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BlackBerry updates OS with more security, FM radio
Posted on 29-Jan-2014 13:48Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Blackberry’s 2013 phone reboot failed to put the company back on track. While the one-time smartphone king is clearly down, it continues to plug away with software updates. The latest 10.2.1 release brings an interface redesign and a number of improvements to the BlackBerry Enterprise Service mobile device management (MDM). Comments (Comments)

Labour revenue shadow doesn’t ‘like’ Facebook tax share
Posted on 29-Jan-2014 12:14Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

It’s hard not to sympathise with David Clark.  The Labour spokesperson for revenue wants Facebook to pay its fair share of tax in New Zealand. Clark suggested banning or filtering the online giant could be one way of  forcing Facebook to pay up. Comments (Comments)

Akamai reports New Zealand broadband speed up 36 percent
Posted on 29-Jan-2014 08:17Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Akamai’s latest State of the Internet report notes New Zealand’s average broadband connection speed was  5.1 Mbps in the third quarter of 2013. While that’s an improvement of 31 percent on a year earlier it still means New Zealand ranks at position 46 in the global league table a long way behind South Korea. Comments (Comments)

Hidden gold in Apple result
Posted on 28-Jan-2014 13:45Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Apple shares fell 5 percent immediately after it reported figures for the last quarter of 2013. Market analysts described the company’s earnings as “disappointing”. On a brighter note unit numbers were noticeably higher than a year ago. Comments (Comments)

What’s the real story with Windows Phone?
Posted on 28-Jan-2014 07:44Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

In December Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows published Windows Phone Turned the Corner in 2013.  Thurrott is an influential US blogger and his story was picked up by other media. Thurrott’s story looks at what went to make 2013 a turnaround year for Microsoft’s  smartphone operating system. Comments (Comments)

Mobile mail now dominant at least for reading messages
Posted on 27-Jan-2014 08:34Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Mobile now accounts for the majority of mail. Analysis from Litmus shows 51 percent of mail messages were opened on a mobile device. Desktops account for just 31 percent while webmail is 18 percent.  While desktop mail use remains static, the last year has seen a  10 percent move from webmail to mobile. Comments (Comments)

Lenovo to acquire IBM's x86 server business
Posted on 24-Jan-2014 09:46Tags News, Computing

After a few days of speculation in the media, IBM has confirmed the sale of its x86 server business to PC maker Lenovo. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone VDSL brings speed at no extra cost
Posted on 24-Jan-2014 08:16Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Vodafone launched its VDSL service with the lure of offering much faster copper broadband speeds at the same price as existing ADSL services. The company says VDSL users will pay the same as existing copper broadband users for the first 12 months of a contract. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone bumps cable speed – TrueNet
Posted on 24-Jan-2014 07:45Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

TrueNet broadband speed tests show Vodafone boosted its cable service in December. The broadband testing company reports peak speeds, DNS response time and page download speeds all showed significant improvements during the month. Comments (Comments)

Stand by for ISP disruption as MyRepublic enters NZ
Posted on 23-Jan-2014 09:44Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Former New Zealand Regional Fibre Group CEO Vaughan Baker is heading MyRepublic, a new UFB-only ISP that expects to start operating by the middle of the year. Baker says MyRepublic will shake up New Zealand’s broadband market and stimulate fibre demand. He says the company has already done the same in its home country Singapore. Comments (Comments)

Did Telecom NZ pay too much for 4G spectrum?
Posted on 22-Jan-2014 17:22Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Telecom NZ paid NZ$83 million dollars for the last slice of 700 MHz spectrum. The company beat Vodafone to secure the final 2 x 5 MHz block left on the table from the first round of bidding. Comments (Comments)

Final 700 MHz spectrum block auctioned: Telecom win with $83 million bid
Posted on 22-Jan-2014 16:21Tags News, Mobile

The Government has announced today that Telecom is the successful bidder in the auction of the final 2x5 MHz lot of 700 MHz radio spectrum. Comments (Comments)

Gen-i donates supercomputer to AUT
Posted on 22-Jan-2014 16:02Tags News, Computing

Donation creates opportunity for AUT's Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research to establish a data correlation centre in Warkworth. Comments (Comments)

What does Moody’s downgrade of Chorus mean?
Posted on 22-Jan-2014 07:57Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Yesterday Chorus announced Moody’s Investors Service cut the company’s credit rating. It is now sitting at Baa3. Previously it was a Baa2. Moody’s also said Chorus has a negative outlook. Comments (Comments)

Cloud-bound IBM wants to offload low-end servers
Posted on 21-Jan-2014 08:05Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Just days after announcing a US$1.2 billion investment in cloud computing, comes news IBM is looking to sell its low-end server business. The Wall Street Journal reports: IBM is exploring a sale of its low-end server business. Comments (Comments)

Why you can’t judge a Chromebook by the cover
Posted on 21-Jan-2014 07:32Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Just as tablet makers like Apple pack 80 percent of PC functionality into a slim new format, Chromebook makers bundle a different, but just as essential, subset of PC features, in a familiar-looking hardware package. Comments (Comments)

IBM’s late cloud play aims for Amazon catch up
Posted on 20-Jan-2014 09:51Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

IBM made headlines over the weekend when it said it will spend US$1.2 billion to expand its cloud computing business. Comments (Comments)

New Zealand broadband prices in global mid-range
Posted on 20-Jan-2014 08:32Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Residential broadband prices in New Zealand sit around the middle of the latest Point Topic country scorecard. The average subscription in New Zealand is US$76 using a purchasing power parity comparison. Comments (Comments)

Logitech Ultra-thin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air review
Posted on 20-Jan-2014 08:10Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Apple’s iPad Air is thinner, smaller, lighter and more powerful than earlier iPads. Smaller means third-party add-on makers like Logitech either have to rework existing keyboard cover designs, come up with something new or miss out on potential business. Logitech chose the first option. Comments (Comments)

New smartphone to put privacy and control first (with video)
Posted on 16-Jan-2014 01:02Tags News, Android

Blackphone, powered by a security-oriented Android build named PrivatOS, gives wide-ranging privacy protection to users. Comments (Comments)

HP launches voice tablets for consumers in India
Posted on 16-Jan-2014 00:59Tags News, Android

HP has unveiled two new mobile devices, the 6-inch diagonal HP Slate6 VoiceTab and the 7-inch diagonal HP Slate7 VoiceTab. Comments (Comments)

Southern Cross Cable to add another terabit to capacity
Posted on 14-Jan-2014 14:11Tags News, Broadband

Southern Cross to add 1Tb/s of lit capacity by July 2014 in largest upgrade to date. Comments (Comments)

From an alternate universe where Microsoft trumps Apple for customer mindshare
Posted on 9-Jan-2014 12:54Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

We understand research companies say outrageous things to get publicity. The latest from Forrester is a classic. Tracy Stokes writes Why Microsoft trumps Apple in the battle for consumer mindshare. Comments (Comments)

Smartphone market share myths
Posted on 9-Jan-2014 10:54Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Samsung sells more smartphones than any other company. Reuters reports Samsung accounts for every third smartphone sold around the world in 2013.  Gartner puts Apple’s market share at around 12 percent. Conventional thinking says this gives Samsung a dominate market position. Comments (Comments)

Desktop Android emerges as Windows rival
Posted on 7-Jan-2014 10:19Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

HP’s latest all-in-one business computer uses Android for its operating system instead of Microsoft Windows.  In another step away from the old Wintel approach that HP once championed, the new machine sports a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 4 processor instead of an Intel chip. Acer, Asustek and Lenovo are also bringing desktop Android PCs and laptops to the market. Comments (Comments)

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