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High Profile Group Appeals For Laws Aimed At Reducing Teen Car Deaths

, posted: 10-Jul-2010 13:49

New laws banning the sale of high-powered cars to people under 20 are proposed by a pressure group, in response to the on-going wave of young drivers in fatal crashes.

Suggested changes include:
- prosecuting car dealers who sell new or used cars with engines over 1000cc to a person under 20.
- limiting the number of car dealerships in certain areas.
- controlling the opening hours of car dealerships.
- raising the price of cars to reduce demand.
- eliminating all car advertising.

Four knights, one dame, half an archbishop, numerous sports icons and a deceased tribal chief agreed to encourage the changes, because of the detrimental effect high-powered cars were having on life-expectancy in the 15-19 age bracket.

Dame Ethel said last night that her 30 years working in the law had inspired her, because of the effects she observed of cars on people.

"They have the capacity to ruin the lives of the person who spends all their time and money on mags, tints, exhausts and blow-off valves -- causing relationship breakdowns, and criminal offending."

Darwin Award curator, Dr Risket Eneway, declined to comment.


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Comment by boby55, on 10-Jul-2010 14:27

IMO I think none of those are reasonable restrictions.

Personally I would limit under 20's to 2000cc (2L) or under with No Turbos etc allowed. I'm a firm believer that, well you don't need a BIG & powerful car, you still need one that can get you out of danger if needed.

Putting limits on the dealers are pointless as how many under 20's buy a car from dealers, I would think most of them come from Trademe etc.

Author's note by dmw, on 10-Jul-2010 16:56

Don't take it seriously. It's meant to be a satirical poke at this report.

Comment by boby55, on 10-Jul-2010 21:59

Oooh , my bad :S

I thought it was serious hahah, the sort of things I'd expect from groups like them

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