, Security

Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo and Network Associates announced that both companies have jointly developed a key technological element for a compact anti-virus engine, based on Network Associates' McAfee security technology. Comments (Comments)

Mobile operator allows users to transfer minutes
Posted on 18-Oct-2003 11:23Tags News, Mobile

Philippine Smart mobile operator now offers a service that allows users to transfer minutes from one account to another. It already started a new business model, with poorer users selling their available minutes - thus reducing the amount of money needed to own a mobile phone. Comments (Comments)

Opera enters the mobile internet race
Posted on 18-Oct-2003 11:11Tags News, Computing

With the Opera Platform Operators can integrate online content with local applications. Is this the tool operators needed to create platforms to compete with Vodafone Live! and O2 Active? More importantly, is this the end of the WAP era on mobile phones? Comments (Comments)

Sony Clie PEG UX50 available in New Zealand
Posted on 16-Oct-2003 21:03Tags News, Palm

The Palm OS based Sony Clie is now available for ordering on the Sony Style website. Comments (Comments)

Wireless email use increases corporate productivity
Posted on 16-Oct-2003 20:08Tags News, Computing

A new study by The Radicati Group “Enterprise Wireless Email Market Trends, 2003-2007” shows that wireless email access has increased the amount of time that employees can put into their work. Comments (Comments)

Free Pocket Informant Today plugin
Posted on 16-Oct-2003 18:21Tags News, Software

Pocket Informant more complete now: Today plugin for free. Comments (Comments)

Dell introduces the Axim X3, integrated wireless handheld computer
Posted on 16-Oct-2003 18:14Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

The new Axim X3 is lighter and thinner than their previous model, the Dell Axim X5. Comments (Comments)

ACCESS' NetFront Browser surpasses 100 million deployments worldwide
Posted on 16-Oct-2003 08:19Tags News, Computing

NetFront now stands as the most widely deployed and actively used browser in the beyond-PC market, supporting more OS platforms and devices than any competing browser in the market. Comments (Comments)

Will the N-Gage take off?
Posted on 16-Oct-2003 08:14Tags News, Gaming

The Register reports on weak sales on N-Gage from games store (not counting mobile phone outlets) during its first week in the market. No more than 500 units in UK? Comments (Comments)

Review of FishEye Datelens on PocketPCThoughts
Posted on 16-Oct-2003 08:09Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

DateLens is an animated zoomable calendar for Pocket PC, supporting searching and planning tasks particularly well by using a fisheye representation of dates coupled with compact overviews, user control over the visible time period, and integrated search. Comments (Comments)

IT management tools for mobile workers
Posted on 16-Oct-2003 07:57Tags News, Computing

A couple of tools to increase mobility in the IT management area: administer databases, networks and servers from a Pocket PC. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone will make sure suppliers ready for 3G
Posted on 16-Oct-2003 00:13Tags News, 3G

While rival "3" struggles to get handsets for current customers, Vodafone Group says it'll make sure suppliers know they have to deliver. Comments (Comments)

Intel announced a complete memory solution for wireless handsets
Posted on 16-Oct-2003 00:00Tags News, Computing

The new Intel StrataFlash Wireless Memory system integrates data storage, code and RAM in a single device. Comments (Comments)

The Mazingo service is no longer
Posted on 15-Oct-2003 23:50Tags News, Computing

The Mazingo website now shows just a message announcing the end of its operations. Comments (Comments)

Australian Telstra reports on the number of SMS and calls at opening matches of Rugby World Cup 2003
Posted on 15-Oct-2003 23:46Tags News, Mobile

Telstra mobile network handled 150,000 voice calls and 73,000 SMS during the opening match of the Rugby World Cup 2003. Comments (Comments)

Who is behind the latest HP iPAQs Bluetooth and wi-fi technologies?
Posted on 15-Oct-2003 08:03Tags News, Bluetooth

TI 802.11 and Bluetooth technologies were used to enable simultaneous connectivity for HP's New iPAQs (H4150 and H4350) Comments (Comments)

Prepare your Pocket PC, Palm and Smartphones for multimedia galore: 512MB SD card from Kingstom
Posted on 15-Oct-2003 07:49Tags News, Computing

The company announced the release of a 512MB SD card for a SRP of US$187. Comments (Comments)

Vivendi Universal and Vodafone preparing to roll out Live! in France
Posted on 15-Oct-2003 07:42Tags News, Mobile

Companies signed a couple of agreements, one of them related to Vodafone Live! deployment in France. Comments (Comments)

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