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Sony Clie TJ27 write up on PDA Buyers Guide
Posted on 12-Feb-2004 14:50Tags News, Palm

Lisa Grade has published a good summary of features available on the latest Sony Clie TJ27. Comments (Comments)

DataViz Documents To Go Professional included with new Sony Clie models
Posted on 11-Feb-2004 22:02Tags News, Software

The Professional Edition allows Clie users to take Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and view and edit them on their handheld. Comments (Comments)

Motorola launches three new push-to-talk (PTT) enabled mobile phones
Posted on 11-Feb-2004 21:51Tags News, Mobile

New line includes a quad-band GSM mobile phone and two CDMA models. Comments (Comments)

Intel software for upcoming Bulverde mobile processor
Posted on 11-Feb-2004 20:04Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Intel releases software products to simplify application development for desktop and wireless platforms. Comments (Comments)

PalmSource expands Java support with IBM WebSphere
Posted on 11-Feb-2004 19:13Tags News, Development

IBM's WebSphere MicroEnvironment (WME) Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) certified runtime environment and WebSphere Studio Device Developer (WSDD) toolset licensed for integration into the Palm OS platform. Comments (Comments)

Pocket Solution for checking e-mails on the move
Posted on 11-Feb-2004 18:12Tags News, Software

Pocket Email Checker from XemiComputers provides full control over POP3 email accounts through your Pocket PC when away from desktop computer's arsenal. Comments (Comments)

AnexTEK SP230 Pocket PC Phone Edition summary
Posted on 11-Feb-2004 18:08Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

The Pocket PC Reviews website gives us a first look at the handsome AnexTEK SP230, with a top-notch design that makes few compromises to either phone or PDA functions. Comments (Comments)

Spike Lee "Secret Agent Man" promotes MSN direct SPOT service
Posted on 11-Feb-2004 09:13Tags News, MSN Direct (SPOT)

Microsoft will release “Secret Agent Man,” a movie to promote MSN Direct, starring and directed by Spike Lee. The screening is invite only, with just a handful of people on the guest list. But why sit there wishing you could be there? You can see it at SPOTstop.com has it for you now. Comments (Comments)

Wave of software announcements for Palm OS Cobalt
Posted on 11-Feb-2004 08:50Tags News, Software

With the official announcement of a new OS, companies work hard to show new features and enhancements. Comments (Comments)

T-Mobile customers now have acccess to Treo 600
Posted on 11-Feb-2004 08:40Tags News, Palm

Smartphone to be available across the US on T-Mobile's GSM/GPRS network. Comments (Comments)

O2 Extends Text Messaging East and West
Posted on 11-Feb-2004 08:21Tags News, Palm

O2 customers in the UK and Ireland will soon be able to exchange text messages (SMS) with mobile users throughout North America as well as send messages to users in Japan and subscribers of Telecom New Zealand. Comments (Comments)

NVIDIA to bring advanced graphics for Palm OS Cobalt
Posted on 11-Feb-2004 08:15Tags News, Palm

NVIDIA joins existing Palm OS Ready Partners Intel, ATI, M-Systems, Motorola, Samsung Semiconductor and Texas Instruments. Comments (Comments)

Mark/Space promisses Mac synchronisation for Palm OS Cobalt when first devices out
Posted on 11-Feb-2004 08:09Tags News, Palm

Mark/Space, makers of the Missing Sync software family, announced plans for a new release of Missing Sync for Palm OS, to be released later this year in anticipation of the first Palm OS Cobalt devices. It will also include support for Tapwave Zodiac devices. Comments (Comments)

PalmSource offers new software development tools
Posted on 11-Feb-2004 08:04Tags News, Development

Palmsource introduced a new set of development tools, called Palm OS Developer Suite, to support the new Palm OS Cobalt and Palm OS Garnet. Comments (Comments)

PalmSource Introduces Palm OS Cobalt
Posted on 11-Feb-2004 08:02Tags News, Palm

Palm OS 6 officially named Palm OS Cobalt, while Palm OS Garnet is the new name for Palm OS 5. Comments (Comments)

PalmSource decided on Access Netfront as browser for Palm OS Cobalt
Posted on 11-Feb-2004 07:51Tags News, Palm

The Access NetFront Browser Engine has been selected as the core technology by PalmSource for the new Palm OS Cobalt Web Browser. Comments (Comments)

AT&T Wireless kicks off Text Voting on third season of American Idol
Posted on 10-Feb-2004 20:20Tags News, Mobile

Who will win America's heart during the show's third season? Comments (Comments)

Zaurus SL-C860 write up at PDA Buyer's Guide
Posted on 10-Feb-2004 19:35Tags News, Computing

Lisa Grade, editor at PDA Buyer's Guide, posted her views on the Zaurus SL-C860 Linux based PDA. Comments (Comments)

iVoice explains patent of talking bottle technology
Posted on 10-Feb-2004 07:34Tags News, Wi-Fi

In a recent release iVoice announced the patent of a new technology that can make prescription instructions easy to understand, by giving voice instructions to patients. Comments (Comments)

Sybase's new version of Pocket PowerBuilder
Posted on 10-Feb-2004 07:27Tags News, Development

New version of Sybase's mobile and wireless Rapid Application Development tool for Pocket PC now available. Comments (Comments)

More games for N-Gage coming from Sega
Posted on 9-Feb-2004 22:17Tags News, Gaming

Two new Sega titles to be released for the Nokia handheld mobile gaming device include Bluetooth multiplayer. Comments (Comments)

Disney and Microsoft in multimedia deal
Posted on 9-Feb-2004 22:11Tags News, Mobile

Microsoft and Disney announce Agreement to cooperate on digital media and for Disney to license Windows Media Digital Rights Management software. Comments (Comments)

Nokia to acquire Psion shares in Symbian
Posted on 9-Feb-2004 20:51Tags News, Symbian

The value of the transaction will derive from two parts: a fixed portion of £93.5 million, and a variable payment of £0.84 from Nokia to Psion for each Symbian OS device sold during 2004 and 2005. Comments (Comments)

Surveylab shows the Ike handheld device
Posted on 9-Feb-2004 20:00Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Ike is a handheld data capture device that integrates GPS, an electronic compass, a laser distance meter, an inclinometer, a digital camera, and a Pocket PC 2003 computer into one easy-to-use, robust and cost effective unit ideal for GIS and other surveys. Comments (Comments)

PDACorps write about Monopoly for Pocket PC
Posted on 8-Feb-2004 12:32Tags News, Games

Interested to know more about this version of the world famous game? PDACorps posted a write up. Comments (Comments)

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