The great New Zealand Strip Club Scandal

, posted: 22-Aug-2007 08:08

Latest news from NZ the big scandal!!

MPs rush to reveal strip club experience

Key comes clean about strip clubs

I mean really does anyone care?

This is hardly England with its weekly sex scandals coming out with MPs caught in some tryst with the nanny.

Ok, so many people will have personal opinions on strip clubs and their effects on society, and you're entitled to them. But unless these guys who are rushing forward to disclaim that they have been to a strip club are trying to campaign heavily of the basis of family and/or Christian values then WHO THE HELL CARES.

Are we so bored with what's happening around the world: floods in Asia (Flood victims' bodies float into S. Korea) Hurricanes heading towards the States (Dean loses steam across Mexico's Yucatan), 'No hope' left of finding survivors of Peru quake that the New Zealand papers have to resort to this type of trashy, tabloid story??

So will this become Strpper-Gate???


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Comment by stevonz, on 22-Aug-2007 10:15

right behind you on this one *yawn* it's like the "I smoked MJ when I was younger - but I didn't inhale"...

Comment by barf, on 22-Aug-2007 15:12

Well - if you'd let your daughter give Jon Key a lap dance, then good for you...

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