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, posted: 5-May-2006 04:44

I've written a couple of applications for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and it seems they are actually useful to the odd person or two.

Unfortunately the site where I host them is a little bit "broken" at the moment and I haven't had time to fix it.  Thus - if you are looking for the download links and cant find them - thats why.

So - for your convenience (should you be looking for said applications) you'll find them here:

Obviously the next question is - what do they do?

Voice Enable allows you to change the default behaviour of the voice button on the iMate K-Jam and Jasjar to support Microsoft Voice Command instead of the built in Voice Tagging application.  IMPORTANT: No support or warranties are given - so dont ask Wink

Topical Bible is an application for recording notes in a heirarcical and topical manner.  I wrote this because ts often useful to record thoughts this way when you are thinking through a biblical subject.


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