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More on Claytons Climate Change

, posted: 13-Nov-2006 12:38

Some interesting quotes: 1997, the World Wide Fund for Nature announced that two-thirds of the world’s forests had been lost for ever. When questioned, it admitted that the report on which this was based had never existed. In fact, the truth is that there are many more forests in the world now than there were in 1950. And another... There are many scientists, really properly good ones with really properly good qualifications, who maintain that man’s impact on the environment is minimal. There are even more who say we just don’t know. Then you have Danish egghead Bjorn Lomborg, who studied a vast range of eco reports before presenting his findings in a book called the Skeptical Environmentalist. Let us take the Exxon Valdez tanker crash as an example. After it happened men with sandals came on the television to call the accident an environmental catastrophe. We saw shots of sticky guillemots in their death throes, and, of course, we knew it was all our fault for driving 4x4s and turning up the central heating whenever it gets a bit chilly. But Lomborg presents an interesting fact that wasn’t covered by the news reports. Yes, 250,000 birds were killed by the spillage, but this is also the number killed each day in America from collisions with plate glass. In Britain alone 250,000 birds are killed every two days by domestic cats. The source? One Jeremy Clarkson (knowm best for Top Gear).


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