Everybody has choons....

, posted: 3-Aug-2007 08:19

I've been catching the trains into Wellington from "The Hutt" for 10 years now and there are a couple of things I've noticed.

About every 10th person has some sort of music device. And I've noticed that there are some different groups of people....

iPod club - with their distinct white headphones, this is the most common group, well done to Apple;
Headphone envy - "look at me I have a huge pair of headphones" - is this what they're saying?
Control Freaks - Carrying their device in their hands, for the ultimate level of playlist control
The boppers - those who are quietly dancing or singing as they walk down the street
Old schoolers - with a disc man/walkman or other such Pre MP3 technology - when was the last time you saw someone with a MiniDisc player?

Some of the new groups starting to come out now:
PssssP - guys with their PSPs - are they listening to music, or have they got music videos on there.
BFF (best friends forever) - normally a pair of young girls, or a couple walking along with a pair of ear buds split between them
Cellphoners - these are starting to be more common - I'm in this group and I'm surprised it took so long. To me it was obvious cellphone + music = perfect.

Don't get me wrong, I think its great, as long as these people all wearing some sort of headphones pay attention to the world around them - just because you're in your own little world, doesn't mean a car or bus thinks that!!

And finally, be considerate, if you like Cannibal Corpse at 70 dB, doesn't mean the person sitting next to you on the train does.


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Comment by chiefie, on 3-Aug-2007 09:06

I still got my Sony MD, just doesn't use it at all these days... sitting in my gadget box ;-) It was very cool to have MD back 10 years ago, and mine was the champagne gold, so it stands out a lot! :-D

Comment by lugh, on 3-Aug-2007 10:56

I think you could call the "distinct white headphones" of the iPod the "mug me" headphones

Comment by asianbro, on 3-Aug-2007 11:26

I must be getting old, I don't like listening to music while walking around.

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