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New use for camera mobile phones: book shopping
Posted on 2-Oct-2003 07:53Tags News, Mobile

A company is using Amazon Web Services and its technology to allow users to upload a picture of the book's ISBN and see Amazon prices quote on the phone. Comments (Comments)

Three content doesn't make users happy
Posted on 2-Oct-2003 07:44Tags News, 3G

3 UK is touting the benefits of having their walled-garden content at high-speed - again. But some report it is not all that. Comments (Comments)

Motorola i930 Windows Mobile smartphone in the Nextel's lineup for 2004
Posted on 2-Oct-2003 07:37Tags News, Mobile

Rumours started for new Motorola smartphones for next year, including the i930. Comments (Comments)

Handango offers '1 for 1' for New Palm Tungsten T3, Tungsten E and Zire 21 software
Posted on 1-Oct-2003 19:44Tags News, Palm

Celebrating the launch of the Palm Tungsten T3, Tungsten E and Zire 21 handhelds, Handango is offering a "1 for 1" software promotion in conjunction with Palm. Over the month of October, customers who buy any of the three new handhelds can download an application from a selection of dollar menu software titles. Comments (Comments)

Palm Zire 21 out now
Posted on 1-Oct-2003 16:27Tags News, Palm

Palm released a new Zire entry level model offering more memory and software applications on a faster processor. Comments (Comments)

3G signals can cause nausea and headache
Posted on 1-Oct-2003 08:10Tags News, 3G

According to Reuters a study shows that there's this possibility of 3G signals can cause nausea and headache. But cognitive functions such as memory and response time can be boosted. Comments (Comments)

Palm Tungsten T3 and Tungsten TE out now
Posted on 1-Oct-2003 07:36Tags News, Palm

Palm releases information about the Tungsten 3 (T3) and Tungsten E (TE). Comments (Comments)

Cingular GSM network outage affected 900,000 users across U.S.
Posted on 30-Sep-2003 20:54Tags News, Mobile

According to Infoworld a failure in one HLR in Atlanta caused the problem that affected 900,000 mobile phone users. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone UK and British Telecom teamed to offer wi-fi access
Posted on 30-Sep-2003 20:22Tags News, Wi-Fi

Vodafone UK signed an agreement with BT Openzone to allow its customers access to wi-fi hotspots. Comments (Comments)

Handango announces Software Award Winners
Posted on 30-Sep-2003 19:50Tags News, Computing

The Handango People's Choice Awards are designed to honor those applications that offer customers the best quality available in the mobile software world. Comments (Comments)

Palm stockholder meeting for important decisions
Posted on 30-Sep-2003 19:44Tags News, Palm

Palm sets 28th October for a stockholder meeting to vote on PalmSource spin-off and Handspring acquisition Comments (Comments)

Ericsson Mobility World promoting Developer Day for Australia and New Zealand
Posted on 30-Sep-2003 19:35Tags News, Mobile

A full day with seminars and presentations. Hear from Ericsson technical specialists, the operators, developer success stories and other industry experts. New Zealand Developer day in Auckland. Comments (Comments)

Nokia 3660 to replace the 3650
Posted on 30-Sep-2003 18:12Tags News, Mobile

The Nokia 3650 is a brilliant mobile phone based on the Symbian OS. But the odd shaped keypad is soon to be replaced by a more "normal" style. Comments (Comments)

wi-fi handset from Pulver
Posted on 30-Sep-2003 08:16Tags News, Wi-Fi

Pulver introduced their first wi-fi SIP phone during the Fall 2003 VON conference. The handset works with his Free World Dial Up service. Comments (Comments)

Motorola thinks its mobile phone range is well positioned for seasons sale
Posted on 30-Sep-2003 08:09Tags News, Mobile

Like research companies said before camera mobile phones will probably be the big electronic gift this year - and Motorola wants to be there when it happens. Comments (Comments)

PDACorps review of Pocket mini golf
Posted on 30-Sep-2003 08:02Tags News, Software

We've seen golf simulators in desktops and PDA - but I think a mini golf game is something new. PDACorps posted a review of this fun game. Comments (Comments)

Verizon Wireless deploy 3G network in Washington DC and San Diego
Posted on 30-Sep-2003 07:48Tags News, Mobile

Verizon Wireless 1xEVDO network up and running, offering flat rate 300kbps 3G mobile connections for a flat rate of US$79.99. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone GPRS roaming now as flat fee in Europe
Posted on 29-Sep-2003 19:58Tags News, Mobile

Vodafone announced a simplified pricing structure for data roaming in Europe. Comments (Comments)

Logitech Bluetooth products how-to
Posted on 29-Sep-2003 12:59Tags News, Bluetooth

Logitech launched their Bluetooth mouse and keyboard combo and added much more than Microsoft's equivalient. And with good instructions too. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone will not deploy wi-fi hotspots, but will implement roaming
Posted on 29-Sep-2003 08:05Tags News, Wi-Fi

Vodafone UK decided to stay out of wi-fi hotspots - but users will have alternatives to access wireless LANs when needed. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft going after telecom market
Posted on 29-Sep-2003 07:42Tags News, Mobile

Microsoft creates unit for mobile content delivery, and appoints telecommunication executive. Comments (Comments)

Xybernaut granted european patent for mobile computer
Posted on 28-Sep-2003 17:13Tags News, Computing

More from the "patents that will create confusion and reduce end user options in the future" department: a patent for a "body worn mobile computer that is activated using speech, eye, and/or brain activation and having an attachment mechanism to attach the device to the user." Comments (Comments)

Qantas to offer in-flight two-way SMS in all classes
Posted on 27-Sep-2003 09:54Tags News, Mobile

And a month of free, unlimited use of the new Qantas Short Message Service (SMS) system, launched with the airline's new International Business Class. Comments (Comments)

55 Million SMS sent per day in UK, during August 2003
Posted on 27-Sep-2003 09:48Tags News, Mobile

The Mobile Data Association announced that the total number of chargeable person-to-person text messages sent across the four UK GSM networks reached 55 million per day during August 2003. This compares to UK daily averages of 45 million in August 2002 and 34 million in August 2001. Comments (Comments)

O2 set to release Nokia N-Gage
Posted on 27-Sep-2003 09:25Tags News, Gaming

O2 is now advertising the N-Nokia Gage mobile gaming platform, and with some deals to go. Comments (Comments)

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