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Opera 7 now available for Linux PDA
Posted on 14-Jan-2004 19:03Tags News, Computing

The software company announced the release of Opera 7 for the Sharp Zaurus Linux PDA. Comments (Comments)

More than 1,000 wi-fi certified products, 25% fail compliance tests
Posted on 14-Jan-2004 09:10Tags News, Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced that over 1,000 products from over 120 manufacturers have received certification since testing began in March 2000. Wireless LAN interoperability and performance still an issue. Comments (Comments)

Fodor Guides now available for handhelds
Posted on 14-Jan-2004 09:04Tags News, Computing

Fodor Guides available for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Palm OS devices. Comments (Comments)

NVIDIA selected by Mitsubishi for new i-Mode phone
Posted on 14-Jan-2004 08:45Tags News, Computing

NVIDIA's GoForce 2100 adopted by Mitsubishi offers low-power multimedia functionality on mobile phones. Comments (Comments)

Orange pusth-to-talk (PTT): Talk Now
Posted on 14-Jan-2004 08:42Tags News, Mobile

The new service from mobile operator Orange is branded Talk Now, and is powered by Kodiak Networks. Comments (Comments)

TDK Bluetooth stack update
Posted on 14-Jan-2004 08:30Tags News, Bluetooth

TDK Systems releases an update driver and software package for their Bluetooth line of products. The update includes the HID (Human Interface Device) needed for Bluetooth mouse and keyboard connections. Comments (Comments)

i-mate Pocket PC Phone Edition available from Telstra and Vodafone Australia
Posted on 14-Jan-2004 07:53Tags News, Phone Edition

According to the distributor the announcement is the start of a rollout across the Asia Pacific region. Comments (Comments)

Toshiba announces family of high-speed SD cards
Posted on 13-Jan-2004 20:56Tags News, Computing

A higher performance SD card that is five times faster than current technologies, ideal for digital video and images. Comments (Comments)

A stationary competitior for the MSN Direct SPOT watches?
Posted on 13-Jan-2004 20:45Tags News, MSN Direct (SPOT)

The same folks who developed the Ambient Orb are now offering the Executive Dashboard. It receives information from the Ambient Information Network, pretty much like the MSN Direct service. Comments (Comments)

Handango introduces program for non-profit organisation, schools and other organisations
Posted on 13-Jan-2004 11:26Tags News, Computing

Handango Gives Back: appreciation program pays non-profits, schools and user groups when they buy mobile software at Handango. Comments (Comments)

The security threat to mobile and wireless networks.
Posted on 13-Jan-2004 07:56Tags News, Computing

Get Ready for "Wireless Code Red"' in 2004: wireless security company predicts large-scale attack on wireless networks. Comments (Comments)

The Sims coming to N-Gage
Posted on 13-Jan-2004 00:32Tags News, Gaming

Electronic Arts (EA) is developing the Sims for the Nokia N-Gage game deck. Comments (Comments)

Debut of Gametrac during CES
Posted on 11-Jan-2004 12:35Tags News, Windows CE

Reports coming in tell us how well the Gametrac mobile entertainment device is being received. Comments (Comments)

Mobile technologies rising among consumers
Posted on 11-Jan-2004 10:34Tags News, Mobile

According to a survey conducted by IDC, e-mail is the main driver to go wireless, and keyboard would be ideal for PDA. Comments (Comments)

Sprint customers finding problems with Sony Ericsson T608 support
Posted on 10-Jan-2004 18:27Tags News, CDMA

The Sony Ericsson T608 is one the first mobile phones to offer built in Bluetooth while connected to a CDMA network. But it is not easy to get connected. Comments (Comments)

Benchmark products coming to Symbian based mobile devices
Posted on 10-Jan-2004 16:32Tags News, Symbian

Futuremark Corporation launched the Symbian Based Smartphone Benchmark Development Program Comments (Comments)

What's is the big thing in 2004? CNET picked a few
Posted on 10-Jan-2004 13:29Tags News, Computing

CNET editors pick wi-fi, digital video recorders, portable video players and smartphones as "The Next Big Thing" for 2004. Comments (Comments)

Avoiding commercial breaks on TV
Posted on 10-Jan-2004 13:14Tags News, General

Perhaps you don't have a time-shift recorder, but almost everyone I know change TV channels during ads breaks. Comments (Comments)

Best mobile computing products of 2003 according to Handheld Computing Magazine
Posted on 10-Jan-2004 13:05Tags News, Computing

Handheld Computing Magazine has announced the winners of their Best Products 2003 Awards. Comments (Comments)

How to become a wireless hero in a couple of minutes
Posted on 10-Jan-2004 12:37Tags News, Bluetooth

In this interesting article on InfoWorld, Chad Dickerson tells us how he used Bluetooth and mobile technology to get where wi-fi couldn't. Comments (Comments)

ATI delivers first 3D gaming chip for mobile phones
Posted on 10-Jan-2004 09:28Tags News, Gaming

Playing 3D enabled games on mobile phones is now possible thanks to the new Imageon 2300 multimedia and graphics family of co-processors from ATI Technologies Comments (Comments)

SanDisk launches Memory Stick PRO 2GB
Posted on 9-Jan-2004 21:07Tags News, Computing

SanDisk introduced a line of Memory Stick cards ranging from 256MB to 2GB, the highest capacity available in this card format to date. Comments (Comments)

British Telecom to implement SMS-to-voice service
Posted on 9-Jan-2004 19:06Tags News, Mobile

'Synthesised lady' to pass on SMS messages to fixed- line phones Comments (Comments)

Verizon Wireless to invest US$1 billion in new CDMA 3G network
Posted on 9-Jan-2004 17:00Tags News, Mobile

Powered by CDMA2000 1xEVDO 3G, the service will provide users with average user speeds of 300-500kbps. Comments (Comments)

TiltCONTROL gives a twist to Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Posted on 9-Jan-2004 09:49Tags News, Computing

The TiltCONTROL device contains a tiny Accelerometer, which can be used to measure the horizontal and vertical tilt of itself. This tilt angle information is transferred to the attached mobile computing device, where it is processed. Use it to control your handheld. Comments (Comments)

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