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Mitac to start shipments of its Windows Mobile Smartphone Mitac 8380 in Taiwan and Hong Kong
Posted on 12-Jul-2003 12:58Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Mitac expects to start shipping their new Mio 8380 in Taiwan and Hong Kong by 17th July. Comments (Comments)

Real life hyperlinks
Posted on 11-Jul-2003 09:25Tags News, Mobile

Moving out of a screen, hyperlinks are now introduced to real life. A company in London, UK, is placing billboards with technology to allow users to point a mobile phone to it, click - and be transferred to a webpage. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft launches Speech Partner Program
Posted on 10-Jul-2003 22:09Tags News, Computing

Received today an e-mail for Microsoft Partners, with information about their new Microsoft Speech Partner Program. Interesting to note the vision of having mobile devices being voice activated. Comments (Comments)

Russian authorities ask mobile providers to turn off encryption systems for 24 hours
Posted on 10-Jul-2003 22:00Tags News, Mobile

As part of the investigation of a suicide bombing attack, Russian authorities requested providers to disable security mechanisms in their mobile networks, to allow eavesdropping on all calls. Comments (Comments)

GSM now accounts for over 80% of new digital subscriber growth
Posted on 9-Jul-2003 21:50Tags News, Mobile

For the first time since 1997 the percentage of new subscribers selecting GSM as their mobile service of choice has passed 80%. Comments (Comments)

Charlie's Angels in your mobile
Posted on 9-Jul-2003 20:59Tags News, Mobile

I've seen the movie, and it's a festival of Bluetooth headset and Sony Ericsson T610 mobile phones. Now Columbia Pictures is offering mobile "Charlie's Angels" services, available to users in some countries (including New Zealand). Comments (Comments)

O2 delays launch of MS Smartphone 2002 and will launch Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003 instead
Posted on 9-Jul-2003 17:18Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Just received an e-mail from O2 with the news of this delay. This e-mail also confirms a Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003 launch for 4Q'03. Comments (Comments)

German T-Mobile launches product integrating location based services, GPRS, Bluetooth and GPS
Posted on 9-Jul-2003 02:08Tags News, Mobile

The new product uses Location Based Services, Bluetooth, GPS, GPRS and Symbian smartphones to give drivers directions and location information. Comments (Comments)

Forbes Magazine on Bluetooth: a projector?
Posted on 9-Jul-2003 01:20Tags News, Bluetooth

If they haven't changed the page yet, Forbes Magazine online has an article about Bluetooth. Funny thing is, the picture is one of a projector Comments (Comments)

EDS launches mobile information protection service
Posted on 8-Jul-2003 19:50Tags News, Computing

EDS announced a service aimed to protect information stored and moved around in laptops and handheld devices. Comments (Comments)

A new website focused on Windows Mobile Smartphone devices
Posted on 8-Jul-2003 19:23Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Jason Dunn, from PocketPCThoughts just opened the gates of his new "Thoughts" site, this one focusing on Windows Mobile Smartphone products. Comments (Comments)

Infosync reviews new Orange SPV E100
Posted on 8-Jul-2003 18:19Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Bsaed on the HTC Tanager design, the new SPV E100 debuted on the Orange network. Comments (Comments)

3 now opens concept 'store within store' in 60 Superdrug outlets across the UK
Posted on 8-Jul-2003 17:22Tags News, 3G

3, the UK's first video mobile network, has completed the first phase of its retail rollout. Over 2,000 stores nationwide now sell 3's video-mobiles, ranging from traditional mobile phone outlets to 'stores within stores' in Superdrug shops. Comments (Comments)

Emblaze systems releases results of O2 video streaming trial
Posted on 8-Jul-2003 02:26Tags News, Mobile

O2 Pilot users say: quality of video and ease of use will encourage them to continue to use video over mobile services and recommend it to their family and friend. Comments (Comments)

HP to launch a MS Smartphone device
Posted on 8-Jul-2003 02:02Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

After some denial and conflicting information, HP now says it'll release a handheld PDA that would combine the features of WiFi and Bluetooth with the convenience of a mobile phone, just like Dell. Comments (Comments)

Domain of the Infinite Movie Studio
Posted on 7-Jul-2003 20:58Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

I've noticed a new link submitted by one of our readers, and think it's worth commenting: Domain of the Infinite is an online movie studio that creates original films exclusively for your Pocket PC. Witness the production process, read scripts, view movie artwork, and download free movies for your handheld. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone UK provides mobile shopping to Live! customers
Posted on 7-Jul-2003 20:43Tags News, Mobile

Vodafone UK launched'Vodafone live! Shopping'. The mobile store where customers can purchase goods securely over their phones using their credit or debit cards. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone GPRS Network Optimiser
Posted on 7-Jul-2003 09:59Tags News, Mobile

Vodafone New Zealand to launch an optimiser for users of its GPRS network. Comments (Comments)

Urban Legends live forever
Posted on 7-Jul-2003 08:13Tags News, Mobile

Australian Telstra had to issue a press release to debunk the old 90# myth - again. Comments (Comments)

Upcoming Dell Axim will support triband and wi-fi
Posted on 7-Jul-2003 08:09Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

PCWorld is reporting that Dell will launch a MS Smartphone device, supporting tri-band, GPRS and Bluetooth - all in one. Comments (Comments)

PDACorps reviews and giveaways of the week
Posted on 7-Jul-2003 07:53Tags News, Windows Mobile Pocket PC

The PDACorps website posted a couple of new reviews and their weekly giveaway. Comments (Comments)

MS Smartphone i-Mate ready to ship
Posted on 5-Jul-2003 11:53Tags News, Windows Mobile Smartphone

PPCW.Net initiative is a great thing for mobile: a non-carrier brand MS Smartphone (HTC Tanager design), unlocked and sold directly to customers all over the world. Now shipping. Comments (Comments)

ICQ lands in Germany, and spread through Europe - via O2
Posted on 4-Jul-2003 08:04Tags News, Computing

O2 in Germany launched a mobile ICQ service. Comments (Comments)

3GPortal introduces aggregation service
Posted on 3-Jul-2003 23:35Tags News, 3G

The new aggregation services from 3GPortal make it easier to find information on 3G and wireless. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone UK flat rate for GPRS (up to 150MB)
Posted on 3-Jul-2003 18:22Tags News, Mobile

Vodafone UK announced new GPRS plans, including a flat-rate. There's a fair usage clause, which limits the "unlimited" to 150Mbytes/month, though (but I want this in New Zealand too . Comments (Comments)

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