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Bluetooth legal in Israel now
Posted on 26-Sep-2003 07:44Tags News, Bluetooth

In the past Israel reserved the ISM band for military use, outlawing the use of Bluetooth devices. Israeli retailers selling advanced handsets had to neutralise their Bluetooth capabilities before sale. Now all that will become a thing of the past. Comments (Comments)

When is it time to announce a converged device a flop?
Posted on 26-Sep-2003 07:40Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Wireless News Factor draws a comparison between the new Handspring Treo 600 and the Hitachi G1000 offered by Sprint. Comments (Comments)

Nokia launches Imagewear products
Posted on 25-Sep-2003 22:22Tags News, Mobile

Just after the news of the Nokia 7600 came out, Nokia announced Imagewear. Great wearable imaging products, but where's Bluetooth? Comments (Comments)

New Nokia 7600 dressed to impress
Posted on 25-Sep-2003 22:06Tags News, Mobile

In a bold move, Nokia launched the 7600 to impress 3G users. Comments (Comments)

Campaign for one million SMS to extend GE moratorium in New Zealand
Posted on 25-Sep-2003 21:04Tags News, Mobile

Take 5 is a national campaign to extend the GE (genetically modified) moratorium in New Zealand. One of the ways people can vote is by sending SMS. Comments (Comments)

Is this the Pocket PC Telecom New Zealand should offer?
Posted on 25-Sep-2003 20:51Tags News, Phone Edition

I know it's hard to find CDMA enabled Pocket PC Phone edition PDA, but the successor to the Audiovox Thera seems to a good find. Comments (Comments)

Benq's next smartphone to use Symbian OS and TI OMAP processors
Posted on 25-Sep-2003 19:53Tags News, Symbian

The Benq P30 will run Symbian UIQ, the OS already used by Sony Ericsson P800 and Motorola A920. The phone will be powered by TI's OMAP processors. Comments (Comments)

Palm OS 5 is stable enough to be further developed as a pure telephony OS fo smartphones
Posted on 25-Sep-2003 19:27Tags News, Development

PalmSource CEO told journalists during the developer conference in Munich that Palm OS 5 is mature enough to be used on mass-market handsets, reserving the upcoming Palm OS 6 for high end smartphone devices and PDAs. Comments (Comments)

Philips doing research on reflective display based on electrowetting
Posted on 25-Sep-2003 19:09Tags News, Computing

The technology was presented on the September issue of Nature, where scientists of Philips presented the technology for reflective, paper-like displays. Comments (Comments)

MSDN Chats and Microsoft Webcasts for the next couple of weeks
Posted on 25-Sep-2003 15:54Tags News, Development

A reminder of a couple of webcasts on development for Windows Mobile devices coming soon. Comments (Comments)

180 million mobile subscribers in US, 400 million in China by 2007
Posted on 24-Sep-2003 21:53Tags News, Mobile

The Research Room group published a free report with mobile subscription forecast s for 77 countries around the world. Comments (Comments)

Winner of Ericsson Frontier competition announced
Posted on 24-Sep-2003 21:36Tags News, Mobile

New Zealand company I.T Link Limited has won Ericsson’s 2003 Frontier competition beating 5 other finalists from both sides of the Tasman. Comments (Comments)

wi-fi via SMS
Posted on 24-Sep-2003 20:56Tags News, Wi-Fi

SingTel launches a novel way for users to pay for wi-fi: SMS. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone ready to launch Lara Croft
Posted on 24-Sep-2003 19:49Tags News, Gaming

Vodafone, the world’s largest mobile community, and Eidos, one of the world’s leading publishers and developers of entertainment software today announce an exclusive agreement in 22 countries for mobile entertainment content based on the highly-successful Tomb Raider series. Comments (Comments)

Palm OS 6 finished by 29th December
Posted on 24-Sep-2003 10:09Tags News, Development

Palmsource announcement of its next generation OS during a Munich developer seminar promisses lots for the platform. Comments (Comments)

70% of Chinese wireless developers will deploy applications by Fall 2004
Posted on 23-Sep-2003 22:20Tags News, Wireless

Interesting thing is that Bluetooth makes the majority of the development. Comments (Comments)

Will mobile payment finally lift off?
Posted on 23-Sep-2003 22:13Tags News, Mobile

Nokia and Visa announced developement in mobile payment, by including eletronic wallet software in new mobile phones. Comments (Comments)

Nokia promotes Game Battle
Posted on 23-Sep-2003 22:07Tags News, Gaming

A competition to find the best mobile online game for the N-Gage platform. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone and Telstra Wholesale in deal to share network
Posted on 23-Sep-2003 22:02Tags News, Mobile

In an industry first, Vodafone Australia and Telstra Wholesale announced a network partnering trial. Comments (Comments)

Security on a Pocket PC: Is Windows Mobile 2003 More Secure?
Posted on 23-Sep-2003 21:52Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Chris De Herrera publishes on CEWindows.Net an interesting article on security and the new OS version for Pocket PCs. Comments (Comments)

3 UK brings MTV to mobile video
Posted on 23-Sep-2003 21:39Tags News, 3G

The 3G operator 3 signed an agreement with the MTV channel to broadcast content on its UMTS network. Comments (Comments)

Darthmouth College offering VoIP to its students - and Pocket PC and Palms are next
Posted on 23-Sep-2003 21:27Tags News, Wi-Fi

The Darthmouth College is pioneering again by enabling VoIP over wireless networks to 1000 students in its campus. Comments (Comments)

Study in UK shows that 25% of drivers use SMS behind the wheels
Posted on 23-Sep-2003 08:26Tags News, Palm

And not only reading, but writing too... Comments (Comments)

Palm in more them 30 million devices
Posted on 23-Sep-2003 08:22Tags News, Palm

PalmSource announced that Palm powered devices passed the 30 million mark worldwide. Comments (Comments)

Boingo Wirelless wiil be part of Intel's One Unwired Day
Posted on 23-Sep-2003 08:16Tags News, Wi-Fi

25th September will the One Unwired day promoted by Intel, and Boingo wireless will provide free access to their services in special locations. Comments (Comments)

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