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Study in UK shows that 25% of drivers use SMS behind the wheels
Posted on 23-Sep-2003 08:26Tags News, Palm

And not only reading, but writing too... Comments (Comments)

Palm in more them 30 million devices
Posted on 23-Sep-2003 08:22Tags News, Palm

PalmSource announced that Palm powered devices passed the 30 million mark worldwide. Comments (Comments)

Boingo Wirelless wiil be part of Intel's One Unwired Day
Posted on 23-Sep-2003 08:16Tags News, Wi-Fi

25th September will the One Unwired day promoted by Intel, and Boingo wireless will provide free access to their services in special locations. Comments (Comments)

EA brings NCAA Football 2004 to the Nokia N-Gage
Posted on 23-Sep-2003 08:12Tags News, Gaming

EA NCAA Football 2004 will enable N-Gage multiplayer over Bluetooth. Comments (Comments)

HP released an advisory for customers experiencing problem while upgrading their H3970
Posted on 23-Sep-2003 08:07Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

An error during the H3970 ROM upgrade seems to be caused by Windows 98 ME, and can be corrected by following simple instructions. Comments (Comments)

AOL and Cingular now offer IM over SMS
Posted on 22-Sep-2003 21:37Tags News, Mobile

Cingular promisses to have the AOL Instant Messenger fully integrated to their SMS service by the end of the year. Comments (Comments)

Official now: Nokia completed transaction
Posted on 22-Sep-2003 20:29Tags News, Gaming

Announced 19th August the transaction had to go through approvals, but Nokia just issued a press release confirming the transaction is now completed. is the on-line gaming platform for the Nokia N-Gage. Comments (Comments)

SMS spread boycott day in Nigeria
Posted on 22-Sep-2003 20:05Tags News, Mobile

According to reports, the National Association of GSM Subscribers of Nigeria and the Consumers Rights Project called for a one day boycott of GSM phone usage to try and reduce costs and increase coverage. Comments (Comments)

Great Mio8380 review at
Posted on 22-Sep-2003 19:49Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

The website posted a review full of images of the Mitac Mio8380 with Windows Smartphone 2002 OS. Comments (Comments)

Photos of new Palm TE available now
Posted on 22-Sep-2003 19:18Tags News, Palm jumped the gun and had time to play with the new Palm entry level handheld, the Palm TE. Comments (Comments)

Blackberry 7230 review on PC Magazine
Posted on 21-Sep-2003 23:23Tags News, BlackBerry

The October issue of PC Magazine published a Blackberry 7230 review. The Blackberry 7230 is the first colour screen RIM product. Comments (Comments)

What's in our letter to Santa this year? CNN Money lists the gadgets more likely to be
Posted on 20-Sep-2003 11:39Tags News, Mobile

CNN Money declares chocolates, CDs, ties and cute mugs are old stuff. To score big points over the holidays, go for a new line of consumer electronics products. Comments (Comments)

Mobile phone wishlist - a class discussion
Posted on 20-Sep-2003 10:03Tags News, Mobile

The Keitai log is a web diary by a group of Tokyo college students who are researching the changing role of cell phones in Japanese society. This post discusses thing mobile phones can not do now, but would be part of a "wish list". Comments (Comments)

Warfare Incorporated review on Pocket PC Thoughts
Posted on 20-Sep-2003 09:58Tags News, Games

The team at Pocket PC Thoughts played with this new game title and exposed it in a full review. Comments (Comments)

Mitac Mio8390 photos and specification
Posted on 20-Sep-2003 09:55Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

The website published specs and photos of the new Mitac Mio8390, a new Windows Mobile 2003 powered smartphone. It's a really nice looking phone. Still, no Bluetooth. Comments (Comments)

Is 3G here yet or are we stuck on 2.5G?
Posted on 19-Sep-2003 23:24Tags News, 3G

Great article on News Factor Network, about 3G concepts, how public perceive this and how carriers market this. Comments from Yankee Group ad Datacom Research authors. Comments (Comments)

3 offering free 3G mobile phone - in Italy
Posted on 19-Sep-2003 22:27Tags News, 3G

New subscribers on the 3G operator 3 (in Italy) will get a free 3G video mobile phone and cheaper call rates. Comments (Comments)

Palm revenue goes up, net loss down in last quarter
Posted on 19-Sep-2003 22:08Tags News, Palm

Palm disclosed results including a total of 645,000 Palm handhelds sold during the quarter ended August 2003. Comments (Comments)

The Register review of the Treo 600 on Orange network
Posted on 19-Sep-2003 08:13Tags News, Palm

The Register published a hands on review on the new Handspring Treo 600 just released in Europe. Comments (Comments)

Technology section of Wall Street Journal publishes Treo 600 review
Posted on 19-Sep-2003 08:11Tags News, Palm

Walter Mossbert's piece praises the new converged device based on Palm OS. Comments (Comments)

Nokia to use high tech to upload images from the Emmy's Red Carpet
Posted on 19-Sep-2003 08:00Tags News, Computing

Users can send SMS to request observation cameras to take photos of celebrities in the red carpet. Comments (Comments)

MessagEase device independent text entry software shown at DEMOMobile 2003
Posted on 19-Sep-2003 07:54Tags News, Computing

A new version of MessagEase was shown by ExIdeas during the DEMOMobile 2003. Comments (Comments)

Intel outlines plans for wireless notebook PCs, mobile phones and handhelds
Posted on 18-Sep-2003 17:45Tags News, Computing

In a long press release, Intel put in writing its way forward for mobile technologies. The announcement includes enhancements for the Intel XScale technology used in various handhelds and mobile phones. Comments (Comments)

AT&T Wireless takes text messaging global
Posted on 18-Sep-2003 17:23Tags News, Mobile

At last AT&T is offering international SMS to its customers. Comments (Comments)

Skweezer integrated into school districtís wireless initiative
Posted on 18-Sep-2003 17:15Tags News, Computing

Greenlight Wireless and the Lake Havasu Unified School District will be using Greenlight Wirelessí Skweezer service in program to evaluate Pocket PC in the classroom. Comments (Comments)

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