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HP budget H1935: similar to H1945, without Bluetooth
Posted on 26-Aug-2003 19:31Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

HP launched a budget Pocket PC with similar form factor to the already in the market H1945, but half the memory and no Bluetooth. This device will sell for US$ 199 after rebates. Comments (Comments)

2LD is here!
Posted on 26-Aug-2003 11:11Tags News, Computing

As some of you know, New Zealand is the first country in the world to have 2LD (second level domain) created for geeks: Comments (Comments)

When the security of your device is not only your problem
Posted on 26-Aug-2003 07:58Tags News, BlackBerry

A VP at Morgan Stanley sells his Blackberry on eBay. And withouth knowing with it goes company e-mails, phone books and secret stuff. Where is the security? Comments (Comments)

McDonald's France join the wi-fi wave
Posted on 23-Aug-2003 13:04Tags News, Wi-Fi

McDonald's is extending the wi-fi service to its French operations, with free wireless access to the internet. Comments (Comments)

The Motorola A760 mobile phone announced February 2003 seems to be out now
Posted on 23-Aug-2003 12:06Tags News, Mobile

The Motorola A760 is the world’s first handset combining a Linux Operating System (OS) and Java Technology, with full multimedia PDA functionality. It was announced last February and it seems it'll be available in the Asia Pacific region soon. Comments (Comments)

Potential growth for the unconnected PDA market will shift to smartphone devices.
Posted on 22-Aug-2003 19:43Tags News, Computing

From mobile phones to converged mobile devices, which combine the data capabilities of PDAs with the voice communication capabilities of mobile phones, competing device types will draw buyers away from traditional handheld devices. Comments (Comments)

New decision in handheld patent litigation
Posted on 22-Aug-2003 19:32Tags News, Computing

An American Federal Judge ruled that e-Pass holds a patent that affects all handheld devices. Comments (Comments)

Worldwide shipments of Symbian OS smartphones reach 2.68m in first half 2003 - up 1000% from previous year.
Posted on 22-Aug-2003 11:38Tags News, Symbian

Symbian released their unaudited financial and operational figures for the second quarter and the six months ended 30th June 2003. Comments (Comments)

China largest single mobile phone market in the world
Posted on 21-Aug-2003 20:42Tags News, Mobile

There's a good reason why all new smartphone devices are launched in Asia first these days. ZDNET UK reported that another 5 million users in China signed up for a mobile in July, taking the world's largest mobile market to 239.45 million. Comments (Comments)

Survey reveals stolen PDAs provide open door to corporate networks
Posted on 21-Aug-2003 20:32Tags News, Computing

Corporates are being warned that all their IT security measures may be worthless. For the second year in a row, a survey has found that their data could be compromised and their reputation damaged, as a third of employees are leaving business information and access details unprotected on their PDAs. Comments (Comments)

Infosync review of HP iPaq 5555
Posted on 21-Aug-2003 20:18Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

The current top of the HP line of Pocket PC under the microscope. Comments (Comments)

Is this the Motorola Windows Mobile Smartphone?
Posted on 21-Aug-2003 20:14Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Digitimes reports about the FCC approval of a new mobile phone codename Chopin. Comments (Comments)

SMART selects Mobilitec's content delivery solution
Posted on 21-Aug-2003 20:07Tags News, Mobile

mPower will be used to delivery content to subscribers in Phillipines. The mobile company currently serves 10 million users. Comments (Comments)

Play, share and compete via the N-Gage Arena!
Posted on 21-Aug-2003 17:23Tags News, Computing

Nokia revealed the N-Gage Arena service. Available globally, the N-Gage Arena will be the home for the worldwide virtual community of gamers, to share their experiences and to find other players for mobile gaming with N-gage, Nokia's new device. Comments (Comments)

Toshiba launches trade in program in U.S.
Posted on 21-Aug-2003 08:06Tags News, Computing

The Toshiba trade in program allows you to trade in your current Toshiba or non-Toshiba technology and apply the value of that product towards the purchase of a new Toshiba product. Comments (Comments)

VOIP infrastrucutre to kill mobile carriers?
Posted on 21-Aug-2003 07:51Tags News, Computing

An interesting array of ideas on how to create a mobile VOIP infrastructure based on wireless networking technologies is the featured article "The Death of the Mobile Phone Carrier" at newmobilecomputing. Comments (Comments)

New IDC report report suggests that Microsoft may emerge as a major force in telecom in several years’ time
Posted on 20-Aug-2003 20:42Tags News, Computing

According to a new report from IDC, a battle is looming for the enterprise desktop between major IT and telecom vendors. Comments (Comments)

Updated Dana available now
Posted on 20-Aug-2003 19:55Tags News, Palm

Alphasmart introduces a new update enhancing the experience of using the Dana Palm OS based laptop replacement. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone Japan to launch 3G and Vodafone Live! in October'03
Posted on 20-Aug-2003 19:47Tags News, 3G

After announcing Ericsson as their partner for the launch of 3G services in Greece, Vodafone announced the start of operations of Vodafone Live! in Japan from October 2003, on their 3G platform. Comments (Comments)

A lucky phone number
Posted on 20-Aug-2003 08:02Tags News, Mobile

An auction attracted a US$ 280,000 bid for the number 8888-8888. A Chinese airline bought the number because it's lucky (eight times the number eight) - and it's a good number too. Comments (Comments)

New Linux handheld PDA coming soon
Posted on 20-Aug-2003 07:50Tags News, Computing

Softfield launches in Sept'03 a new Linux based PDA. The Linuxdevices website previews the newcomer. Comments (Comments)

Over 20% of mobile data users worldwide will use MMS by 2007
Posted on 19-Aug-2003 22:25Tags News, Mobile

According to a new report from ARC Group. This total equates to around 25 billion messages a year, or just over 2 billion messages per month. However, the report predicts that MMS traffic will start to grow exponentially after 2007, once the viral effect of MMS begins to take hold. Comments (Comments)

Sandisk prepares to launch wi-fi SD Card but your Pocket PC must be ready for it
Posted on 19-Aug-2003 22:21Tags News, Computing

Pocket PC users who wish to use the new Sandisk SD Card need to check if the handlhed is compatible with the new device. Comments (Comments)

Studios blame SMS for movies not reaching their targets
Posted on 19-Aug-2003 17:56Tags News, Mobile

A few generations ago word of the mouth was too slow to spread the news about bad movies. With SMS, the audience says "not worth watching" much faster. And studios don't see the money. Comments (Comments)

IDC Worldwide smart handheld devices forecast and analysis 2003-2007
Posted on 19-Aug-2003 07:31Tags News, Computing

As enterprises and consumers continue to heavily scrutinize technology purchases, the evolution of mobile phones will cap market expansion for one of the hottest technology products of the 90’s. According to new research from IDC, potential growth for the unconnected PDA market will shift largely to voice-enabled devices. Comments (Comments)

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