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New Zealand says no to smart watches
Posted on 4-Oct-2016 16:59Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

IDC Research says New Zealand smart watch adoption rates are less than half the worldwide average. Just three percent of people in New Zealand own a smart watch. The number hasn’t changed in the last year. It is the same percentage as Japan. In a survey of consumers in 26 countries, IDC found the average […] Comments (Comments)

Akamai report fails to do justice to NZ broadband speeds
Posted on 3-Oct-2016 07:45Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Everyone living in New Zealand knows broadband is getting faster. A lot faster. Regular Truenet reports documenting ISP performance underline this. Many people move from copper to fast fibre networks every day. This week sees new gigabit fibre plans which will further boost speeds. It isn’t just fixed-line broadband. New Zealand’s mobile networks deliver more […] Comments (Comments)

What you’ll pay for gigabit fibre
Posted on 2-Oct-2016 13:23Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

The short answer to the question is “less than you might think”. If you live in parts of New Zealand covered by the Ultrafast Broadband network, you can now download data at gigabit speeds. Most of the time that means services running at 1Gbps down and 500Mbps up. Prices in Dunedin, winner of the Chorus Gigatown promotion, hover around […] Comments (Comments)

Windows 10 one year on
Posted on 1-Oct-2016 14:55Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Some diehards still argue Windows XP was Microsoft’s best-ever operating system. Nobody says that about Windows 8. Windows Vista was just as forgettable. For many users, Windows reached a peak with 7. Where does Windows 10 fit in this picture? If Windows 10 has yet to earn an XP or 7-like reputation for greatness, it has […] Comments (Comments)

Windows 10 one year on
Posted on 1-Oct-2016 07:52Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Some diehards still argue Windows XP was Microsoft’s best-ever operating system. Nobody says that about Windows 8. Windows Vista was just as forgettable. For many users, Windows reach a peak with 7. Where does Windows 10 fit in this picture? If Windows 10 has yet to earn an XP or 7-like reputation for greatness, it has […] Comments (Comments)

Hawaiki cable in US partnership
Posted on 29-Sep-2016 17:08Tags News, Broadband

Hawaiki cable to land in Oregon and operate in partnership with Alaska Communications. Comments (Comments)

Apple and Deloitte team up to accelerate business transformation on iPhone & iPad
Posted on 29-Sep-2016 11:32Tags News, Apple

Apple and Deloitte have announced a partnership to help companies quickly and easily transform the way they work by maximising the power, ease-of-use and security the iOS platform brings to the workplace through iPhone and iPad. Comments (Comments)

SecureCom acquires Atmospheric
Posted on 29-Sep-2016 11:28Tags News, SaaS

Privately-held IT services provider SecureCom has today acquired cloud specialist Atmospheric Ltd. Comments (Comments)

Orcon Xbox deal lures gigabit gamers
Posted on 28-Sep-2016 16:59Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Orcon consumer general manager Taryn Hamilton says his company will be first off the block when gigabit fibre services go live around New Zealand on October 1. Hamilton says Orcon will be aggressive going after the market. It is selling an unlimited, naked gigabit plan for $135 in Northpower, Enable and UFF local fibre company […] Comments (Comments)

When computers go bad they’re cybers
Posted on 28-Sep-2016 09:07Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Stick the words computer-, net-,  web-, online- or digital- directly in front of other words and you won’t scare the population half to death: Computer-gaming Net-gaming Web-gaming Online-gaming Digital-gaming. This is also true when whatever being discussed has negative, or less than positive implications. You know these things aren’t necessarily good, but they’re not going […] Comments (Comments)

Mood of the Boardroom: Grant Robertson’s Future of Work
Posted on 27-Sep-2016 17:24Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Sixty-nine chief executives responded to an open-ended question as to what they would like to see on the Labour Shadow Finance Minister’s policy agenda. “Continue to constrain public expenditure to core and effective services,” advised Unitec CRO Rick Ede. “Reset taxation and investment incentives to favour productive investment instead of property investment. “Continue the investment […] Comments (Comments)

Technology, for better or worse, top of mind with NZ bosses
Posted on 27-Sep-2016 14:11Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

This year’s New Zealand Herald Mood of the Boardroom survey shows technology dominates business leaders’ thinking. When asked “what factors will have the most impact on business over the next five years, two-thirds of bosses nominated technological advances. Nothing else came even close. You can interpret the question as good or bad depending on whether […] Comments (Comments)

