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Another mobile phone controlled car
Posted on 1-Nov-2003 21:08Tags News, Gaming

Do you have a Nokia mobile phone and like the idea of mobile phone controlled mini car, like the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Car-100? The Phone Racer is not Bluetooth but can be controlled from a Nokia mobile phone. Comments (Comments)

Dual screen PDA research underway
Posted on 1-Nov-2003 10:11Tags News, Computing

IBM is researching ways to improve PDA displays. Comments (Comments)

Nokia 610 car kit phone simplifies automotive communications
Posted on 1-Nov-2003 10:05Tags News, Bluetooth

Nokia launched the first car kit with dashboard display to use Bluetooth SAP (SIM Access Profile). Comments (Comments)

iPod Bluetooth transmitter to be in the market by 2004
Posted on 1-Nov-2003 00:14Tags News, iPod

Bluetooth hi-fi stereo technology from Infinite Range will power an iPod add-on device that promisses to stream music over Bluetooth. The technology can be used for other stereo devices too, including Pocket PCs and other PDAs. Comments (Comments)

Japanese NTT DoCoMo releases 3G CF cards for Windows CE 3.0 and CE .Net
Posted on 31-Oct-2003 21:26Tags News, 3G

NTT DoCoMo developed its first FOMA compact flash card, P2402, which will enable 3G videophone and other wireless data communication via PCs and PDAs. Comments (Comments)

i-mate Pocket PC Phone Edition review on Pocket PC Dubai
Posted on 31-Oct-2003 19:12Tags News, Phone Edition

Carrier Devices is the distributor of i-mate Pocket PC Phone Edition (HTC Himalaya) and i-mate Smartphone (QTEK 8080) for the Middle East and Australasia. Dubai is the first market to have the new version launched, and the Pocket PC Dubai website posted a detailed review. Comments (Comments)

More than 40 million users of i-Mode in Japan
Posted on 31-Oct-2003 07:50Tags News, Mobile

NTT DoCoMo reported that latest user stats on their i-mode service. Comments (Comments)

Sending SMS to landline on Vodafone Sweden
Posted on 31-Oct-2003 07:43Tags News, Mobile

Vodafone Sweden introduced a service where mobile phone users can send SMS to fixed line numbers. Comments (Comments)

Bluetooth Basic Imaging Profile (BIP) adopted
Posted on 30-Oct-2003 21:44Tags News, Bluetooth

The Bluetooth SIG has adopted the BIP specification. The foundation of the Basic Imaging Profile is a series of constructs that enable Bluetooth devices to negotiate the size and encoding of imaging data to be exchanged. Comments (Comments)

AppForge announces new product to support .NET platform
Posted on 30-Oct-2003 19:20Tags News, Computing

AppForge announced its new product line called Crossfire. Crossfire is AppForge’s mobile and wireless application development environment for Visual Studio .NET 2003 and the .NET Platform. Comments (Comments)

T-Mobile International wins Nokia Series 60 Platform Community award
Posted on 30-Oct-2003 19:16Tags News, GPRS

T-Mobile’s multimedia portal t-zones has been honoured with the most innovative service award during the Series 60 Platform Community Award Ceremony in Nice, France. t-zones was recognized as the most successful service portal that best utilises the rich colour interface and open execution environment of the Series 60 Platform. Comments (Comments)

Telecom New Zealand wi-fi hotspots trial
Posted on 30-Oct-2003 08:33Tags News, Wi-Fi

Telecom New Zealand is conducting a wi-fi hotspot trial in some of New Zealand's airports. Comments (Comments)

How mobile users behave in public?
Posted on 30-Oct-2003 08:28Tags News, Mobile

A survey conduct by Cingular Wireless shows regional differences in the use of mobile phones. Comments (Comments)

One year of Vodafone Live! worldwide: three million users
Posted on 30-Oct-2003 07:55Tags News, GPRS

In Europe, Vodafone Germany alone has over 1 million Vodafone live! customers, with over 710,000 in the UK and more than 430,000 in Italy. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft and Vodafone outline technical roadmap for Mobile Web Services
Posted on 30-Oct-2003 07:48Tags News, Computing

During the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft and Vodafone outlined a technical roadmap for adding mobile Web services to applications. Comments (Comments)

British O2 launches a camera phone to compete with Vodafone Sharp GX10
Posted on 29-Oct-2003 21:24Tags News, Mobile

The X1 is a clamshell mobile phone, with integrated camera and GPRS. Comments (Comments)

On-line petition: Sony Ericsson, please bring UIQ 2.1 for the P800
Posted on 29-Oct-2003 20:42Tags News, Symbian

An on-line petition is going around the Internet, with more than 1300 signatures already, asking Sony Ericsson to release an update to the user interface on the Sony Ericsson P800 Symbian smartphone. Comments (Comments)

TDK Bluetooth USB Adapter on Blueunplugged
Posted on 29-Oct-2003 19:41Tags News, Bluetooth

A lot of people ask about recommendations for Bluetooth adapters - and some can't find a good supplier. I've found Blueunplugged to be quite all right and a good price. Comments (Comments)

A Bluetooth Phone Manager for Gnome Desktop
Posted on 29-Oct-2003 19:23Tags News, Bluetooth

If you're looking for a Gnome Desktop Phone Manager to connect to your mobile via Bluetooth, look at this... Comments (Comments)

Microsoft expands mobile opportunities for Windows developers
Posted on 29-Oct-2003 19:15Tags News, Computing

During the 10th Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft's Mobile Devices Division unveiled plans to deliver a new set of tools, technologies and service offerings, including support for Microsoft Visual Studio "Whidbey", Microsoft .NET Compact Framework "Whidbey" and managed-code APIs, as well as expanded support for various screen resolutions. Comments (Comments)

Bluetooth product shipments surpass one million units per week
Posted on 29-Oct-2003 19:11Tags News, Bluetooth

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the trade association responsible for Bluetooth wireless technology, announced that Bluetooth has made its way into a record number of consumer products. For the first time ever, total Bluetooth product shipments worldwide exceeded one million units per week, in 3rd quarter 2003, according to Matthew Towers of IMS Research which operates a Bluetooth semiconductor volume tracking service. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone to deliver Simpsons content
Posted on 29-Oct-2003 07:59Tags News, GPRS

Vodafone customers, including Australia and New Zealand will have access to ringtones, animated picture messages, wallpapers and screen savers, all branded with "The Simpsons". Comments (Comments)

Multiple media go mobile with the Nokia 7700
Posted on 29-Oct-2003 07:55Tags News, Linux

Nokia is making all its designers work - the latest Nokia 7700 Media Device is really out of this world. A cool media device, including video playback, streaming, camera, FM radio and more. All running on its new Symbian Series 90 system. Comments (Comments)

IDC reports weak quarter for PDA market and decline in year results.
Posted on 28-Oct-2003 23:50Tags News, Computing

The worldwide market for handheld devices grew in the third quarter of 2003, largely due to the introduction of several new devices by Hewlett-Packard. Comments (Comments)

Epson mobile printer supports Bluetooth and wi-fi 802.11b
Posted on 28-Oct-2003 23:43Tags News, Bluetooth

Originally designed for hospitality, the model was expanded and Epson now targets other mobile markets. Comments (Comments)

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