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Fibre-To-The-Home Supported by Anti-Obesity Campaigners

, posted: 30-Jan-2010 14:09

Sue Kedgeley, is lending her weight to the "Fibre to the Home" project. She believes that all NZers need healthy food, and complains that those in small towns and rural areas should not miss out on low-cost high-volume whole grains and legumes.

Parekura Horomia, never out-flanked, has partnered with his corporate sponsor, KFC, to launch a rival "Fat to the Home" initiative. He envisages large diameter tubes delivering goods (particularly edible goods) to disadvantaged South Auckland families that cannot afford their own car break-in kit. "Downloading 100 Megabites per second is chickenfeed", he says.

There is truth in the saying that the "highest calibre people are the biggest bores".

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Comment by freitasm, on 30-Jan-2010 17:03

KFC Fat-to-the-home? ROFL

Comment by Z2, on 31-Jan-2010 11:16

So do we need really big veins to be hooked up to this fat pipe? Just insert next to my caffiene line!

Comment by Faizan, on 2-Feb-2010 19:54

The article is very creative. LOL.


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