Once upon a time....

, posted: 9-Jan-2008 12:04

Here goes my first post to this brand new sparkling blog of glorious words.

Expect random jumblings of letters that will sometimes form interesting thoughts/questions/ramblings about technology and/or social interactions (a topic I can really ramble on about, check out my site: www.AucklandLair.com). Plus whatever else might catch my eyes, so long as it sparkles enough... oh look, butterflies!

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Comment by freitasm, on 9-Jan-2008 12:16

Butterflies? I can see a bit of ADD there?

Author's note by dman, on 9-Jan-2008 12:23

Perhaps, maybe that is why I spent so much time day dreaming at school (the little time I did spend at school in the first place!).

I distinctly recall spending an entire class as a 5yo staring out of the window watching a butterfly. Was a Monarch butterfly, very pretty.

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