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HP unveils its first Android-based business PCs
Posted on 7-Jan-2014 10:04Tags News, Computing

HP starts years with new business PCs including an Android-based All-in-One. Comments (Comments)

Air New Zealand's intranet one of the best in the world
Posted on 7-Jan-2014 09:42Tags News, Computing

Air New Zealand's employee intranet Korunet has been announced as one of the top 10 in the world by Nielsen Norman Group. Comments (Comments)

Devices combining Windows and Android solve nothing
Posted on 6-Jan-2014 08:31Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

PC sales continue to struggle as users switch to smartphones and tablets. Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS did little to stop the rot. In their latest desperate attempt to revive sales PC makers have turned to systems combining Windows 8 and Android in a single device. Last year Asus tried this approach with the unexciting Transformer Book Trio. Comments (Comments)

2013 impressive gadgets, a personal view
Posted on 27-Dec-2013 12:41Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Software got cloudier in 2013. Smartphones got bigger, pixels on just about everything got smaller. New Zealand’s mobile data networks got faster and service providers began selling fibre broadband services. While you couldn’t call 2013 a vintage year, technology lurched forward. Admittedly, I didn’t see everything that appeared in 2013. Some encounters were fleeting. Comments (Comments)

2degrees Tops Mobile Phone Provider Customer Survey
Posted on 27-Dec-2013 10:22Tags News, Mobile

Survey also find Gen Ys most likely to sneak a peek and text/talk and drive. Comments (Comments)

Three non-obvious predictions for 2014
Posted on 22-Dec-2013 08:29Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

December saw a flurry of 2014 technology forecasts. I predict the same thing will happen next year. The forecasts fall into two categories. First there are those along the lines of ‘cloud computing company predicts 2014 will be the year of cloud computing’. In other words: advertising. Some are clever, some are ridiculously unsubtle. Comments (Comments)

Curran says Ernst & Young Chorus report flawed
Posted on 20-Dec-2013 08:20Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Labour communications spokesperson Clare Curran says there are two flaws in Ernst & Young report into the financial state of Chorus. Communications minister Amy Adams commissioned Ernst & Young Australia to investigate how the Commerce Commission ordered price cuts to the network operator’s copper lines changed Chorus’ finances. Comments (Comments)

Has Oracle’s hardware decline halted?
Posted on 19-Dec-2013 19:04Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Oracle’s run of bad financial results ended today as the company’s revenue and earnings beat market expectations. The headline news is the company managed to reduce the losses in its hardware division. Best known as a software company, Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems four years ago. Ever since, the business has been in free fall. Comments (Comments)

Apple tax returns with Mac Pro
Posted on 19-Dec-2013 11:40Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Apple’s Darth Vader lookalike Mac Pro went on sale in New Zealand overnight. It’s a stunning machine. It looks impressive and it has computing power to burn. Comments (Comments)

New Zealand video games praised in Best of 2013 lists
Posted on 18-Dec-2013 19:27Tags News, Gaming

Five New Zealand video game makers have been lauded in major international Best of 2013 lists. Comments (Comments)

Ovum calls for copper broadband network shutdown
Posted on 18-Dec-2013 08:39Tags News, Digitl, by billbennettnz

Ovum’s Australia-based research director David Kennedy says if New Zealand’s government is serious about making Ultrafast Broadband work, it must name a date to close the copper network. Kennedy says: “Tensions in the New Zealand telecommunications policy framework will persist as long as New Zealand has two access networks, FTTN and UFB, operating in parallel. Comments (Comments)

What did New Zealanders search online in 2013?
Posted on 18-Dec-2013 07:40Tags News, Broadband

Google reveals New Zealand's top trending searches for 2013: Royal baby, Lorde, and Harlem Shake make the list.
Comments (Comments)

Apple, Microsoft, Google technology stacks – conclusions
Posted on 17-Dec-2013 08:28Tags News, Digitl, by billbennettnz

Continually jumping between technology stacks feels inefficient. Would it make sense to just pick one and stick with it? To answer the question I spent a week working exclusively with each of the three main technology stacks: Apple, Microsoft and Google. I wanted to see if this approach improves productivity and whether it is practical. Comments (Comments)

Chorus after Ernst & Young report
Posted on 16-Dec-2013 09:28Tags News, Digitl, by billbennettnz

