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ATI delivers first 3D gaming chip for mobile phones
Posted on 10-Jan-2004 09:28Tags News, Gaming

Playing 3D enabled games on mobile phones is now possible thanks to the new Imageon 2300 multimedia and graphics family of co-processors from ATI Technologies Comments (Comments)

SanDisk launches Memory Stick PRO 2GB
Posted on 9-Jan-2004 21:07Tags News, Computing

SanDisk introduced a line of Memory Stick cards ranging from 256MB to 2GB, the highest capacity available in this card format to date. Comments (Comments)

British Telecom to implement SMS-to-voice service
Posted on 9-Jan-2004 19:06Tags News, Mobile

'Synthesised lady' to pass on SMS messages to fixed- line phones Comments (Comments)

Verizon Wireless to invest US$1 billion in new CDMA 3G network
Posted on 9-Jan-2004 17:00Tags News, Mobile

Powered by CDMA2000 1xEVDO 3G, the service will provide users with average user speeds of 300-500kbps. Comments (Comments)

TiltCONTROL gives a twist to Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Posted on 9-Jan-2004 09:49Tags News, Computing

The TiltCONTROL device contains a tiny Accelerometer, which can be used to measure the horizontal and vertical tilt of itself. This tilt angle information is transferred to the attached mobile computing device, where it is processed. Use it to control your handheld. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft Voice Command to have trial version and support for multiple languages
Posted on 9-Jan-2004 08:44Tags News, Software

Company plans to introduce Voice Command to Windows Mobile Smartphones too. Comments (Comments)

Pen&Internet demonstrate handwriting recognition on Antelope MCC
Posted on 9-Jan-2004 08:35Tags News, Computing

Pen&Internet's handwriting recognition solutions enhance productivity of Ultra Personal Computers (uPC). Comments (Comments)

Plantronics M3500 Bluetooth headset introduces Audio IQ and DSP
Posted on 9-Jan-2004 08:18Tags News, Bluetooth

The company promisses better sound quality on both ends of the conversation. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft unveils its Connected Concept cars
Posted on 9-Jan-2004 08:12Tags News, Computing

Usng a Hummer H2, Cadillac CTS and BMW X5, the company showed PDA, mobile phone and speech recognition integration. Comments (Comments)

Handmark previews new Wireless Express mobile information application
Posted on 9-Jan-2004 08:01Tags News, Computing

The product is a wireless information application designed to make the most wanted information faster and easier to access than with the micro-browsers found on wireless PDAs and smartphones. Comments (Comments)

Use your mobile phone to board that plane
Posted on 9-Jan-2004 07:55Tags News, Mobile

Telenor and the airline company "Norwegian" have entered into a partnership that enables customers to order and purchase air tickets for "Norwegian" flights via their mobile terminals. Customers will then use their mobile phones as tickets at check-in. Comments (Comments)

PalmSource creates Expert Guides
Posted on 9-Jan-2004 07:51Tags News, Palm

The company relies on volunteers to produce a massive directory of applications. Comments (Comments)

GN Netcom introduces dual-use Bluetooth headset device
Posted on 9-Jan-2004 05:58Tags News, Bluetooth

GN Netcom created a line of Bluetooth headset that work with mobile and desk phones, switching between different phones. The GN 6110 Headset has a foldable design and the GN 6210 Headset uses the same Jabra FreeSpeak design. Comments (Comments)

OQO Ultra Personal Computer is a Windows XP laptop shrunk to pocket size
Posted on 8-Jan-2004 20:31Tags News, Computing

As a standalone device, the OQO computer slips easily into a shirt pocket and is a complete Windows XP wireless handheld computer. Comments (Comments)

NewsGator online services provides access to syndicated content from multiple devices and platforms
Posted on 8-Jan-2004 18:21Tags News, Computing

NewsGator online services subscribers can synchronize subscriptions between multiple machines, access content from any web browser, POP3 e-mail client or mobile device. Comments (Comments)

T-Mobile to launch Sony Ericsson T630 in Europe
Posted on 8-Jan-2004 17:56Tags News, Mobile

The tri-band Bluetooth enabled mobile phone from Sony Ericsson will be part of an exclusive partnership. Comments (Comments)

Another small hard drive: Toshiba sub-inch HDD with 2GB and 4GB for mobile devices
Posted on 8-Jan-2004 17:25Tags News, Computing

Toshiba Storage Device Division (SDD) announced the development of a 0.85-inch hard disk drive (HDD), the first drive to deliver multi-gigabyte storage in a sub-one-inch form factor. Comments (Comments)

MovianVPN now included in Motorola A760 Linux based mobile phone
Posted on 8-Jan-2004 07:34Tags News, 3G

Motorola uses embedded VPN client to offer transparent and efficient security to enterprise users. Comments (Comments)

Emirates and Tenzing redefine airline travel with inflight e-mail
Posted on 8-Jan-2004 07:28Tags News, Mobile

New offering features first wi-fi wireless connectivity for laptops. The ultra-long-range Airbus A340-500 will be the first aircraft to include an onboard wireless LAN certified for passengers' own Wi-Fi-enabled laptop computers. Comments (Comments)

Wireless headset foneGear offers 25 hours talk time
Posted on 8-Jan-2004 07:21Tags News, Mobile

The first non RF magnetic communication device gives three months stand by from a single AA battery. Comments (Comments)

Audiovox introduces new Pocket PC Phone Edition
Posted on 8-Jan-2004 07:08Tags News, Phone Edition

The new PPC 5050 is based on the HTC Falcon design and works on CDMA2000 1xEVDO and 1xRTT platforms. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft SPOT watches now available at Amazon
Posted on 7-Jan-2004 23:19Tags News, MSN Direct (SPOT)

A line of MSN Direct SPOT watches is now available from Amazon, and the MSN Direct website is now available. Comments (Comments)

Symbian coming closer to 3G
Posted on 7-Jan-2004 21:53Tags News, 3G

Dilithium Networks joins Symbian Platinum Partner program, bringin experience and 3G technology to the platform. Comments (Comments)

RealNetworks launches new RealPlayer software and store, including handheld versions
Posted on 7-Jan-2004 20:22Tags News, Entertainment

The new software, RealPlayer 10, includes MPEG4-ACC technology, making it another contender for mobile video. Versions for Windows and Palm OS available. Comments (Comments)

Washington DC bans mobile phone while driving
Posted on 7-Jan-2004 17:47Tags News, Mobile

Washington DC joins other states and countries where it is an offence to talk on a mobile phone while driving. Bluetooth headsets perfect for this situation. Comments (Comments)

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