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Sony Ericsson first push-to-talk EDGE mobile phone
Posted on 16-Jul-2004 08:44Tags News, EDGE

The Z500i is a clamshell mobile phone with VGA camera. The S710 was also announced. Comments (Comments)

Geekzone rated #8 in Top Ten IT/Media sites in New Zealand
Posted on 15-Jul-2004 23:32Tags News, Site related

The 2004 Top 10 New Zealand Website Awards were announced and published on NZ Marketing Magazine, based on statistical data collected by HitWise. Comments (Comments)

Singtel offering RIM Blackberry
Posted on 15-Jul-2004 23:09Tags News, BlackBerry

Corporate customers will have access to Blackberry devices and services from 16 July. Comments (Comments)

Sony Ericsson announces the P910 smartphone
Posted on 15-Jul-2004 22:25Tags News, Hardware

Widest choice of input methods, including thumb keyboard and added memory. Comments (Comments)

SyChip joins Palm OS Ready program and deliver wi-fi connectivity solutions
Posted on 15-Jul-2004 17:08Tags News, Palm

PalmSource and SyChip collaborate to deliver wi-fi connectivity modules for Palm OS licensees. Comments (Comments)

Spb Time free skins available from developer
Posted on 15-Jul-2004 08:00Tags News, Software

Spb Software House has released 11 new skins for the Spb Time software for Pocket PC. Comments (Comments)

Aeon of Discovery update
Posted on 15-Jul-2004 07:57Tags News, Software

Trisystech has released a new version of this game, with some bug fixes and new features during game play. Comments (Comments)

WLAN diagnostic tools AirMagnet Mobile 4.0 for Pocket PC
Posted on 14-Jul-2004 21:02Tags News, Software

AirMagnet unveils its fourth generation of WLAN analysis product for handhelds and laptops. Comments (Comments)

Dell releases updated ROM for Axim X30
Posted on 14-Jul-2004 20:22Tags News, Software

New software enhances wireless security and SDIO bus driver. Comments (Comments)

Mobile Mail for Novell GroupWise on palmOne Treo 600
Posted on 14-Jul-2004 08:10Tags News, Software

New push e-mail tool for palmOne based smartphone device. Comments (Comments)

Updated Visto Mobile Enterprise Server for OTA synchronisation
Posted on 14-Jul-2004 08:04Tags News, Computing

Now with support for Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket Phone Edition and Smartphone. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft Reader for Pocket PC now compatible with Second Edition
Posted on 14-Jul-2004 07:47Tags News, Software

New version supports landscape, pan and zoom and screen rotation. Comments (Comments)

3 megapixel camera phone from Samsung
Posted on 14-Jul-2004 07:38Tags News, Mobile

First one to come with 3x optical zoom and video recording direct to a TV-OUT connector. Comments (Comments)

Free Java Bluetooth Developer Kit for Linux
Posted on 14-Jul-2004 07:23Tags News, Bluetooth

Rococo Software has released the latest version of its DK for Linux. The product release is free for non-commercial Bluetooth projects. Comments (Comments)

Is it stressful like going to the dentist?
Posted on 13-Jul-2004 22:22Tags News, Mobile

To promote their phone backup service FusionOne comissioned a poll that shows the strees of losing a mobile phone. Is it worst then a parking ticket? Comments (Comments)

NTT DoCoMo launches first 3G FOMA and wi-fi mobile phone
Posted on 13-Jul-2004 22:02Tags News, 3G

Phone will allow roaming between FOMA and wireless network. Comments (Comments)

Problems with Pocket PC Time Zone feature?
Posted on 13-Jul-2004 21:42Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

The Time Zone feature of Outlook and Pocket Outlook is probably the most misunderstood concept implemented in any modern computing device. Comments (Comments)

AT&T Wireless EDGE service goes global
Posted on 13-Jul-2004 21:18Tags News, EDGE

A new tri-band PC Card, the Sony Ericsson GC-83 is now available. Card is currently free after rebate. Comments (Comments)

Telecom New Zealand launches wireless hotspot service
Posted on 13-Jul-2004 18:13Tags News, Wi-Fi

The new service allows Xtra customers to connect to hotspots around New Zealand. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft to launch Windows Marketplace
Posted on 13-Jul-2004 08:13Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Users will have access to a new hardware and software store, accessible from Internet Explorer and the Start menu on Windows XP. Comments (Comments)

Spb Software Extended Theme Generator released
Posted on 13-Jul-2004 07:54Tags News, Software

The first free tool for creating landscape and VGA compatible Pocket PC themes. Comments (Comments)

iAnywhere launchs XcelleNet Afaria for Windows Mobile Smartphone
Posted on 12-Jul-2004 22:57Tags News, Software

XcelleNet Afaria is the first solution to combine critical Windows Mobile Smartphone security and device management capabilities in a single console. Comments (Comments)

Windows Portable Media Center available for pre-order
Posted on 12-Jul-2004 10:52Tags News, Portable Media Center

Amazon is now taking orders for the upcoming Windows Portable Media Center devices. Comments (Comments)

Implementing the iPOD Rendezvous with a Pocket PC
Posted on 11-Jul-2004 21:55Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Simeda posted instructions on how to use its Pocketster application as an Apple iPOD Rendezvous enabler. Comments (Comments)

StanaPhone extending reach of free calls
Posted on 10-Jul-2004 12:36Tags News, VoIP

The company is planning a Bonus Credit for users, replacing the free minutes initial offer. Comments (Comments)

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