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, posted: 6-Jul-2009 06:55

Been using my flatmate's woosh for the past few months, but as he is moving out now along with his woosh connection it is time to find a replacement (replacement internet that is, replacement flatmate has been found already!)

I highly doubt I'll go along with woosh again myself, as we have had many connection problems with it etc (to late now for me, but if you are using woosh I'd recommend checking this out to see where their sites our:

We have no need for a landline as we both have several cellphones, hence naked DSL.

We are not heavy users, probably the biggest drain on it would be youtube from time to time. Although there are two of us, so I'm guessing we will need about 30 gigs in total for both of us.

Got recommended on the forums to check out, which has been very handy as it lists all the options in NZ.

After taking a look at all of the naked dsl options it looks like naked dsl is not a good idea unless a person really wants full speed up load and full speed download? (FS\FS)

As otherwise naked dsl looks really expensive relatively speaking for how much data you get.

Thus I reach my next conclusion of Slingshot Fire 1 is the best option?
Gives 20 gigs at FS\128 for $50/month (plus unmetered data off peak).

But.... after looking at it further and the prices of a landline, well... I'm amazed a simple landline costs so much! I'm looking at around about $40/month just for that! Makes the naked dsl look a hell of a lot more reasonable as a basic broadband connection costs around about $40+ per month, which compares favourably then with naked dsl at around about $70 or $80 per month.

So, my current thinking is that Slingshot's Big Thing #2 is the best option. Although it is a little pricey at $90/month, this includes the phone line and gives a very generous package of: FS\FS & 25gig/month (plus unmetered off peak). The rationale being that it is the same price as Slingshot Fire 1 + landline, but I'll get an extra 5 gig.


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