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, posted: 9-Jan-2008 12:13

Am thinking I might as well replace my current phone with a newer one, as it is getting really old and pretty damaged. Replace it with a phone that I will actually want to bother taking care off. Am considering the Sony Ericsson K800i, as I believe it is this phone that a friend of mine uses to take photos with when he is out at night. (I don't think optical zoom would be important for me, as most of my photos will be taken while out at bars/clubs/parties at night. So most of these will be taken at a distance of 10 meters at most, and more often much much less. So I'm correct on this point regarding optical zoom, not needed? Admittedly I haven't ever had a dedicated digital camera before but from what I know I believe optical zoom is unimportant, and digital zoom... well that isn't really zooming anyway)

The price for a Sony Ericsson K800i is not too bad: http://itd.co.nz/product/Sony-Ericsson-K800i/62/

Also might consider http://itd.co.nz/product/Nokia-N73-Silver-Black/460/ but it doesn't have a xeon flash, so likely to be bad for night shots when out and about. Besides, I feel the price of that one is getting a little pricey. Am already going to have the Okta Touch (once insurance/contract gets sorted out), and that is a $800 phone. So no point having two outrageously expensive phones.... Telecom is my "main phone", vodafone is really just my secondary/backup phone. And is for all those friends who have TXT2000 and prefer txting to a 021 number (which is the plan I have my current vodafone cell on, which is a Sony Ericsson K300i).

If there is any other phone with a really good flash for taking pictures at night that I should consider please let me know.

Oh, and it would be great if I can access my txt messages on the phone to copy across to my computer. That would be a really nifty feature too.

Basically that is my two key desires for the new phone to have: copying txts across & good night photos.

I've linked a couple of times to the itd.co.nz site, because it was the cheapest according to pricespy. But is buying parallel imported a good idea? What kind of trouble am I likely to run in to? And to what degree, is it worth it? I'll add I really don't care about VF Live! as it appears to generally all be "premium content" that I wouldn't want to be wasting money on anyway. Is the potential lack of VF Live! the biggest/only significant drawback from a parallel imported phone? If it is just V-live 'content' not working then I can live with that.  

I notice itd.co.nz says they are not parallel imported?!?!


Does this mean their phones would be exactly the same? Is kinda implying that... but pressume not, just simply they are giving you stuff that is in english and will work with our powerpoints.

It is $337 plus $5.95 for shipping, as opposed to $399.95 from Vodafone. http://store.vodafone.co.nz/Mobile_Details_Summary.aspx?ptrecno=1891

Means a saving of $56.

The other alternative is save $40 and buy from either Bond & Bond or Noel Lemming, which are both selling it at roughly $359.


I pressume those retail stores (Bond & Bond and Noel Lemming) sell literally exactly the same phone as vodafone? (just like how they sell Telecom phones as well)

Hmmm..... eeny, meeny, miny, moe....

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Comment by alasta, on 9-Jan-2008 19:47

With regard to which handset to buy, I think you've answered your own question. For low light social snaps a xenon flash is essential and an optical zoom is a waste of time because using the zoom would reduce the aperture and as a result your subject would end up well outside the range of the flash.

The K800 is getting a bit old now but it's still a good handset.

Author's note by dman, on 9-Jan-2008 20:02

Indeed I have answered my own question, BUT only answered for what I know is out there.

Unfortunately I don't know everything yet. lol So basically my key question can be summed up as, "is there anything better out there?"

Comment by alasta, on 9-Jan-2008 21:46

Sony Ericsson's web site shows the K800's successor (K850), and the up and coming Nokia N82 apparently also has a xenon flash. Either of those might be worth waiting for if you don't need something straight away.

Author's note by dman, on 9-Jan-2008 22:15

From the reviews I've seen K850i is not really better, well... it is mostly better in most ways but not in all and not really a hugely massive improvement. A few people even prefering their older K800i. While there is one very tempting factor about the K850i, the small size.... it is much slimmer than the K800i (as a secondary phone for while I'm out clubbing, size is important). However at a vastly greater cost, I have my doubts it is really worth it.

It seems for price K800i can't be beaten, while the others are marginally better you get this small improvement at double or even three times the cost.

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