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Stadius Maximus

, posted: 16-Nov-2006 21:37

The CBD is not the attraction it used to be. Traffic and parking are a hassle. I'd work nearer where I live, if I could find a comparable job. And with the development in the suburbs (eg Albany basin), I'm sure that will happen eventually. Britomart can handle only 10,000 people per hour. In theory -- I have seen other figures that put the real world throughput at 1600 per hour. It is definitely not like Grand Central Station. (For comparison, the northern busway is designed to carry 11,000 passengers per hour.) So it should not be expected to quickly carry half the patrons to a large event moments before it commences. The waterfront stadium must not proceed. It will only be a large, and very hungry, white elephant. As a hat-tip to those who suggest Labour is trying to distract the mob by building a circus, I propose that the waterfront stadium, be called "Stadius Maximus".

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