Just got naked dsl with Orcon, my experience

, posted: 26-Aug-2009 01:04

Last week I signed up for Orcon Purple (naked dsl), and just this evening I've started using it which is exactly the day they predicted it would be up and running on. So full kudos to them for that

The telecom technician came by this morning and got the connect set up, I picked up the orcon homehub from the courier depot early evening and set it all up after my late dinner. No troubles at all, just plugged everything in and it just works. Smile

The one thing I perhaps had a slight worry about is youtube, but I've been happily watching plenty of youtube videos from past Ironman races I've been in without experiencing any pausing whatsoever of the videos Laughing

Other relevant details: I live in Auckland City only a block and a half away from the SkyTower (which means I'm using Orcon's Auckland Central Exchange), the only other internet provider I've used from this apartment is wireless Woosh which I stopped using early this year.

If my experiences change I'll update this, but I thought I'd post up a positive experience as opposed to all the negative ones (as people tend to only write when things go wrong rather than when they go right too)


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Comment by chrisis, on 26-Aug-2009 13:29

Personally I find youtube terrible on Orcon. During the day things seem fine - no pausing or buffering required. However in the evenings this changes dramatically to the point where I have to queue up a video, pause it, and go make a cup of tea while I wait for the buffer to build up.

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