One interpretation of the Ernst & Young report is that Chorus was correct when it claimed the drop in copper access price would mean a $1 billion funding shortfall. The report surfaced Saturday lunchtime. Later that afternoon Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe issued a statement: “The report aligns with our market disclosure of 5 November and […] Comments (Comments)

NZ iPhone plans – December 2013
Posted on 15-Dec-2013 14:34Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Apple’s iPhone 5S remains the world’s top-selling smartphone. New Zealand carriers report it is popular here too. Recently 2degrees added iPhone models to its range. I’ve updated the plan table, shown below to reflect this. Although the company’s prices are a little lower than Telecom NZ or Vodafone, at the moment the smaller carrier doesn’t […] Comments (Comments)

Chorus can close UFB funding gap to $250 million UFB
Posted on 14-Dec-2013 14:39Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Ernst & Young Australia’s report into Chorus’s ability to deliver on its broadband contracts says the company could reduce the funding gap to $250 million or less with “cash flow savings initiatives”. The report was commissioned by Communications Minister Amy Adams to investigate whether Chorus was able to meet its obligations building two government supported […] Comments (Comments)

Newly private Dell takes promiscuous cloud steps
Posted on 14-Dec-2013 11:13Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

It’s not so much a question of which cloud companies Dell has got into bed with, but which ones aren’t on the list. At this week’s DellWorld 2013 conference the company announced cloud deals with Microsoft Windows Azure, Google, Red Hat and Dropbox among others. The Dropbox deal centres on the cloud service provider’s new […] Comments (Comments)

Leading cloud service providers around the globe bet on Microsoft
Posted on 13-Dec-2013 16:06Tags News, SaaS

Organizations within the Cloud OS Network cover more than 90 active markets around the world, serve more than 3 million customers every day and operate over 2.4 million servers in more than 425 datacenters. Comments (Comments)

iPhone 5C – What you may have overlooked
Posted on 13-Dec-2013 11:42Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Apple's iPhone 5C is hard to miss, yet it seems some buyers have overlooked the shiny, colourful smartphone. Bill Bennett finds it is still one of this year's best options. Comments (Comments)

Telecom NZ happy as Slingshot fined for customer slamming
Posted on 13-Dec-2013 08:05Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Slingshot parent company Callplus Services Limited faces a $250,000 fine after pleaded guilty in the Auckland District Court to ‘slamming’ customers. The action was brought by the Commerce Commission. Slamming is when customers are unknowingly transferred from one service provider to another. In its investigation, the Commerce Commission found that Slingshot “vigorously pursued payment” when […] Comments (Comments)

Google Translate now understands Te Reo Maori
Posted on 12-Dec-2013 15:08Tags News, Computing

After months of hard work, a team of Maori-speaking volunteers helped translate thousands of words and phrases so Maori language speakers and students could search and explore webpages online. Comments (Comments)

Spotify now offers free option on mobile and tablet
Posted on 12-Dec-2013 10:29Tags News, Entertainment

Service offers free music on mobile and tablet, expands to 55 markets. Also announces plans to offer the entire Led Zeppelin Swan Song/Atlantic catalog through online strreaming. Comments (Comments)

NZ smartphone ownership to hit 90 percent by 2018
Posted on 12-Dec-2013 10:24Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Frost & Sullivan reports 64 percent of New Zealanders aged between 15 and 65 own a smartphone. Android accounts for almost two-thirds of those phone with a 64 percent market share, Apple’s iOS is at 24 percent. Smartphone ownership will increase to 90 percent by 2018. Frost & Sullivan says Apple’s share will drop further […] Comments (Comments)

New Zealand broadband industry agrees Broadband Product Disclosure Code
Posted on 12-Dec-2013 09:20Tags News, Broadband

The Broadband Product Disclosure Code requires TCF members to provide information about fixed line residential broadband plans in a comparable and consistent format enabling consumers to easily compare broadband offers in the market. Comments (Comments)

Snap offers 200Mbps, uncapped fibre plan for $200
Posted on 12-Dec-2013 09:10Tags News, Digitl, by Bill Bennett

Snap has laid down a challenge to rival New Zealand internet service providers offering an uncapped UFB fibre plan at 200 Mbps for $200 a month. There is also a $159 capped plan with 500GB of data. Branded as Lightwave Extreme and Lightwave Extreme Unlimited, the new plans are based on Chorus’ 200 Mbps service […] Comments (Comments)

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