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Competition is good for users: free SMS until end of year, from Telecom New Zealand
Posted on 2-Sep-2003 20:26Tags News, Mobile

Unlike U.S., mobile phone users in New Zealand don't have to pay for incoming SMS. Now some won't even pay for outgoing SMS. Telecom New Zealand is giving free SMS for user who upgrade to their CDMA network. Comments (Comments)

It's ok to e-mail from your phone - not to take that call
Posted on 2-Sep-2003 18:21Tags News, Mobile

From 15th September Japanese users of public transportation will only be allowed to use their mobile phones in silent mode. Comments (Comments)

Pin Clock - not wireless but geek enough to be here
Posted on 1-Sep-2003 21:59Tags News, General

This is not a handheld neither a mobile phone. But it's so cool and creative that I had to post about one of its awards. Comments (Comments)

Have Dilbert every day of the year in your hand
Posted on 1-Sep-2003 20:33Tags News, Computing

This year Dataviz is bringing Dilbert and other cartoon characters closer to your hand. Dose-a-Day is a "tear off" calendar for Palm and Pocket PCs. Comments (Comments)

Just before selling parts of Symbian stake Motorola launches its Symbian based 3G video mobile phone
Posted on 31-Aug-2003 12:59Tags News, Mobile

Motorola revealed its new Symbian powered A920. It will be sold in the UK, Australia and Italy for use on 3G networks operated by 3. Comments (Comments)

ROM Update for HTC Tanager available from PPCW.Net
Posted on 31-Aug-2003 12:53Tags News, Software

PPCW.Net made the latest ROM update for their iMate Windows Mobile Smartphone 2002 available - and apparently works with other HTC Tanager based phones too, like the QTEK 7070. Comments (Comments)

New features on handhelds helps PDA market grow to 11 million units
Posted on 31-Aug-2003 12:47Tags News, Computing

An increase in the variety of product designs, features and prices, which attract new and seasoned users, will help the PDA market reach over 11 million units this year. Comments (Comments)

Lara Croft latest adventure on mobile
Posted on 31-Aug-2003 12:14Tags News, Mobile

Run, jump, climb, shoot and think your way through a variety of levels, watching out for the traps, obstacles and enemies that will inevitably hinder your progress as you travel deeper underground in your search for the fabled treasures of Egypt. Comments (Comments)

World's Small Film Festival website is up - with mobile content available every day
Posted on 30-Aug-2003 19:26Tags News, Mobile

The site features content formated for mobile devices with video capabilities. Comments (Comments)

SMS users in UK sent almost 1.7 billion messsages during July 2003
Posted on 30-Aug-2003 16:53Tags News, Mobile

The latest results bring the number of SMS sent in UK for 2003 to 11.6 billion so far. Comments (Comments)

Use your watch to protect yourself from mobile phone radiation
Posted on 30-Aug-2003 08:57Tags News, Mobile

Philip Sten claims their watch uses a special chip that creates a bubble of protection against radiation from mobile phones and other electronics. Is it? Comments (Comments)

US wireless user survey: photo messaging and Push-to-Talk top user wish list
Posted on 30-Aug-2003 08:45Tags News, Mobile

In a survey of almost 1,300 mobile subscribers respondents were more likely to express strong interest in using push-to-talk or photo messaging services compared with other new network interactive applications. Over 20 percent were strongly predisposed to using these services compared with about 14 percent that currently access or expressed strong interest in accessing
e-mail. Comments (Comments)

A close view on PTT on Verizon's network
Posted on 29-Aug-2003 08:07Tags News, Mobile

The Silicon Valley (part of Mercury News) published a very detailed review of Verizon's PTT offering, comparing with Nextel. Comments (Comments)

Technology Review: How wi-fi works
Posted on 29-Aug-2003 08:03Tags News, Wi-Fi

Found a short article on how wi-fi works. The cool bit is the animation explaining how the behind the scenes go on. Comments (Comments)

How to be kept informed about Treo 600 news
Posted on 28-Aug-2003 20:19Tags News, Palm

Handspring is now publishing a newsletter with Treo 600 developments, insights and more. Comments (Comments)

Balloons to bring wider mobile coverage to U.S.
Posted on 28-Aug-2003 19:41Tags News, Mobile

While urban dwellers often experience iffy wireless reception, anyone working in America's sparsely populated middle is lucky to find a signal at all. Chandler, Arizona, start-up Space Data has a solution that could bring the whole spectrum of wireless services to the wide, open spaces. Comments (Comments)

DataViz brings productivity applications to Alphasmart Dana
Posted on 28-Aug-2003 19:19Tags News, Palm

The Documents To Go package, from DataViz, will support Dana, the Palm OS based laptop replacement with widescreen. Comments (Comments)

Pocketpcthoughts reviews the Socket CF Bluetooth
Posted on 28-Aug-2003 19:09Tags News, Bluetooth

The Bluetooth connection kit from Socket includes a CD ROM, manual and PCMIA sled to go along with the card itself. Comments (Comments)

Ringing tones galore for Windows Mobile Smartphone
Posted on 28-Aug-2003 19:00Tags News, Software

Users of Windows Mobile Smartphone can download a pack of ringtones specially made for this platform (including SPV, QTEK 7070 and iMate) from the smartphonethoughts website. This is the second on a series of eight packs. Comments (Comments)

Nokia announced its strategy to go for the next billion customers
Posted on 28-Aug-2003 07:38Tags News, Mobile

The plan involves more mobile on developing markets, with new low cost mobile phone models, the Nokia 1100 and Nokia 2300. Comments (Comments)

EA Games to develop games for N-Gage
Posted on 28-Aug-2003 07:33Tags News, Mobile

Nokia announced that Electronic Arts (EA) Games will develop software for the N-Gage platform... Hmmm, Battlefield 1942 over Bluetooth anyone? Comments (Comments)

Pizza Hut's latest topping: SMS
Posted on 27-Aug-2003 23:33Tags News, Mobile

Pizza Hut New Zealand is using a service where customers can order pizza by sending a SMS with their orders. Comments (Comments)

The eWallet competition results are out.. Check your e-mail inbox!
Posted on 27-Aug-2003 22:09Tags News, Site related

I've sent e-mails to the winners in our eWallet competition. Comments (Comments)

After the slow SMS start in U.S. it's now the time for a slow MMS start
Posted on 27-Aug-2003 21:03Tags News, Mobile

The Forbes Magazine discusses what's wrong with this picture. What users don't know about the limits on MMS, and how things don't quite work the way it should. Comments (Comments)

Intel begins the countdown to One Unwired Day
Posted on 27-Aug-2003 20:36Tags News, Wi-Fi

On 25 September 2003 mobile PC users can enjoy a free trial of public wireless Internet access at thousands of public wi-fi hotspot locations across the United States, through a nationwide event called "One Unwired Day". Comments (Comments)

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