Nutty Judge throws out Psystar's court case in favour of Apple

, posted: 27-Nov-2008 01:37

"If Mac OS simply had no reasonable substitute, Apple's vigorous advertising would be wasted money," Alsup continued, referring to such marketing as Apple's aggressive "Get a Mac" television ads. "The advertising campaigns suggest a need to enhance brand recognition and lure consumers from a competitor."

Riiiight, so if I ever have a monopoly myself in the future I shall just spend a few million on advertising to save myself on the billions I'd lose if my monopoly got broken.

Ignoring the whole point that even a monopoly still has reasons to advertise. D'oh

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Comment by cokemaster, on 27-Nov-2008 22:15

You don't have to use Mac OS X.
You don't have to buy a Mac.

Whats the problem?

Author's note by dman, on 27-Nov-2008 23:33

I very rarely use a Mac and never owned one, so on that level it has no impact on me.

But it doesn't stop me thinking the judge is stupid

Comment by JoeBloggs, on 28-Nov-2008 13:41

That case is entirely subjective. If the judge woke up on a different side of the bed, it could have gone the other way. America's realist law in full swing. Apple just has the most charismatic and convincing lawyers.

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