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Sony to introduce one of the most revolutionary designs for Palm devices
Posted on 18-Jul-2003 08:13Tags News, Palm

The new PEG-UX50, to be announced today combines a clamshell design, magnesium alloy and landscape 480x320 pixels screen. Comments (Comments)

Handspring Blazer 3.0 to use Access Netfront technology
Posted on 18-Jul-2003 08:05Tags News, Palm

Handspring Blazer 2.0 is an excellent browser. Now it gets better, with Access Netfront technology used in the latest update. Comments (Comments)

Is O2 mobile data strategy going to work?
Posted on 17-Jul-2003 21:59Tags News, Mobile

Eden Zoller, Research Director at Ovum wrote an article about O2 and its mobile data strategy, and a brief comparison with Vodafone Live! Comments (Comments)

Vodafone Live! to add a few thousands customers in one go
Posted on 17-Jul-2003 21:21Tags News, Mobile

From October Japanese J-Phone will rebrand its operations to be Vodafone. As part of this exercise it will also change its J-SKY service to be Vodafone Live! Comments (Comments)

Dell working to implement fix for performance problems on its Axim line of Pocket PC
Posted on 17-Jul-2003 15:15Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Dell acknowledged the problem with its Axim line of products running Windows Mobile 2003 OS and is working to implement a fix. No dates set for release yet. Comments (Comments)

'The World's Smallest Film Festival' comes to London, UK
Posted on 17-Jul-2003 09:53Tags News, Mobile

'The World's Smallest Film Festival' showcases the technologies that deliver live action video and animation to mobile devices. Comments (Comments)

Another Palm OS based smartphone annouced by Group Sense
Posted on 17-Jul-2003 08:07Tags News, Palm

Palm OS 4.1 based smartphone to be launched in Asia, extending to Europe later this year. Comments (Comments)

Palmsource tells us about the upcoming Palm OS 6
Posted on 17-Jul-2003 07:58Tags News, Development

In their latest newsletter, Palmsource gives us a chance to know more about the new Palm OS version and promisses it will be available by Fall this year. Comments (Comments)

Geekzone reaches 500,000 pages served
Posted on 16-Jul-2003 18:11Tags News, Site related

Thanks to all Geekzone users for helping us to reach this milestone . Comments (Comments)

New Palm OS based Smartphone from Samsung for GSM/GPRS networks
Posted on 16-Jul-2003 17:54Tags News, Palm

The new SGH-i500 will be available soon, as a tri-band GSM mobile phone running Palm OS 5.2 Comments (Comments)

Problems with Handango links
Posted on 16-Jul-2003 15:08Tags News, Site related

It seems that Handango did some change in their site pages, and our direct links to software on Handango returns a page notfound (404). We are aware of this problem and already reported to Handango. Comments (Comments)

Mobile phones in planes could be approved by American FAA
Posted on 16-Jul-2003 08:09Tags News, Mobile

The FAA is conducting a study on the real effects of mobile phone transmissions on planes, and it might result in a final word on this - but not before three years from now. Comments (Comments)

All you can have GPRS for US$ 2 - in India
Posted on 16-Jul-2003 07:58Tags News, Mobile

While we all drool about T-Mobile all you can eat $ 19 GPRS and think twice about Vodafone all you can have GPRS for 45, in India US$ 2 gets all the GPRS in the world. Comments (Comments)

Pocket PC Magazine Awards list of nominees on-line
Posted on 16-Jul-2003 07:46Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

The annual Pocket PC Magazine Awards is on again, and they now have a list of nominees on-line. Comments (Comments)

Handspring signs deals to bring e-mail, corporate e-mail and instant messaging to Treo 600
Posted on 15-Jul-2003 19:23Tags News, Palm

Handspring, soon to be Palm, is really playing high on the mobility side. Deals with Visto, SEVEN and Good Technology will bring a suite of tools for the Treo 600 mobile user. Comments (Comments)

Boingo wireless software for Pocket PC
Posted on 15-Jul-2003 11:02Tags News, Wi-Fi

Boingo Wireless announced the availability of a beta version of Pocket Boingo Software for Windows Mobile 2003. The free application is an updated version of the Pocket PC for 2002 software released last November. The software includes wi-fi signal sniffing and profile management. Comments (Comments)

Spam takes down legitimate sites
Posted on 15-Jul-2003 07:24Tags News, General

This is a worry. Found an article telling the story of how some sites are disconnected simply because sending a newsletter to opt-in users is sometimes seemed as spam, when the subscriber no longer wants it. Comments (Comments)

Mobile Burn publishes 3G mobile phone review
Posted on 15-Jul-2003 06:30Tags News, Mobile

Mobile Burn reviewed the NEC e606, part of the 3G mobile phones available from 3. Comments (Comments)

Sony Ericsson P800 x Sidekick
Posted on 14-Jul-2003 22:26Tags News, Mobile

Found a complete (and long) comparison between the P800 and Sidekick. Comments (Comments)

Fingerprint solution to secure mobile phones
Posted on 14-Jul-2003 19:57Tags News, Mobile

The F505i, from Japanese mobile carrier NTT Docomo, solves the security problem on mobile phones: fingerprint. Comments (Comments)

Geekzone on the move II
Posted on 14-Jul-2003 17:47Tags News, Site related

Geekzone just moved servers. If you find any problems, please let us know! Comments (Comments)

Kensington wi-fi finder
Posted on 14-Jul-2003 09:23Tags News, Wi-Fi

This Kensington product makes the life on the road just easier. This is the first wi-fi detector. Just press a button and the Kensington wi-fi Finder lets you know if your location is "hot"...instantly. No software or computer needed. What could be easier? Comments (Comments)

New UI for mobile phones based on Java
Posted on 14-Jul-2003 07:41Tags News, Mobile

Digital Airways is known for its Java browser Wapaka. Moving more into the mobile area, the company now released a GUI designer and manager for mobile phones. Comments (Comments)

PDACorps reviews MetalSyli
Posted on 14-Jul-2003 07:27Tags News, News

One of the things I liked on my Palm V was the metal stylus. The iPAQ products come with a plastic one, without the same weight and feel. But PDACorps found MetalStyli, a replacement style for the iPAQ series. Comments (Comments)

Palm T2 shows in CDW inventory
Posted on 12-Jul-2003 18:13Tags News, Palm

An uncofirmed new Palm model, the T2 is now showing in some inventories on-line. Comments (Comments)

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