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A constitution before a flag change

, posted: 29-Sep-2007 18:32

Helen Clark is only trying to distract debate by hinting at flag changes and NZ becoming a republic,

I would be very happy to change our flag (my choice of replacement, the Hundertwasser flag), but only if it went hand in hand with the establishment of a NZ Constitution, and the fixing of our Bill of Rights to include property rights.

Hundertwasser NZ flag

One of the prime assets of the United States is its very sensible Constitution (from 1787) that has stood the test of time. It was followed a few years later by the US Bill of Rights (1791) and further amendments.
To my mind, this is more important, and should precede (or coincide with) a flag change.


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Comment by Zubbin Navroji, on 3-Dec-2007 13:47

David, Ive found that everytime the average person hears the phrase "US Bill of Rights" they immediately assume that those proposing it want automatic pistols to be sold in the local dairy.

Its always a challenge convincing people that firearms are not always the reson why people want to be able to defend their property. Not everyone wants in cowboy style confrontations with the offender.

Ive found that when someone suggests improving our bill of rights to include some relevant points from the US bill, the average people think we have some hidden agendas & want to import M-16s & sell them to college kids which will inturn lead to a shoot out here like in the US.

Thats how far their chain of thought has already reached by the time they have heard those 3 words

Its just a matter of protecting the innocent, & prosecuting the guilty... lets not be the devil's advocate every time.

I wonder what needs to change to educate people that not everyone who wants stricter laws & self-defence rights wants to be a Rambo... !

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