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Palm and Windows Mobile face-off
Posted on 9-Nov-2003 00:57Tags News, Computing

I try to be agnostic when it comes to giving an opinion on the eternal Palm versus Windows Mobile dilemma. Let's see someone's else opinion then. Comments (Comments)

The Melbourne Pocket PC User Group is back
Posted on 8-Nov-2003 23:42Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

With a new format and lots of giveaways, the Melbourne PPC User Group we'll be having its re-launch meeting on Wednesday the 3rd of December starting at 6.00pm. Comments (Comments)

The future of Bluetooth is far from blue
Posted on 8-Nov-2003 23:31Tags News, Bluetooth

The ARChart group prepared an article on current and future Bluetooth trends. Comments (Comments)

Free software for Palm users, from PalmSource
Posted on 8-Nov-2003 15:22Tags News, Palm

To celebrate the launch of PalmSource as a separate company, Palm users can download two featured applications for free. Comments (Comments)

Gartner warns that Symbian may lose the smartphone battle
Posted on 8-Nov-2003 10:37Tags News, Computing

During the Gartner ITExpo Nick Jones, vice president and research fellow at Gartner, said that, while Microsoft did not have a good corporate smartphone today, he believed it would do by the end of 2004. Comments (Comments)

Pocket PC Magazine awards Widcomm BTW-CE
Posted on 8-Nov-2003 10:27Tags News, Development

WIDCOMM's BTW-CE is a development kit Development Kit Receives Prestigious Best
Software Award from Pocket PC Magazine Comments (Comments)

Cingular launches new LG GSM/GPRS mobile phones - no Bluetooth
Posted on 8-Nov-2003 10:24Tags News, Mobile

These are the first GSM mobile phones made by LG, and interesting enough they don't come with Bluetooth. Comments (Comments)

Motorola MPx200 manuals online
Posted on 7-Nov-2003 18:56Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Found on that the manual for the Motorola Windows Mobile Smartphone is now available on-line in Adobe Acrobat format. Comments (Comments)

PalmOne releases patch to fix problem with SD cards and Palm T3
Posted on 7-Nov-2003 14:19Tags News, Palm

Some users (including our reviewer J Shiell) found a problem where Palm T3 PDAs were destroying SD cards. PalmOne now released a patch to fix this and certain audio problems. Comments (Comments)

Toshiba E800 uses PocketGPhone as SIP phone
Posted on 7-Nov-2003 07:58Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

When Toshiba announce their E800/E400 series, they touted these as devices made for VoIP. In their press releases wasn't clear how that could be. It's actually bundling VLI PocketGphone Wireless VoIP Software with these PDAs. Comments (Comments)

Recycle an old mobile phone when moving carriers
Posted on 7-Nov-2003 07:44Tags News, Mobile

With news that million of mobile phones will trashed because of number portability in the United States, companies are now set to get old mobile phones for recycling. Comments (Comments)

Juha Christensen to leave Microsoft Mobile Devices Marketing Group
Posted on 7-Nov-2003 07:33Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Before joining Microsoft, Christensen co-founded Symbian and wrote the company's first business plan. Comments (Comments)

HP releases Bluetooth updates for Windows Mobile 2003
Posted on 7-Nov-2003 07:20Tags News, Software

New software drivers available now for Bluetooth users on H2210 Pocket PCs. Comments (Comments)

British police using Pocket PC Phone Edition to receive CCTV information
Posted on 6-Nov-2003 20:43Tags News, Computing

According to BBC, police is conducting a trial using Pocket PC Phone Edition connected to the mobile network to receive images. Comments (Comments)

Intel researchers develop transistor technologies to fight power and heat issues in future processors
Posted on 6-Nov-2003 20:29Tags News, General

Intel Corporation announced it has identified new materials to replace those that have been used to manufacture chips for more than 30 years. Expect to see faster and smaller processors in the future. Comments (Comments)

Bluetooth Core Specification 1.2 released
Posted on 6-Nov-2003 19:56Tags News, Bluetooth

The new specification is now available for product developers to incorporate it into new designs. Comments (Comments)

Seidio SlimLine Universal Mount Kit
Posted on 6-Nov-2003 19:51Tags News, Computing

The company released new mount kits for use in cars and offices. Most PDAs in the market fit this kit. Comments (Comments)

PC Magazine's 20th Annual Awards for Technical Excellence
Posted on 6-Nov-2003 19:10Tags News, General

PC Magazine, a Ziff Davis Media publication, announced the finalists for the 20th annual Awards for Technical Excellence. The awards recognize the products and influencers that have advanced the state of technology and set new standards for technical innovation. Comments (Comments)

Geekzone on the radio
Posted on 6-Nov-2003 10:08Tags News, Site related

Radionz's Digital Life's Mark Cubey looks at what’s on offer in the portable computer/phone arena and cites Geekzone! Comments (Comments)

Camera-free version of mobile phones requested by companies
Posted on 6-Nov-2003 07:52Tags News, Mobile

Mobile operators are now asking manufacturers to product mobile phones withouth the camera. The trend is the result of security concerns. Comments (Comments)

Mobile phone shipments up again in the 3Q 2003
Posted on 6-Nov-2003 07:44Tags News, Mobile

Worldwide mobile phone shipments up 21.2% in third quarter year-over-year, according to IDC. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft creates rewards program to find virus-writers
Posted on 6-Nov-2003 07:37Tags News, Computing

Microsoft creates a US$5 million reward fund as a part of broader security initiative. Comments (Comments)

NTT DoCoMo announces latest anti-spam measure
Posted on 6-Nov-2003 07:33Tags News, Mobile

Incredible, but spammers even use fast mobile phone connections to send unsolicited e-mail. NTT DoCoMo is working on this, by restricting the number of messages users can send daily. Comments (Comments)

BOnTime 1.6.3 released
Posted on 5-Nov-2003 23:22Tags News, Software

Bsystems updated their BOnTime software based on user's input, including usability features and new packaging. Comments (Comments)

2K introduces Windows Mobile 2003 support on connect2 line of products.
Posted on 5-Nov-2003 19:26Tags News, Software

2K development's bestseller, the connect2-product line, with products like connect2internet and connect2phone, now supports Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC OS. Comments (Comments)

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