Telstra partners with Microsoft to deliver enterprise voice services for Office 365
Posted on 26-Sep-2016 20:58Tags News, SaaS

Skype for Business, Microsoft's meetings and voice communications offering delivered in Office 365 will be paired with Telstra provided managed voice services and network assessments to deliver a comprehensive productivity and collaboration solution. Comments (Comments)

Trans-Tasman cable ready for service in January
Posted on 26-Sep-2016 15:43Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Spark says the Tasman Global Access cable will be ready for service by the end of January 2017. The 2,300km cable linking New Zealand and Australia is a joint project between Spark NZ and Vodafone with a minority investment from Telstra. When complete, the TGA will add capacity to the Southern Cross Cable Network which […] Comments (Comments)

Commerce Commission loosens rules on selling old-style telephone calls
Posted on 26-Sep-2016 10:11Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Spark’s wholesale voice services are set to be deregulated as the Commerce Commission tidies up outdated telecommunications rules. Wholesale voice provides, in effect, what older people would recognise as traditional telephone calls on digital lines. Regulation is no longer necessary now that broadband networks cover 97 percent of landlines and offer easy competitive alternatives to Spark’s […] Comments (Comments)

Facebook not the media messiah
Posted on 25-Sep-2016 11:50Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

For years publishers, broadcasters and anyone else in the media business have wondered if Facebook could be their salvation. The old publishing business model has crumbled. Building mass audiences with entertainment or information then selling advertising no longer delivers rivers of gold. Some saw Facebook as an answer. Perhaps not the answer, the question is […] Comments (Comments)

Leica Camera and Huawei Establish New R&D Center
Posted on 25-Sep-2016 11:47Tags News, Consumer Electronics

The "Max Berek Innovation Lab" will conduct R&D in the fields of new optical systems, computational imaging, virtual reality and augmented reality. Comments (Comments)

Oracle World 2016 showcases new products and solutions
Posted on 25-Sep-2016 11:44Tags News, Computing

At OpenWorld 2016 Oracle unveiled new products, solutions and partnership opportunities to help its customers transition to the cloud in faster, simpler and more cost effective ways. Comments (Comments)

Parrot announces Parrot Disco
Posted on 25-Sep-2016 11:38Tags News, Consumer Electronics

Parrot has announced the launch of the Parrot Disco, an easy-to-fly fixed-wing drone that provides a fully immersive flight experience. Comments (Comments)

Dicker Data NZ Partners with Dell SonicWALL
Posted on 25-Sep-2016 11:33Tags News, Computing

The partnership will see Dicker Data New Zealand become responsible for the distribution of the entire portfolio of SonicWALL solutions. Comments (Comments)

New ways to pay: Bots, tattoos and augmented reality
Posted on 25-Sep-2016 11:30Tags News, Consumer Electronics

Australian and New Zealand developers using Visa APIs to help create new payment solutions. Comments (Comments)

Canon rewards environmental champions
Posted on 25-Sep-2016 11:25Tags News, Consumer Electronics

Canon New Zealand has announce winners of their Canon Environmental Grants Program, revealing three inspiring projects set to receive grants-in-kind to help achieve their sustainability goals. Comments (Comments)

Spark plugs digital divide with low-cost fixed wireless
Posted on 22-Sep-2016 17:35Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

At least 5000 struggling families will get subsidised broadband from Spark New Zealand. The families will each get 30GB of data a month for $15 on a pre-paid, no fixed-term Spark Jump contract. The price also includes a modem. Spark will use Skinny Broadband. The company’s no-frills subsidiary offers wireless broadband using the 4G mobile […] Comments (Comments)

Spark launches subsidised broadband to jump Digital Divide
Posted on 22-Sep-2016 14:52Tags News, Broadband

Spark announced today a new social programme to bring heavily subsidised broadband to thousands of New Zealand children whose families cannot afford commercial home broadband services. Comments (Comments)

iPhone 7 Plus review — it’s all about the camera
Posted on 19-Sep-2016 22:28Tags News, Bill Bennett, by Bill Bennett

Forget all the nonsense you’ve read about the missing headphone jack. It isn’t important. The key to the iPhone 7 Plus is that it carries a second camera with a telephoto lens. Every new iPhone comes with a camera that is better than the last iPhone. Apple has been relentless when it comes to increasing […] Comments (Comments)

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