The modern day power of being connected to each other

, posted: 16-Jan-2008 18:22

We all know already how quick and easy he have now compared to ages back in history (imagine a couple of hundreds years ago when it would take weeks/months for a single letter to be sent!).

The recent story of this 16yo ozzie is a good example (those crazy australians! lol). Basically he simply posted about it on Myspace and sent out a few txts to his mates, the apparent result (if the news articles are to believed, I'm slightly skeptical about the number. 500 seems a tad too high) is that 500 people turned up and caused havoc. Requiring 30 or so police to be called out, including choppers etc etc etc....

Just go ahead and google "Corey Worthington Delaney". Too much crazy awesomeness out there about him to decide on which to mention. But here is a couple of youtube clips to get started:

This gives a nice little summary:

I'll end on this note: he is lucky he is under 18! He probably should avoid the worst of the consequences.

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Comment by freitasm, on 16-Jan-2008 18:56

Just watch the first video... Guy with dork look on TV. Anchorwoman asks "What were you thinking", he answers "I wasn't really"...

Author's note by dman, on 16-Jan-2008 19:10

True, he probably wasn't "thinking". As a lot of kids don't realise what awesome power they are holding with the ability to communicate to others with such extreme ease, the like of which the human race hasn't seen before.

I do admire the way he is being very straight forward and honest, sure I don't think at all what he is doing is right. But at least he personally is not trying to dodge what happened by giving silly stupid answers about being "remorseful" etc... just to make the interviewer and the audience happier when he really is not.

Comment by johnr, on 16-Jan-2008 22:30

What a loser!!!!

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