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Toshiba revamps channel model in New Zealand and Australia
Posted on 13-Nov-2003 11:09Tags News, Computing

Updated strategy reflects customer demand for specialised service. Comments (Comments)

While PDA market declines a little, HP reaches 98% increase in shipments
Posted on 13-Nov-2003 07:56Tags News, Computing

Gartner says worldwide PDA shipments show slight decline while revenue increased in third quarter of 2003. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone Live! in Switzerland
Posted on 13-Nov-2003 07:33Tags News, GPRS

The launch represents the second Vodafone associate to offer Vodafone live! to its customers under licence from Vodafone. SFR, Vodafone's French associate, recently launched Vodafone live! on 29 October 2003. Comments (Comments)

Nokia 5140 is first GSM mobile phone with built in push-to-talk
Posted on 13-Nov-2003 07:24Tags News, Mobile

With just the push of a button, Nokia 5140 phone owners can connect by using the push-to-talk feature for quick voice communications. The push-to-talk feature can be used to connect the user to one person, or to a group of people. Comments (Comments)

Users want smartphones, but want help too
Posted on 12-Nov-2003 23:13Tags News, Computing

A survey conducted in the UK showed that smartphone users want to have more from their mobile phones, but are not receiving support from operators. Comments (Comments)

The World's Smallest TV Festival is coming to a mobile near you
Posted on 12-Nov-2003 23:00Tags News, Mobile

The World's Smallest TV Festival from 18th to 20th January 2004 will focus specifically on TV for mobile devices. Comments (Comments)

Kodak and Cingular in deal to allow photo printing from camera phone
Posted on 12-Nov-2003 20:26Tags News, Mobile

From January 2004 users of Cingular Wireless mobile network will be able to upload pictures from their mobile phones to a Kodak web site, where images can be stored, shared or printed. Comments (Comments)

Kyocera SE47 Slider coming to Telecom New Zealand CDMA network
Posted on 12-Nov-2003 19:00Tags News, CDMA

Telecom New Zealand's web site was in "update" mode during the week, and for a small window of time it showed one of the new Kyocera mobile phones coming up. Comments (Comments)

Nokia N-Gage games cracked
Posted on 12-Nov-2003 07:32Tags News, Gaming

A group claims to have cracked the games created for the Nokia N-Gage mobile gaming device, and being able to run those games in other mobile phones, like the Siemens SX1. A blow for the N-Gage, a device that did not attract that many interest as Nokia wanted? Comments (Comments)

Cingular adds AOL IM and ICQ to the menu
Posted on 12-Nov-2003 07:10Tags News, GPRS

Mobile users connected to Cingular in the United States can now connect to Instant Messenger services. Comments (Comments)

Singapore Airlines to offer in-flight high speed internet access.
Posted on 11-Nov-2003 22:50Tags News, Wi-Fi

Connexion by Boeing chosen to provide high-speed in-flight data. Comments (Comments)

OMA announces MMS version 1.2 with emphasis in interoperability between GSM, CDMA, 3GPP and 3GPP2
Posted on 11-Nov-2003 21:48Tags News, Mobile

Open Mobile Alliance releases MMS version 1.2 specification for implementation. Comments (Comments)

Siemens develops a mobile phone targeted to the Chinese market
Posted on 11-Nov-2003 20:23Tags News, Mobile

The new clamshell CL55 design is Comments (Comments)

Treasure hunt wi-fi style in Auckland
Posted on 11-Nov-2003 18:32Tags News, Wi-Fi

A wi-fi enthusiast web site is organising a treasure hunt competition in Auckland. Teams will war drive around town, and clues will be gathered from the different Access Points available. Comments (Comments)

Users petition on-line: bring Symbian OS to Netbook Pro
Posted on 11-Nov-2003 18:05Tags News, Symbian

With news that the new Netbook Pro will run Windows CE .Net, users are mobilising and asking Psion Teklogix to at least give the option to run the original Symbian/Epoc OS. A petition is available on-line. Comments (Comments)

Kodiak announces push-to-talk platform
Posted on 11-Nov-2003 08:02Tags News, Mobile

Kodiak Networks announces their push-to-talk system, the Kodiak Real-Time Exchange System. Comments (Comments)

Verizon, Samsung and Microsoft launch i600 Windows Mobile Smartphone
Posted on 11-Nov-2003 07:37Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Samsung i600 Smartphone from Verizon Wireless Offers Familiar Microsoft Windows Mobile Software, Advanced Wireless Features in One Compact Package Comments (Comments)

Total US wireline carrier services entering a period of decline
Posted on 10-Nov-2003 22:47Tags News, Mobile

InStatMDR reports that The US carrier market will face a rough couple of years, as total wireline service revenues continue to decline. Comments (Comments)

Motorola investing in ultra-wideband (UWB)
Posted on 10-Nov-2003 22:29Tags News, Wi-Fi

Motorola has signed an agreement to acquire the assets of XtremeSpectrum, a pioneer of ultra-wideband (UWB) solutions for multimedia connectivity. XtremeSpectrum's UWB solutions have already been sampled to several leading consumer equipment manufacturers in 2003. Comments (Comments)

Optus mobile video streaming
Posted on 10-Nov-2003 21:47Tags News, GPRS

At first I saw these news about optus offering video streaming and thought that was great. Then I saw the conditions... Can't believe it . I'm sorry for Australian GPRS users. Comments (Comments)

HP iPAQ 5450 Bluetooth update solves lockup problems reported
Posted on 10-Nov-2003 20:55Tags News, Software

Users reported problems when using Bluetooth on iPAQ H5450. HP released an update that solves this and other minor problems. Comments (Comments)

NTT DoCoMo launches mobile phone with 1.28 mega-pixel camera and auto-focus
Posted on 10-Nov-2003 20:49Tags News, Mobile

This is getting more and more interesting. An auto-focus 1.28 mega-pixel camera with TV connection on a clamshell mobile phone. Comments (Comments)

Nokia planning to takeover Symbian
Posted on 10-Nov-2003 17:10Tags News, Symbian

Reuters UK reports that Nokia has plans to increase its participation in the Symbian consortium by buying Psion, which currently holds 31% of Symbian shares. Comments (Comments)

HP advisories for H4350 Pocket PC
Posted on 10-Nov-2003 08:17Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

HP sent out a couple of notes advising of small problems with H4350 Pocket PC recognition of selected keys. Comments (Comments)

SoftMaker TextMaker for USD11.11 or EUR11.11 during German carnival
Posted on 9-Nov-2003 10:03Tags News, Computing

The German company started the party early this year and will make the TextMaker software available (1,111 copies) for the reduced price during 24hours only, starting at 11/11/2003 at 11:11am (German time). Comments (Comments)

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