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No power price rises to pay for unproven theories

, posted: 17-Sep-2007 18:51

Am I willing to pay more for power, in the name of climate change?

No. To make a difference of 0.01%. NO. Categorically NO.

It is mere posturing, purely designed to get HelenC a top job in the UN.

Climate change is a natural process. It is totally unproven whether we are influencing it. Why should kiwis suffer for the sake of a theory propounded by "someone who couldn't even beat George Bush to the White House"?

The government has no mandate to impose this on us.

It's an "ignorance tax".


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Comment by sbiddle, on 17-Sep-2007 19:14

Carbon Credits are the dodgiest thing to ever be invented. All it does is place a monetary value on pollution, it doesn't stop it in any way!

I'm not happy either, particularly when Helen Clark tells us that low and medium income households will get a credit to counter these increases. How pathetic.

How ironic that nuclear power will be the saving grace for the world in 10-20 years time when countries realise there simply are no other ways to provide energy for a ballooning population.

Author's note by dmw, on 17-Sep-2007 20:09

Quite right. Already 70% of our energy is renewable (mostly hydroelectric).

The silly thing is, the only "greenhouse gas source" the govt is tackling is the 3rd biggest one (Energy, after Agriculture and Transport). And a tiny fraction of that.

Sadly, it is inevitable that petrol costs will rise very soon anyway -- without the "ignorance tax" being added -- due to supply and demand. The inflationary effect of power and fuel increases flowing onto the entire economy will only widen the gap between NZ and the OECD leaders.

Anyone fancy a change of govt?

Comment by barf, on 18-Sep-2007 13:53

iyou're saying all of NASA's research over the past 20 years into climate change is wrong? denying human influenced climate change is like denying evolution, or that the sky is blue. I don't like carbon credits either its a total fraud.

hydroelectric energy is not a renewable resource. we flood valleys and ecosystems to build dams tell me how thats renewable?

Comment by barf, on 18-Sep-2007 13:53

Nuclear power FTW

Author's note by dmw, on 18-Sep-2007 17:43


No, I'm not saying all of NASA's research is wrong. In fact, their satellite measurement of temperatures in the troposphere is the most reliable indicator of "global temperature" (and the IPCC agrees). And that temperature hasn't risen since 1998.

You are wrong to imply that human influenced climate change is proven. (Neither is evolution -- it is only a theory -- but that is a completely separate subject.) It is true that there are a number of scientists who support the global warming hypothesis -- mostly people whose future funding or political goals are enhanced by its acceptance. But it is also true that there are many (myself included) who do not regard the research as conclusive.

Hydro energy is renewable because the power comes from the sun evaporating the water that falls as snow or rain and flows through a hydro system on part of its journey back to the sea. It is indirectly "solar energy". Normally it does require a flooded valley. So? Name one energy source that has no down sides. Those are the choices we make.


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