If only I had my UMPC

, posted: 1-May-2006 18:49

I had a wee incident in my car on SundayEmbarassed, so I'm taking the train this week.  Ideal time to work on a UMPC, but dag nab it, I just dont have it yet.

I'm told that I might have some news tomorrow (thanks Hugo), so maybe next week (assuming I'm still in the train) I'll be able to spend some time with it...

Here's hoping Wink

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Comment by ctitanic, on 1-May-2006 23:45

Welcome aboard! I'm in the same boat!

Author's note by darrylb, on 2-May-2006 09:19

Its the first time I've seen this sort of online baited breath for a new device...

Comment by KevDaly, on 2-May-2006 19:14

I've seen reports that some people may have to wait until June, but at least tabletKiosk are being up front about the problem (it also raises interesting questions about the (at least) other two vendors who are selling what seems to be an identical model). At least you'll have it in time for Tech Ed if you go...with the usual pervasive WiFi that should be an excellent opportunity to see what it's like living the UMPC lifestyle (if a Geekzone article doesn't come out of it, we'll want to know why :-))

Author's note by darrylb, on 2-May-2006 19:38

I hope you'll see a geekzone article too... :-)

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